Troy Gilbert Sportsmanship Award

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Troy Gilbert Sportsmanship Award


Youth baseball serves as an ideal instrument for educating children regarding the importance of sportsmanship.

The ideals of fair play, courtesy to others, a competitive spirit, and grace in both victory and defeat are what the Exeter Junior Baseball League strives to instill in each player.

As President of EJBL, and as coach to dozens of players during his many years of involvement in EJBL, Troy Gilbert has been a shining example to parents, players and fellow coaches with respect to the importance of sportsmanship both on and off the baseball diamond. His contributions to the league have been many, but none more so than serving as a constant reminder to all of us regarding the ideal manner to conduct oneself, whether it be during the heat of a close game, or the post game congratulatory handshake.

EJBL wishes to thank Troy for his many years of dedication to the league, and will add his name to the Sportsmanship Awards given each year to the player on each EJBL team who most displays the traits befitting a true sportsman.


Sportsmanship Checklist:

  • Team Leader – demonstrates consistent support of fellow teammates no matter what the score
  • Self-control – maintains control of emotions in challenging situations
  • Courage – having the determination to do the right thing even when others don’t
  • Persistence – continues to strive for self-improvement
  • Graceful Winner/Loser – shows compassion and humility in winning and losing
  • Shows Respect – towards the coaches, teammates, opponents and the umpire 

2016 Winners

Congratulations to ... 

Athletics - Matt Forsyth

Angels - Shea Hagan

Braves - Nate Ross

Blue Jays - Egan Beveridge

Cardinals - Jack Lennon

Dodgers - Jacob LeFave

Giants - Charlie Boyle

Orioles - Tyler Kenney

Phillies - Alex Goulet

Pirates - Nick Pangan

Rangers - Thad McConnell

Reds - Aidan Young

Red Sox - Ethan Cook

Royals - Charlie Knight

Twins - Conlan McCartney


2015 Winners

Congratulations to ...

Angels - Benjamin Erhlich

Astros - Michael Poulin

Athletics - Zach Lamonday

Blue Jays - Michael Dettore

Braves - Tyler Burke

Cardinals - Aidan Perodeau

Cubs - Max Smith

Dodgers - Gabe Bean

Marlins - Alex Mulkigian

Orioles - Andrew LaFoe

Phillies - Will Simpson

Pirates - Uly Ellis

Rangers - Robert Berthel

Rays - Remi Young

Red Sox - Andrew Kaputa

Reds - Ben Cerrato

Royals - Johnny Meyer

Twins - Derek Yeager


2014 Winners

Congratulations to ...

Exeter Hurricanes U14 - Trinity Young

Exeter Yellow Jackets U14 - Emma Chisholm

Exeter Razorbacks U14 - Ingrid Bergill

Exeter Rams U14 - Lora Braker

Exeter Hurricanes 3-5 - Alex Patton

Exeter Yellow Jackets 3-5 - Audrey Malila

Exeter Razorbacks 3-5 - The Razorbacks Team

Exeter Rams 3-5 - Chloe Kereage

Exeter Owls 3-5 - Emma Plourde

Exeter Yellow Jackets 1-2 - Laurynn Chapman

Exeter Owls 1-2 - Teagan Theberge

Angels - Nick Beebe

Athletics - Zach Theriault

Blue Jays - Loagan Farrar

Braves - Ben Wheeler

Cardinals - Nick Pangan

Cubs - Anthony Gemelli

Diamondbacks - Matthew Wissler

Dodgers - Uly Ellis

Indians - Cameron Keaveney

Marlins - Josh Driscoll

Orioles - Keller Copeland

Padres - Sebastian Rogles

Phillies - Zachary Lamonday

Pirates - Tanner Casey

Rangers - Andrew Lafoe

Rays - Jacob Lulek

Red Sox - Abe Pease

Reds - Dante Radigonda

Rockies - Brady LaFleur

Royals - Benjamin Danielson

Tigers - George Young IV

Twins - Zach McConnell

White Sox - Ben Cerrato


2013 Winners

Congratulations to ...

Exeter Blue - Abby Gullick

Exeter Green - Julia Jones

Exeter Purple - Gretchen Morris

Exeter Red - McKenzie Ducharme

Exeter Panthers - Britney Conti

Exeter Tide - Lora Braker

Exeter Tigers - Kelly Anderson

Exeter Wildcats - Jenni Dunn

Angels - Will Grenier

Athletics - Luke Senter

Blue Jays - Collin LaButte

Braves - Adam Reed

Cardinals - Will Coogan

Cubs - Blake Richards

Diamondbacks - Kosta Mocklis

Dodgers - Ben Antonellis

Giants - Noah Stevens

Indians - Charlie Engler

Marlins - Matt Pangan

Orioles - Tyler Burke

Padres - Alex Mulkigian

Phillies - Parker Douglas

Pirates - Ryan Lipsitt

Rangers - Tanner Kenney

Rays - Ian Dever

Red Sox - Josh Denman

Reds - Jack Loosmann

Rockies - Tyler Gilbert

Royals - Anthony Lotane

Tigers - Uly Ellis

Twins - Cameron Puda

White Sox - Jackson Legro


2012 Winners

Congratulations to ...

