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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home
Sat1/5/20138:00am PPDN/RSluggers  Makana   CORP 4
Sat1/5/20138:00am F 11-3 Kaneohe Krew  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sat1/5/201310:30am PPDN/RSilver Dawgs  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sat1/5/201310:30am F 12-7 Cardinals  Kahala Warriors 2   Kapalono
Sat1/5/20131:00pm PPDN/RReign  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sat1/5/20131:00pm F 4-9 W. Islanders  Koolau Warriors   Pride A
Sat1/5/20133:30pm PPDN/RSaints  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sun1/6/20138:00am PPDN/RSilver Dawgs  Cardinals   CORP 4
Sun1/6/20138:00am F 13-4 Reign  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sun1/6/201310:30am PPDN/RSaints  Ghost Riders   CORP 4
Sun1/6/201310:30am F 17-2 Bomber B-12  Sluggers   Kapalono
Sun1/6/20131:00pm PPDN/RMililani Yankees  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sun1/6/20131:00pm F 5-7 Makana  Koolau Warriors   Pride A
Sun1/6/20133:30pm PPDN/RPride Baseball  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sat1/12/20138:00am F 2-21 Kahala Warriors 2  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sat1/12/20138:00am F 13-5 Kaneohe Krew  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sat1/12/201310:30am F 7-3 Saints  Silver Dawgs   CORP 4
Sat1/12/201310:30am F 6-7 Makana  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sat1/12/20131:00pm F 10-1 Reign  Sluggers   CORP 4
Sat1/12/20131:00pm F 14-2 Pride Baseball  W. Islanders   Pride A
Sat1/12/20133:30pm F 4-1 Koolau Warriors  Ghost Riders   CORP 4
Sun1/13/20138:00am F 16-3 Reign  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sun1/13/20138:00am F 12-2 Koolau Warriors  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sun1/13/201310:30am F 13-2 Kaneohe Krew  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sun1/13/201310:30am F 7-4 Saints  Sluggers   Kapalono
Sun1/13/20131:00pm F 8-2 Bomber B-12  Silver Dawgs   CORP 4
Sun1/13/20131:00pm F 5-6 Makana  Ghost Riders   Pride A
Sun1/13/20133:30pm F 8-8 Mililani Yankees  Cardinals   CORP 4
Sat1/19/20138:00am F 14-0 Bomber B-12  Saints   CORP 4
Sat1/19/20138:00am F 9-18 Kahala Warriors 2  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sat1/19/201310:30am F 7-3 Reign  Silver Dawgs   CORP 4
Sat1/19/201310:30am F 5-3 Koolau Warriors  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sat1/19/20131:00pm F 7-11 Pride Baseball  Sluggers   CORP 4
Sat1/19/20131:00pm F 9-5 Kaneohe Krew  Ghost Riders   Pride A
Sat1/19/20133:30pm F 12-5 Mililani Yankees  W. Islanders   CORP 4
Sun1/20/20138:00am F 15-5 Saints  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sun1/20/20138:00am F 10-0 Silver Dawgs  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sun1/20/201310:30am F 9-2 Reign  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sun1/20/201310:30am F 21-2 Bomber B-12  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sun1/20/20131:00pm F 5-6 Pride Baseball  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sun1/20/20131:00pm F 10-14 Sluggers  Ghost Riders   Pride A
Sun1/20/20133:30pm F 13-3 Mililani Yankees  Makana   CORP 4
Sat1/26/20138:00am F 0-7 Kahala Warriors 2  W. Islanders   CORP 4
Sat1/26/20138:00am F 9-3 Kaneohe Krew  Sluggers   Kapalono
Sat1/26/201310:30am F 2-11 Mililani Yankees  Reign   CORP 4
Sat1/26/201310:30am F 4-6 Ghost Riders  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sat1/26/20131:00pm F 2-5 Makana  Saints   CORP 4
Sat1/26/20131:00pm F 16-2 Bomber B-12  Pride Baseball   Pride A
