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Pasadena, MD
Rock Creek Park

Havenwood Home Fields
The home fields for Havenwood Girls Softball are located in Pasadena at Rock Creek Park, off of Bar Harbor Rd. See the Directions Tab on the left for details.





2014 Spring Hit-a-Thon - April 26th


Click Here to download the Hit-A-Thon form and instructions.

Click Here to view the Hit-a-Thon Prize list.

Click Here to view the Hit-a-Thon Flyer.

Click Here to view the Picture Order Form. 








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Little League Day at Camden Yards
Havenwood Girls Softball is going back to Camden Yards in 2014

Date: Sunday - June 8th (meet for parade between 10:30am - 11:00am)

Game: Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics (game time 1:35 pm)

Seating: Section 326 (click here for seating chart)

Ticket Price: $10.00 (everyone that enters the park must purchase a ticket, including players)

  • Players and coaches will assemble outside the stadium prior to the game. Prior to the game, players and coaches will participate in a parade around the perimeter of the playing field and will get to see themselves on the jumbo-tron. Girls will meet some Orioles & Athletics players and the Orioles Bird while in parade.


  • The parade assembly location will be provided when tickets are distributed.


  • Players are required to wear their Havenwood uniform to participate in the parade. Coaches are required to wear their coaches’ shirt. Players and Coaches are only permitted to walk in the parade.

We have a limited number of tickets available, and usually sell out early.

The deadline to purchase tickets is April 27th (or when we run out of tickets)

Cash, Check or Online Payment via Credit Card are accepted. No Refunds.

Tickets will be distributed in May and must be picked up from your team manager. No tickets will be delivered to any address. Do not purchase tickets if you are not affiliated with Havenwood Girls Softball. No Refunds will be issued.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlene Farley @ 410-437-2388 or

The girls will have a blast as they all get to sit together, participate in the parade and enjoy a day at the yard!

Click Here to Purchase Tickets Online


Click Here to See How You Can Still Go



19U Havenwood Chaos - NCCGSL 2nd Place


Click on the Calendar Tab (on the left) for Details About Upcoming Events


 The softball board is in need of volunteers to fill several vacant positions. If you are interested in a position on the softball board or interested in becoming a coach, manager or want to assist in some other way, please click on the link below:

Click here to read about how you can help.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 24
Havenwood Orange Lightning @ HYSL Cardinals 6:30pm CK 7
Havenwood Little Devils @ ELV All-Stars 6:00pm EP 3
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Wolves 6:00pm RC 3
Havenwood Star Spangled Batters @ GBGS Red Dragons 6:00pm SM 3
BOW Lady Bulldogs @ Havenwood Aftershocks 6:30pm RC 1
SAC Bulldogs @ Havenwood Rampage 6:30pm RC 2
Friday,  Apr 25
Havenwood Junior Mints @ Havenwood Flaming Pumpkins 6:00pm RC 4
GORC Wildcats Gold @ Havenwood Fireballs 6:30pm RC 2
Havenwood Aftershocks @ SP Green Hornets 6:00pm KP 2
Sunday,  Apr 27
Havenwood Orange Lightning @ Havenwood Clovers 12:00pm RC 4
NG Blue Bombers @ Havenwood Tornados 3:30pm RC 2
NG Yellow Jackets @ Havenwood Chaos 1:00pm RC 1
NG Yellow Jackets @ Havenwood Chaos 3:00pm RC 1
HAV-Lady Royals-14U @ Crofton Rebels 2:00pm RC 3
HAV-Lady Royals-14U @ Crofton Rebels 4:00pm RC 3
Monday,  Apr 28
Havenwood Purple Smurfs @ Havenwood Cherry Bombs 6:30pm RC 3
Havenwood Little Devils @ SP Green Hornets 6:00pm LW 3
ELV All-Stars @ Havenwood Wolves 6:00pm RC 2
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Junior Mints 6:00pm RC 4
Havenwood Aftershocks @ SP Green Hornets 6:30pm KP 2
BP Cyclones @ Havenwood Rampage 6:30pm RC 1
Tuesday,  Apr 29
GGB Lady Patriots @ Havenwood Flaming Pumpkins 6:00pm RC 3
Havenwood Orange Lightning @ HYSL Cardinals 6:00pm CK 1
Havenwood Fireballs @ ELV Tornadoes 6:00pm EP 3
Havenwood Fury @ BP Cyclones 6:30pm BP 2
SAC Sugar Rush @ Havenwood Star Spangled Batters 6:30pm RC 1
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Havenwood Blue Angels @ HYSL Angels 6:30pm CK 7
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Clovers 6:30pm RC 3
Havenwood Star Spangled Batters @ Havenwood Fury 6:30pm RC 4
BP Cyclones @ Havenwood Tornados 6:30pm RC 1
LSAA Tigers @ Havenwood Piranhas 6:30pm RC 2
Thursday,  May 1
Havenwood Orange Lightning @ Havenwood Purple Smurfs 6:30pm RC 3
Havenwood lil' Sluggers @ Havenwood Cherry Bombs 6:30pm RC 4
Havenwood Junior Mints @ ELV All-Stars 6:00pm EP 5
Havenwood Fireballs @ SAC Sugar Rush 6:00pm SD 9
Friday,  May 2
Havenwood Orange Lightning @ SAC Lighting Bolts 6:00pm SD 9
BN Eagles @ Havenwood Fury 6:30pm RC 1
Saturday,  May 3
Havenwood Blue Angels @ Havenwood Clovers 10:00am RC 3
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Purple Smurfs 11:30am RC 4
HYSL Angels @ Havenwood Cherry Bombs 1:00pm RC 4
Havenwood Little Devils @ Havenwood Wolves 11:30am RC 3
SP Green Hornets @ Havenwood Flaming Pumpkins 1:30pm RC 3
SP White Hornets @ Havenwood Orange Lightning 10:00am RC 2
SRYA Seahawks Blue @ Havenwood Fireballs 12:00pm RC 1
GORC Wildcats Green @ Havenwood Star Spangled Batters 12:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Rampage @ BN Eagles 10:00am AP 1
Havenwood Aftershocks @ GGB Lady Patriots 10:00am RC 1
Havenwood Piranhas @ SRYA Seahawks 10:00am RAP (Riva Area Park)
Havenwood Tornados @ ELV Cyclones 12:00pm EP 3
Sunday,  May 4
Havenwood Orange Lightning @ BOW Bombers 1:00pm JerP (Jericho Park - Bowie)
Havenwood Chaos @ GBGS Thunder 1:00pm SM 3
Havenwood Chaos @ GBGS Thunder 3:00pm SM 3

For a complete schedule listing,
click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Apr 26
Hit-a-thon\Picture Day 8:00am RC (Rock Creek Park - Havenwood)
Saturday,  May 10
Movie Night in the Park 8:00pm RC (Rock Creek Park - Havenwood)
Saturday,  May 17
6U Classics Game TBA
Mark Jackson Memorial 8U Classics Games TBA
Friday,  May 23
Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday,  May 24
Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday,  May 25
Memorial Day Weekend
Monday,  May 26
Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday,  Jun 8
Orioles Day Orioles Park at Camden Yards
Saturday,  Jun 21
HSE Tournament
Sunday,  Jun 22
HSE Tournament

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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