Volunteers Needed

The success of any team relies on the ability to effectively fill the lineup with players that are willing to play. When it becomes impossible to do this, the team struggles or forfeits and the team loses. This is the same concept behind good volunteer organizations. Except when we fail to put forth a full roster, the entire league suffers.

Please take a moment to review the positions below and consider how you can best support the league that helps prepare our girls for the future ahead. Whether that future involves high school sports; scholarships to college; or simply building self esteem and learning teamwork, commitment, and how to work hard towards goals, the Havenwood Girls Softball program is here to help the girls in our community. Remember, the more we give to our girls translates into the more the girls gain from their experience.

If interested in helping or filling one of the positions, please contact your team manager or contact a member of the Havenwood Board or email David at David@HavenwoodGirlsSoftball.org. All help is welcome as there is no person whose time or talents are not valued. All volunteers must be able to pass an Anne Arundel County Background Check.

Become a Member of the Havenwood Girls Softball's Volunteer Team

Good News!!! If you or your child is registered to play, then you are already a member of Havenwood Girls Softball! Now all you need to know, is how you can help! We are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking for more volunteers.

Team Volunteers

  • Managers - Organize and lead each team. (1 per team) -- click here to apply
  • Coaches - Assist a manager in teaching softball. (2-3 per team) -- click here to apply
  • Team Parent - Assists a manager in keeping other parents informed of team and organization activities. (At least 1 per team)

Organization Volunteers
  • Executive Board Members - Organize and lead the basic operations of Havenwood Girls Softball.-- click here to apply
  • Associate Board Members - Assist the Executive Board Members in specific functions, such as equipment management, fundraising activities, field maintenance, etc.-- click here to apply
  • Committee Workers - Help complete short-term specific tasks, such as Opening Day activities, Team Pictures, Hit-A-Thon, Field Cleanup Day, etc.
  • Support Volunteers - Drop in and help when something needs to be done and doesn't need a committee formed. Help line and drag the fields, help with mailers and flyers, help take out and put away equipment, assist with general facility maintenance, simply help your coach cleanup after practice, ect.

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