Sat1/26/20133:30pm F 3-12 Koolau Warriors  Silver Dawgs   CORP 4
Sun1/27/20138:00am F 3-14 Mililani Yankees  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sun1/27/20138:00am F 12-2 Sluggers  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sun1/27/201310:30am F 22-1 Silver Dawgs  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sun1/27/201310:30am F 2-4 Cardinals  Ghost Riders   Kapalono
Sun1/27/20131:00pm F 2-11 Saints  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sun1/27/20131:00pm FFT 0-0 Pride Baseball  Makana   Pride A
Sun1/27/20133:30pm F 21-1 Reign  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sat2/2/20138:00am TBPN/RSluggers  Makana   CORP 4
Sat2/2/201310:30am F 9-2 Silver Dawgs  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sat2/2/20131:00pm F 1-5 Reign  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sat2/2/20133:30pm F 5-10 Saints  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sun2/3/20138:00am F 0-7 Saints  Ghost Riders   CORP 4
Sun2/3/20138:00am F 12-1 Silver Dawgs  Cardinals   Pride D
Sun2/3/201310:30am F 4-8 Mililani Yankees  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sun2/3/201310:30am F 15-3 Pride Baseball  Kahala Warriors 2   Pride D
Sat2/23/20138:00am PPDN/RBomber B-12  Makana   CORP 4
Sat2/23/20138:00am F 6-8 Kahal Warriors 1  Saints   Kapalono
Sat2/23/20138:00am F 9-1 Ghost Riders  W. Islanders   Pride A
Sat2/23/201310:30am PPDN/RKoolau Warriors  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sat2/23/201310:30am TBPN/RCardinals  Sluggers   Kapalono
Sat2/23/20131:00pm PPDN/RKaneohe Krew  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sat2/23/20133:30pm PPDN/RKahala Warriors 2  Reign   CORP 4
Sun2/24/20138:00am TBPN/RKoolau Warriors  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sun2/24/20138:00am F 2-11 Pride Baseball  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sun2/24/20138:00am F 5-12 Makana  Kaneohe Krew   Pride A
Sun2/24/201310:30am F 18-1 Mililani Yankees  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sun2/24/201310:30am F 1-9 Sluggers  Silver Dawgs   Kapalono
Sun2/24/20131:00pm F 6-1 Reign  Ghost Riders   CORP 4
Sun2/24/20133:30pm F 3-0 Saints  Cardinals   CORP 4
Sat3/2/20138:00am F 4-5 W. Islanders  Saints   CORP 4
Sat3/2/20138:00am F 7-2 Kahal Warriors 1  Makana   Kapalono
Sat3/2/20138:00am F 0-14 Sluggers  Reign   Pride A
Sat3/2/201310:30am F 5-7 Bomber B-12  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sat3/2/201310:30am F 2-4 Cardinals  Pride Baseball   Kapalono
Sat3/2/20131:00pm F 1-15 Kahala Warriors 2  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sat3/2/20133:30pm F 7-8 Ghost Riders  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sun3/3/20138:00am F 5-10 Kahala Warriors 2  Makana   CORP 4
Sun3/3/20138:00am F 2-9 Kahal Warriors 1  Mililani Yankees   Kapalono
Sun3/3/20138:00am F 7-1 Ghost Riders  Pride Baseball   Pride A
Sun3/3/201310:30am F 1-14 Sluggers  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sun3/3/201310:30am F 1-10 Cardinals  Reign   Kapalono
Sun3/3/20131:00pm F 1-7 Saints  Silver Dawgs   CORP 4
Sun3/3/20133:30pm F 11-10 Kaneohe Krew  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sat3/9/20138:00am F 0-7 W. Islanders  Makana   CORP 4
Sat3/9/20138:00am F 16-5 Ghost Riders  Kahala Warriors 2   Pride A
Sat3/9/20138:30am F 23-3 Bomber B-12  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sat3/9/201310:30am TBPN/RSluggers  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sat3/9/201310:30am F 1-15 Cardinals  Kaneohe Krew   Kapalono
