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Pasadena, MD
Rock Creek Park





Hit-a-thon - Volunteer Schedule

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Orange & red mean we still need help for that shift
Email David@HavenwoodGirlsSoftball.org to help.

This list is updated, as spots are filled. 






2017 Spring Hit-a-Thon - April 29th






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Little League Day at Camden Yards
Havenwood Girls Softball is going back to Camden Yards in 2017

 Date: Sunday - May 21st (meet for parade between 10:45am - 11:00am)

 Game: Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays (game time 1:35 pm)

 Seating: Sections 330-340 (behind home plate -- click here for seating chart)

 Ticket Price: $10.00 (everyone that enters the park must purchase a ticket, including players)

  • Players and coaches will assemble outside the stadium prior to the game. Prior to the game, players and coaches will participate in a parade around the perimeter of the playing field and will get to see themselves on the jumbo-tron. Girls will meet some Orioles & Athletics players and the Orioles Bird while in parade.


  • The parade assembly location will be provided when tickets are distributed.


  • Players are required to wear their Havenwood uniform to participate in the parade. Coaches are required to wear their coaches’ shirt. Players and Coaches are only permitted to walk in the parade.


We have a limited number of tickets available, and usually sell out early.

The deadline to purchase tickets is April 29th (or when we run out of tickets before then)

Cash, Check or Online Payment via Credit Card are accepted. No Refunds.


Tickets will be distributed in early May and must be picked up from your team manager. No tickets will be delivered to any address. Do not purchase tickets if you are not affiliated with Havenwood Girls Softball. No Refunds will be issued.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlene Farley @ 410-437-2388 or Charlene@HavenwoodGirlsSoftball.org

The girls will have a blast as they all get to sit together, participate in the parade and enjoy a day at the yard!


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2016 NCCGSL Champions
19U Havenwood Chaos



2016 NCCGSL Championship Tournament Finalists
12U Havenwood Fury



2016 NCCGSL Consolation Tournament Champions
10U Havenwood Power



2016 Bowie 8U All Star Tournament
8U Havenwood Blue (Champions) & 8U Havenwood Teal (2nd Place)




2016 8U All Star Central Maryland Championship Tournament
8U Havenwood Blue (Champions) & 8U Havenwood Teal (2nd Place)




Havenwood 12U All-Stars
2016 USSSA Summer Sizzler Champions




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 The softball board is in need of volunteers to fill several vacant positions. If you are interested in a position on the softball board or interested in becoming a coach, manager or want to assist in some other way, please click on the link below:

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Havenwood Home Fields
The home fields for Havenwood Girls Softball are located in Pasadena at Rock Creek Park, off of Bar Harbor Rd. See the Directions Tab on the left for details.







