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Pasadena, MD
Rock Creek Park



6U Modified T-Ball
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Now Registering for the 2016 Fall Softball Season

Havenwood Girls Softball is registering girls league age 4 - 19 (born 1997 - 2012) for our 2016 Fall Softball Season. Fall Ball is a less competitive instructional league with many training opportunities for players of all skill levels.Girls should register for the age group they expect to play in next spring.

Most games will be played on Sunday afternoons in September and October.


Three Easy Ways to Sign-Up
Sign-up and Pay Online
(click on link)



 Live Walk-in Sign-ups

WHEN: Every Tuesday in July from 6:30pm - 7:30pm 
WHERE: Rock Creek Park Concession Stand in Riviera Beach (accessible from Bar Harbor Rd. or Arundel Rd.)


Mail In Your Registration
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2016 Registration Fees
6 & Under - 8 & Under - $55.00
10U, 12U, 14U, 19U - $65.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2016 Registration Form (printable)

Age Brackets

Typical Season Format


If you need more info:
David @ 410-437-2388 or David@HavenwoodGirlsSoftball.org.

New players to Havenwood should bring a copy of their birth certificate to live registrations or to the first practice (for players registering online).
Havenwood Home Fields
The home fields for Havenwood Girls Softball are located in Pasadena at Rock Creek Park, off of Bar Harbor Rd. See the Directions Tab on the left for details.





2016 NCCGSL Champions
19U Havenwood Chaos



2016 NCCGSL Championship Tournament Finalists
12U Havenwood Fury



2016 NCCGSL Consolation Tournament Champions
10U Havenwood Power



2016 Bowie 8U All Star Tournament
8U Havenwood Blue (Champions) & 8U Havenwood Teal (2nd Place)




2016 8U All Star Central Maryland Championship Tournament

8U Havenwood Blue (Champions) & 8U Havenwood Teal (2nd Place)




Facebook & Twitter


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Click on the Calendar Tab (on the left) for Details About Upcoming Events

 The softball board is in need of volunteers to fill several vacant positions. If you are interested in a position on the softball board or interested in becoming a coach, manager or want to assist in some other way, please click on the link below:

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Why should I choose Havenwood Girls Softball for my child?


Havenwood Girls Softball has been serving the needs of the Pasadena Community for many years! We enjoy level-one accreditation with A A Co Rec & Parks and fully comply with the county’s background check program to ensure the safety of the children in our community.

We are 100% girl’s softball. We are not an umbrella organization that runs several sports programs that invariably overlap and interfere with one another. We also do not use the girls program to subsidize the boys. Every dollar and every bit of effort brought into our organization is used to make the program better for the girls only. Our facilities are used exclusively for girl’s softball. We specialize in softball only, and we think we do it well.

The league is managed by a dedicated group of volunteers. Nearly all of us have children coming up through the program and many of us stay involved even after our children have grown. We have a tremendous amount of love for the organization and experience managing girl’s softball.

The bottom line is our teams are competitive and our girls have fun. We build an atmosphere where all girls fit-in and grow. The girls learn skills, make great friendships and build self esteem while learning to work hard towards goals. You would be hard pressed to find a sports program better suited for young girls than Havenwood Girls Softball.



6U Modified T-Ball

This program is designed for the entry level and younger player. As safety is our number one concern, a 10 inch Incrediball is used (a “softer” version softball). We keep the teams small so that each child gets a lot of playing time and not a lot of standing or sitting around. In addition, the player gets a lot more individual coaching time. Of course with smaller teams, each child gets more at bats, which we all know is their favorite thing to do at this age.


Now your asking yourself, what is 6U Modified T-Ball? 

The teams are made up of girls who are league age 4-6 years old (girls born 2009-2011). This allows the girls to play with girls of similar age so they can learn together at a similar pace.

The key difference between T-Ball and Modified T-Ball is that the coach will pitch a few times to the batter and if the batter does not hit the ball, the ball is put on a Tee. You will find this is fast moving and a lot more exciting than T-ball and has a guaranteed success rate. Also, with more players hitting, the fielders are more engaged and having fun.

At this age level, the rules are more relaxed as we focus on safety, fun and learning first. For example, if a child is uncomfortable with coach pitch, then she can immediately hit off the Tee until she is ready for coach pitch.

Travel for this age group is very limited. Most games are played in Pasadena and nearby Glen Burnie.