Sat3/9/20131:00pm F 0-10 Koolau Warriors  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sat3/9/20133:30pm F 5-12 Saints  Reign   CORP 4
Sun3/10/20138:00am PPDN/RMililani Yankees  Saints   CORP 4
Sun3/10/20138:00am PPDN/RMakana  Silver Dawgs   Pride A
Sun3/10/20138:30am PPDN/RKahal Warriors 1  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sun3/10/201310:30am PPDN/RPride Baseball  Reign   CORP 4
Sun3/10/201310:30am PPDN/RKoolau Warriors  Sluggers   Kapalono
Sun3/10/20131:00pm PPDN/RGhost Riders  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sun3/10/20133:30pm PPDN/RKaneohe Krew  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sat3/16/20138:00am F 16-3 Reign  Makana   CORP 4
Sat3/16/20138:30am F 7-10 W. Islanders  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sat3/16/201310:30am F 7-2 Saints  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sat3/16/201310:30am F 12-0 Bomber B-12  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sat3/16/20131:00pm F 5-5 Ghost Riders  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sat3/16/20131:00pm TBPN/RSluggers  Kahala Warriors 2   Kapalono
Sat3/16/20133:30pm F 4-2 Pride Baseball  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sun3/17/20138:30am F 0-25 Kahala Warriors 2  Reign   Kapalono
Sun3/17/201310:30am F 14-4 Bomber B-12  Makana   CORP 1
Sun3/17/201310:30am F 6-5 Koolau Warriors  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sun3/17/20131:00pm F 1-15 Koolau Warriors  Bomber B-12   CORP 1
Sun3/17/20131:00pm F 7-0 Kaneohe Krew  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sat3/23/20138:00am TBPN/RMililani Yankees  Makana   CORP 4
Sat3/23/20138:00am TBPN/RSluggers  Ghost Riders   Pride A
Sat3/23/20138:30am TBPN/RBomber B-12  Kahal Warriors 1   Kapalono
Sat3/23/201310:30am TBPN/RReign  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sat3/23/201310:30am TBPN/RW. Islanders  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sat3/23/20131:00pm TBPN/RPride Baseball  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sat3/23/20133:30pm TBPN/RSaints  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sun3/24/20138:00am F 5-10 Mililani Yankees  Saints   CORP 4
Sun3/24/20138:00am PPDN/RMakana  Silver Dawgs   Pride A
Sun3/24/20138:30am PPDN/RKahal Warriors 1  Cardinals   Kapalono
Sun3/24/201310:30am PPDN/RPride Baseball  Reign   CORP 4
Sun3/24/201310:30am F 6-0 Koolau Warriors  Sluggers   Kapalono
Sun3/24/20131:00pm PPDN/RGhost Riders  Bomber B-12   CORP 4
Sun3/24/20133:30pm PPDN/RKaneohe Krew  Kahala Warriors 2   CORP 4
Sat3/30/20138:00am TBPN/RW. Islanders  Mililani Yankees   Pride A
Sat3/30/20138:00am TBPN/RBomber B-12  Saints   Pride D
Sat3/30/20138:30am TBPN/RKahal Warriors 1  Kahala Warriors 2   Kapalono
Sat3/30/201310:30am TBPN/RMakana  Reign   CORP 4
Sat3/30/201310:30am TBPN/RCardinals  Koolau Warriors   Kapalono
Sat3/30/20131:00pm TBPN/RSluggers  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sat3/30/20133:30pm TBPN/RGhost Riders  Kaneohe Krew   CORP 4
Sun3/31/201310:30am TBPN/RGhost Riders  Cardinals   CORP 4
Sat4/6/20138:00am TBPN/RBomber B-12  Makana   CORP 4
Sat4/6/20138:30am TBPN/RKahal Warriors 1  Saints   Kapalono
Sat4/6/201310:30am TBPN/RKoolau Warriors  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sun4/7/20138:00am TBPN/RGhost Riders  Mililani Yankees   CORP 4
Sun4/7/20138:30am TBPN/RKahal Warriors 1  Makana   Kapalono
Sun4/7/201310:30am TBPN/RCardinals  Pride Baseball   CORP 4
Sun4/7/20131:00pm TBPN/RKahala Warriors 2  Koolau Warriors   CORP 4
Sun4/7/20133:30pm TBPN/RReign  Saints   CORP 4

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