Exeter Aqua - Emma Cerato

Exeter Orange - Hayley Long

Exeter Purple - Alyssa Florence

Exeter Red - Olivia Fougere

Exeter Navy - Meaghan Mundy

Angels - Nick Vandermerwe

Astros - Griffin May

Athletics - Abigail Garey

Blue Jays - Donny Blackett

Braves - Zachery Scheib

Cardinals - Duncan Beall

Cubs - Matt Szuba

Diamondbacks - Joshua Morissette

Dodgers - Danny O'Sullivan

Giants - Kyle White

Indians - Tyler Burke

Mariners - Olivia Goldenberg

Marlins - Andrew Sherman

Mets - Connor Floyd

Orioles - Trevor McCaughey

Padres - Michael Leonard

Phillies - Anthony Andreozzi

Pirates - Matthew Burns

Rangers - Ben Antonellis

Rays - Alex Marcoux

Red Sox - Anthony Gemelli

Reds - Colin LaButte

Rockies - Matt McConnell

Royals - Christopher Natola

Tigers - Andrew Keenan

Twins - Lucas Currier

White Sox - Luke Ferraro


2011 Winners

Congratulations to ... 

Angels - Alex Anderson 

Astros - Jack Anderson 

Athletics - Derek Hoyt 

Blue Jays - Peter Scharer 

Braves - Sal Spinosa
Brewers - Kosta Mocklis
Cardinals - Marshal Burns
Cubs - Case Reeder
Diamondbacks - Brody Belliveau
Dodgers - William O'Donnal
Giants - Leo Ganley
Indians - Ryan Day
Mariners - Logan Sisk
Marlins - Andrew Crist
Mets - Griffin May
Nationals - Maxfield Moeller
Orioles - Colin LaButte
Padres - Sam Rollick
Phillies - Duncan MacDonald
Pirates - Stephen Natola
Rangers - Ben Hodsdon
Rays - Will Weete
Red Sox - Abigail Garey
Reds - Josh Rocconi
Rockies - David Caverno
Royals - Andrew Letourneau
Tigers - Josh Morissette
Twins - Adam Crampsey
White Sox - Alex Carbone

2010 Winners

Congratulations to ...

Angels - Aidan Conant

Angels (13s) - McKenzie McGrath

Astros - Kenyon Schick

Athletics - Mary O’Donnell

Blue Jays - Mark Lane

Braves - Colby Gould

Cardinals - Ethan Malila

Cubs - Mark “Brick” Cochran

Cubs (13s) - Grant LaButte

Diamondbacks - Matt Burns

Dodgers - Will Micali

Giants - Sal Spinosa

Giants (13s) - Matt Sawyer

Indians - Connor Henry

Mariners - Stephen Natola

Marlins - Tom Christiana

Mets - Lars Ivarson

Nationals - Aden Stone

Orioles - Michael Davey

Phillies - Andrew Letourneau

Pirates - Matthew Corson

Rangers - Andrew Silsby

Rays - Brandn Lord

Reds - Stephen Rutherford

Red Sox - Cody Morissette

Rockies - Justin Fielding

Royals - Grady Coyle

Tigers - Clark Stimon

Twins - Abigail Garey

White Sox - Jake Poirier


2009 Winners

Congratulations to ...

Angels - Emmett Bloomer 

Astros - Leo Ganley 

Athletics - John Teschek

Blue Jays - Jordan Dickenson

Braves - Matt Bozek

Cardinals - Eric Schleicher

Cubs - Grant LaButte

Diamondbacks - Jack Ford

Dodgers - Johnny Carmilia

Giants - Garrett Wallace

Indians - David MacGibbon

Mariners - Jake Kondrat

Marlins - Zach Morris

Mets - Carter Matson

Nationals - Josh Rocconi

Orioles - John Gagnon

Phillies - Jacob Radermacher

Pirates - Tyler Abrahamson

Rangers - Ryan Foley

Rays - Max Freund

Reds - Tony Duarte

Red Sox - Jacob Gould

Rockies - Cam Maher

Royals - Marq Scheiber

Tigers - Dan Doucette

White Sox - Brian Doucette


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