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Sep 28
Havenwood Lady Pokemons @ SAC Wildcats6:15pmSD 9
Thursday, Sep 29
LSAA Mewshaw @ Havenwood Fireworks6:00pmRC 2
Friday, Sep 30
BN Lady Bruins @ Havenwood Power6:15pmRC 2
Havenwood Fireworks @ Havenwood Blue Crabs6:00pmRC 3
Sunday, Oct 2
Havenwood Lady Pokemons @ BN Lady Bruins1:00pmBVD 5
Havenwood Blue Crabs @ LSAA Mewshaw1:00pmLS 1
SAC Mud Dawgs @ Havenwood Fire & Ice1:00pmRC 4
Havenwood Fireworks @ BN Lady Bruins3:00pmBVD 5
NG Pink Storm @ Havenwood Tornados3:00pmRC 4
Havenwood Avengers @ GORC Wildcats1:00pmGO 3
ELV Tornados @ Havenwood Diamond Crushers1:00pmRC 3
SAC Heat @ Havenwood Flaming Tigers3:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Wolves @ NG Orange Crush1:00pmNG 2
LSAA Slade @ Havenwood Venom3:00pmRC 1
SRYA Seahawks @ ELV Hurricanes3:00pmRC 2
SRYA Seahawks @ Havenwood Fury1:00pmRC 2
SRYA Seahawks @ Havenwood Chaos1:00pmRC 1
Sunday, Oct 9
Havenwood Blue Crabs @ Havenwood Fire & Ice1:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Tornados @ Havenwood Fireworks3:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Flaming Tigers @ CAC Cardinals1:00pmCP 5
Havenwood Avengers @ ELV Tornados1:00pmEP 3
BN Lady Bruins-Gray @ Havenwood Diamond Crushers3:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Venom @ SRYA Seahawks1:00pmRAP 6
GORC Wildcats @ Havenwood Wolves1:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Fury @ BN Lady Bruins3:00pmAP 1
ELV Cyclones @ LSAA Deters3:00pmRC 1
ELV Storm @ Havenwood Chaos1:00pmRC 1
Monday, Oct 10
Havenwood Lady Pokemons @ Havenwood Power6:00pmRB 2
Sunday, Oct 16
Havenwood Power @ GGB Lady Patriots1:00pmRW 1
Havenwood Blue Crabs @ LSAA Mewshaw1:00pmLS 1
BN Lady Bruins @ Havenwood Fire & Ice1:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Fireworks @ Havenwood Tornados3:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Flaming Tigers @ NG Firecrackers1:00pmNG 2
Havenwood Diamond Crushers @ Havenwood Avengers3:00pmRC 1
SAC Lightning @ Havenwood Wolves1:00pmRC 1
Havenwood Venom @ NG Orange Crush3:00pmNG 2
Havenwood Fury @ SAC Red Angels3:00pmSD 10
Havenwood Chaos @ LSAA Warner3:00pmLS 2
Sunday, Oct 23
SAC Wildcats @ Havenwood Lady Pokemons1:00pmRC 4
Havenwood Power @ BN Lady Bruins3:00pmBVD 5
Havenwood Fireworks @ Havenwood Fire & Ice1:00pmRC 3
NG Pink Storm @ Havenwood Blue Crabs3:00pmRC 3
SAC Mud Dawgs @ Havenwood Tornados3:00pmRC 4
HYSL Rebels @ Havenwood Avengers1:00pmRC 2
BOW Lady Bulldogs @ Havenwood Flaming Tigers3:00pmRC 2
Havenwood Diamond Crushers @ SAC Heat3:00pmSD 9
Havenwood Venom @ GORC Wildcats1:00pmGO 4
SAC Thunder @ Havenwood Wolves3:00pmRC 1
BOW Lady Bulldogs @ Havenwood Fury1:00pmRC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ NG Fire1:00pmNG 3
Sunday, Oct 30
GGB Lady Patriots @ Havenwood Lady Pokemons1:00pmRC 4
SAC Wildcats @ Havenwood Power2:30pmRC 4
Havenwood Fire & Ice @ Havenwood Fireworks1:00pmRC 3
Havenwood Diamond Crushers @ CAC Cardinals1:00pmCP 5
BN Lady Bruins-Maroon @ Havenwood Flaming Tigers3:00pmRC 1
Havenwood Avengers @ SAC Heat3:00pmSD 9
HYSL Rebels @ Havenwood Wolves1:00pmRC 2
SAC Lightning @ Havenwood Venom3:00pmRC 2
AGAA Devils @ Havenwood Fury1:00pmRC 1
Havenwood Chaos @ HYSL Lady Rebels3:00pmCK 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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