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Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, May 1
LF Pink Diamonds @ Havenwood Butterflies6:30pmRC 4
Havenwood Red Robins @ Havenwood Pink Ladies6:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Venom @ SAC Thunder6:00pmSD 10
LF Lightning @ Havenwood Thunder6:30pmRC 1
SAC Storm @ Havenwood Orange Shock6:30pmRC 2
Havenwood Rampage @ SAC Fire Bolts6:00pmSD 9
Tuesday, May 2
Havenwood Red Robins @ HYSL Rebels-Red6:00pmCK 1
GORC Wildcats - White @ Havenwood Extreme Orange6:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Striking Bombers @ SAC Base6:00pmSD 10
ELV Lazers @ Havenwood Blue Bahamas6:30pmRC 1
NG Blue Punishers @ Havenwood Pink Ladies6:30pmRC 2
GBGS Gardner @ Havenwood Rampage6:00pmRC 4
Wednesday, May 3
Havenwood Ladybugs @ BN Gray Lady Bruins6:30pmBVD 4
BN Maroon Lady Bruins @ Havenwood Dirt Divas6:30pmRC 4
NG Minions @ Havenwood Butterflies6:30pmRC 5
Havenwood Tornadoes @ GBGS Williford6:30pmSM 5
Havenwood Blue Smurfs @ SP Fireballs6:00pmLW 2
LF Archers @ Havenwood Heatwave6:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Bat-itudes @ SAC Seagulls6:00pmSD 9
BN Maroon Lady Bruins @ Havenwood Angry Emojis6:30pmRC 1
Havenwood Ravens @ Havenwood Orange Crush6:30pmRC 2
Thursday, May 4
Havenwood Striking Bombers @ Havenwood Extreme Orange6:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Pink Ladies @ Havenwood Striking Bombers8:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Thunder @ NG Orange Crush6:00pmNG 2
Havenwood Orange Shock @ LSAA Thurston6:30pmLS 1
SRYA Seahawks Blue @ Havenwood Venom6:30pmRC 1
Friday, May 5
Havenwood Blue Bahamas @ CAC Cardinals6:00pmCP 5
Havenwood Pink Ladies @ ELV Lazers6:00pmEP 3
Havenwood Extreme Orange @ NG Blue Punishers6:00pmNG 1
SAC Base @ Havenwood Red Robins6:30pmRC 1
SP Pinkerton @ Havenwood Striking Bombers6:30pmRC 2
Saturday, May 6
Havenwood Dirt Divas @ NG Minions10:00amNG 1
GBGS Williford @ Havenwood Ladybugs10:00amRC 3
GBGS Orioles @ Havenwood Tornadoes12:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Butterflies @ GBGS Spear12:00pmSM 3
Havenwood Heatwave @ BP Cyclones9:30amBP 2
Havenwood Angry Emojis @ Havenwood Ravens10:00amRC 2
Havenwood Orange Crush @ LF Archers11:30amLF 4
NG Pink Storm @ Havenwood Blue Smurfs12:00pmRC 1
SP Fireballs @ Havenwood Bat-itudes12:00pmRC 2
LSAA Contrino @ Havenwood Rampage10:00amRC 1
Sunday, May 7
GORC Wildcats - White @ Havenwood Blue Bahamas3:00pmRC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ NG Blue Bombers1:00pmNG 3
NG Blue Bombers @ Havenwood Chaos3:00pmNG 3
Monday, May 8
SP Bary @ Havenwood Heatwave6:00pmRC 3
BP Cyclones @ Havenwood Orange Crush6:00pmRC 4
Havenwood Venom @ BN Lady Bruins6:30pmCSC 1
SP Testerman @ Havenwood Thunder6:30pmRC 1
HYSL Rebels-White @ Havenwood Orange Shock6:30pmRC 2
Tuesday, May 9
Havenwood Blue Smurfs @ HYSL Rebels6:00pmCK 7
Havenwood Bat-itudes @ NG Pink Storm6:00pmNG 1
LF Archers @ Havenwood Angry Emojis6:00pmRC 4
Havenwood Ravens @ SAC Seagulls6:00pmSD 9
Havenwood Red Robins @ SP Pinkerton6:00pmLW 3
ELV Lazers @ Havenwood Extreme Orange6:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Striking Bombers @ SRYA Seahawks Blue6:30pmRAP 6
BN Gray Lady Bruins @ Havenwood Blue Bahamas6:30pmRC 1
CAC Cardinals @ Havenwood Pink Ladies6:30pmRC 2
Wednesday, May 10
Havenwood Tornadoes @ HYSL Little Rebels6:30pmCK 7
GBGS Orioles @ Havenwood Ladybugs6:30pmRC 2
GBGS Spear @ Havenwood Dirt Divas6:30pmRC 3
GORC Wildcats - Gold @ Havenwood Butterflies6:30pmRC 4
Havenwood Rampage @ BP Cyclones6:00pmBP 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 21
Orioles DayOriole Park at Camden Yards
Friday, May 26
Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday, May 27
Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday, May 28
Memorial Day Weekend
Monday, May 29
Memorial Day Weekend

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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