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Pasadena, MD
Rock Creek Park


19U Chaos - 2014 NCCGSL 2nd Place





8U All-Stars - 2014 Bowie Tournament 2nd Place





14U Piranhas - 2014 NCCGSL Final Four



2014 Havenwood Girls Softball Scholarship Recipients Announced 

Congratulations to Rebecca Despeaux & Sierra Ramsey, recipients of our 2014 Havenwood Girls Softball Scholarship Award.  Both are members of the 2014 graduating class at Northeast High School and have been members of Havenwood Girls Softball for 4 & 5 years respectively. Both recipients played softball for Northeast High School and are active in the Havenwood program, both on and off the field. They both have helped throughout the years, with events, clinics, coaching younger players and anything needed to help Havenwood and the players that make up our program. Becca plans to attend AACC this Fall and Sierra plans to attend Stevenson University.   
Havenwood Home Fields
The home fields for Havenwood Girls Softball are located in Pasadena at Rock Creek Park, off of Bar Harbor Rd. See the Directions Tab on the left for details.






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19U Havenwood Chaos - NCCGSL 2nd Place


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 The softball board is in need of volunteers to fill several vacant positions. If you are interested in a position on the softball board or interested in becoming a coach, manager or want to assist in some other way, please click on the link below:

Click here to read about how you can help.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Sep 24
Havenwood Pink Rhinos @ HYSL Cardinals 6:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Hippies @ Havenwood Chaos 6:30pm RC 1
Sunday,  Sep 28
Havenwood Pink Rhinos @ Havenwood Purple Minions 1:00pm RC 3
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Power 3:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Funky Monkeys @ SAC Raindrops 3:00pm SD 9
Havenwood Wolves @ CAC Lady Cardinals 1:00pm CP 5
SAC Hericanes @ Havenwood Pink Panthers 1:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Purple Panthers @ CAC Mighty Cardinals 3:00pm CP 5
SRYA Seahawks Green @ Havenwood Havoc 1:00pm EES 3
SRYA Seahawks Blue @ Havenwood Lime Drivers 3:00pm EES 3
Havenwood Fury @ SAC Storm 3:00pm SD 10
Havenwood Aftershocks @ ELV Cyclones 1:00pm EP 3
Havenwood Hippies @ NG Yellow Jackets 1:00pm RC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ NG Hornets 3:00pm RC 1
Wednesday,  Oct 1
Havenwood Purple Minions @ HYSL Cardinals 6:00pm CK 1
Friday,  Oct 3
Havenwood Funky Monkeys @ Havenwood Power 6:30pm RC 1
Sunday,  Oct 5
Havenwood Pink Rhinos @ HYSL Cardinals 1:00pm RC 4
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Heat 1:00pm RC 3
BP Cyclones @ Havenwood Pink Panthers 1:00pm BP 3
Havenwood Wolves @ SP Green Hornets 3:00pm LW 3
NG Orange Crush @ Havenwood Purple Panthers 3:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Havoc @ BOW Lady Bulldogs 1:00pm JerP (Jericho Park - Bowie)
Havenwood Fury @ ARB Blue 1:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Lime Drivers @ GB 1:00pm SM 3
Havenwood Aftershocks @ HYSL Cardinals 3:00pm CK 1
Havenwood Hippies @ NG Hornets 1:00pm RC 1
LSAA @ Havenwood Chaos 3:00pm RC 1
Sunday,  Oct 12
Havenwood Pink Rhinos @ Havenwood Purple Minions 3:00pm RC 4
Havenwood Power @ Havenwood Heat 1:00pm RC 4
Havenwood Pink Panthers @ BOW Lady Bulldogs 1:00pm RC 3
Havenwood Purple Panthers @ SAC Hericanes 3:00pm NG 2
ARB Scott @ Havenwood Wolves 3:00pm RC 3
Havenwood Fury @ SP Green Hornets 1:00pm LW 3
SRYA Seahawks Blue @ Havenwood Havoc 1:00pm RC 2
NG Lime Drives @ Havenwood Lime Drivers 3:00pm RC 2
SRYA Seahawks @ Havenwood Aftershocks 3:00pm RAP 6
Havenwood Hippies @ SAC Black Dragons 1:00pm RC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ NG Yellow Jackets 3:00pm RC 1
Sunday,  Oct 19
Havenwood Purple Minions @ HYSL Cardinals 1:00pm CK 7
SAC Raindrops @ Havenwood Heat 1:00pm RC 2
NG Firecrackers @ Havenwood Funky Monkeys 3:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Wolves @ CAC Mighty Cardinals 3:00pm CP 5
Havenwood Purple Panthers @ SP Green Hornets 3:00pm LW 2
NG Purple Crush @ Havenwood Pink Panthers 3:00pm NG 1
Havenwood Lime Drivers @ SP Green Hornets 1:00pm LW 2
BOW Lady Bulldogs @ Havenwood Fury 1:00pm RC 1
Havenwood Havoc @ SAC Storm 1:00pm SD 9
NG Yellow Jackets @ Havenwood Hippies 1:00pm NG 3
SRYA Seahawks @ Havenwood Chaos 3:00pm RC 1
Saturday,  Oct 25
SAC Storm @ Havenwood Aftershocks 1:00pm SD 10
Sunday,  Oct 26
Havenwood Pink Rhinos @ HYSL Cardinals 3:00pm CK 7
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Funky Monkeys 1:00pm CK 7
NG Firecrackers @ Havenwood Power 1:00pm RC 3
LSAA @ Havenwood Heat 3:00pm LS 2
Havenwood Pink Panthers @ BN Eagles 1:00pm AP 1
LSAA @ Havenwood Wolves 1:00pm LS 2
ARB Scott @ Havenwood Purple Panthers 3:00pm RC 2
SAC Rampage @ Havenwood Lime Drivers 1:00pm SD 9
Havenwood Fury @ SRYA Seahawks Green 3:00pm EES 3
LSAA @ Havenwood Havoc 3:00pm LS 1
ARB Piller @ Havenwood Aftershocks 1:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Hippies @ SRYA Seahawks 1:00pm RC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ SAC Black Dragons 3:00pm RC 1

For a complete schedule listing,
click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Sep 27
Play Day - All Day Event RC (Rock Creek Park - Havenwood)

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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Havenwood Girls Softball

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