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Pasadena, MD
Rock Creek Park

2015 Havenwood Girls Softball Scholarship Recipient Announced 

Congratulations to Allison Farley, recipient of our 2015 Havenwood Girls Softball Scholarship Award.  Allison is a member of the 2015 graduating class at Northeast High School and has been a member of Havenwood Girls Softball for 11 years. Allison is currently a member of the 19U Havenwood Chaos where she can be heard (three fields away) cheering on her teammates and seen working hard from behind the plate as their catcher. Allison played softball for Northeast High School all 4 years and is extremely active in the Havenwood program, both on and off the field. She has helped throughout the years, with events, clinics, coaching younger players, running catching clinics, serving as the Havenwood Player Representative on the Havenwood Board, working on the fields and around the facility and anything needed to help Havenwood and the players that make up our program.  Allison plans to attend Salisbury University to pursue a career in Physical Therapy next year. Congratulations Allison. 
Havenwood Home Fields
The home fields for Havenwood Girls Softball are located in Pasadena at Rock Creek Park, off of Bar Harbor Rd. See the Directions Tab on the left for details.






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19U Chaos - 2014 NCCGSL Finalist





8U All-Stars - 2014 Bowie Tournament Finalist





14U Piranhas - 2014 NCCGSL Final Four




 The softball board is in need of volunteers to fill several vacant positions. If you are interested in a position on the softball board or interested in becoming a coach, manager or want to assist in some other way, please click on the link below:

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Oct 10
Havenwood Green Toads @ Havenwood Power 7:00pm RC 1
Havenwood Fury @ ELV Ospreys 2:00pm EP 3
Sunday,  Oct 11
Havenwood Team America @ HYSL Cardinals 1:00pm CK 7
BN Lady Bruins @ Havenwood Rainbow Sea Turtles 1:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Rainbow Flowers @ SAC MudDawgs 3:00pm SD 9
Havenwood Power @ Havenwood Stars 1:00pm RC 1
NG Outlaws @ Havenwood Heat Postponed RC 1
Havenwood Little Minions @ Havenwood Green Toads 2:30pm RC 2
Havenwood Sharks @ CAC Cardinals Gray 3:00pm CP 5
Havenwood Wolves @ ELV Tornados 3:00pm EP 1
Havenwood Toxic @ AGAA 3:00pm NG 1
Havenwood Hurricanes @ SRYA Seahawks Blue 1:00pm RAP 6
Havenwood Mind Erasers @ NG Lime Drives 1:00pm NG 2
Havenwood Chaos @ GB Thunder 1:00pm SM 3
Havenwood Chaos @ GB Thunder 3:00pm SM 3
Saturday,  Oct 17
LSAA 8U @ Havenwood Green Toads 1:00pm RC 1
Sunday,  Oct 18
Havenwood Rainbow Sea Turtles @ HYSL Cardinals 1:00pm CK 7
Havenwood Rainbow Flowers @ Havenwood Team America 3:00pm RC 3
Havenwood Little Minions @ BN Bruins 1:00pm BVD 5
Havenwood Power @ NG Outlaws 1:00pm NG 1
Havenwood Stars @ BN Lady Bruins 3:00pm EP 1
HYSL Angels @ Havenwood Heat 3:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Wolves @ NG Orange Crush 1:00pm NG 2
LSAA 10U @ Havenwood Sharks 1:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Toxic @ SAC Thunder 1:00pm SD 9
Havenwood Fury @ SRYA Seahawks Green 1:00pm RAP 6
Havenwood Hurricanes @ SAC Lightning 1:00pm SD 10
Havenwood Mind Erasers @ LSAA 14U 1:00pm LS 2
DUN Lady Knights @ Havenwood Chaos 1:00pm RC 1
DUN Lady Knights @ Havenwood Chaos 3:00pm RC 1
Saturday,  Oct 24
Havenwood Power @ Havenwood Little Minions 7:00pm RC 1
CAT Cyclones @ Havenwood Fury 2:00pm RC 2
Sunday,  Oct 25
Havenwood Rainbow Sea Turtles @ Havenwood Rainbow Flowers 1:00pm RC 4
Havenwood Team America @ SAC MudDawgs 3:00pm SD 9
HYSL Angels @ Havenwood Power 1:00pm RB 4
Havenwood Little Minions @ Havenwood Stars 1:00pm RC 3
Havenwood Heat @ SAC All about that Base 1:00pm SD 9
ELV All-Stars @ Havenwood Green Toads 2:30pm RC 4
Havenwood Sharks @ HYSL Cardinals 1:00pm CK 2
Havenwood Toxic @ LSAA 10U 1:00pm LS 1
Havenwood Wolves @ LF Lightning 3:00pm LF 4
Havenwood Fury @ NG Diamond Dolls 1:00pm NG 2
LSAA 12U @ Havenwood Hurricanes 1:00pm RC 2
ELV Cyclones @ Havenwood Mind Erasers 3:00pm RC 2
ELV Storm @ Havenwood Chaos 1:00pm RC 1
LSAA 19U @ Havenwood Chaos 3:00pm RC 1
Sunday,  Nov 1
Havenwood Team America @ BN Lady Bruins 12:30pm BVD 5
SAC MudDawgs @ Havenwood Rainbow Sea Turtles 1:00pm RC 4
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Rainbow Flowers 2:30pm RC 4
Havenwood Heat @ Havenwood Power 1:00pm RC 2
NG Outlaws @ Havenwood Little Minions 1:00pm RC 3
LSAA 8U @ Havenwood Stars 3:00pm RC 2
Havenwood Green Toads @ SAC All about that Base 3:00pm SD 9
Havenwood Wolves @ CAC Cardinals Red 1:00pm CP 5
Havenwood Toxic @ CAC Cardinals Gray 3:00pm CP 5
Havenwood Sharks @ BOW Lady Bulldogs 3:00pm GO 4
Havenwood Hurricanes @ BN Lady Bruins 3:00pm AP 1
HYSL Cardinals @ Havenwood Fury 3:00pm RC 1
SAC Storm @ Havenwood Mind Erasers 1:00pm RC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ AGAA 1:00pm NG 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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