Team GPWonLostTiedPointsPct.GBRFRA
Mt. Laurel Mayhem1082026.800--8945
Cinnaminson Rangers963021.6671.55540
Camden Pirates1046018.4004.05658
Philadelphia A's752017.7141.53831
Bang Bros642014.6672.05028
S.J. Tribe734013.4293.53638
Willingboro Nationals80808.0007.01361

Tiebreakers: Points > Pct > RA > RF

Midweek League Standings

Shall be determined by A POINT SYSTEM

- 3 points for a Win
- 2 points for a Tie
- 1 point for a loss
- 0 Points for a loss by forfeit
- 0 Points for a game not played

Please keep in mind…. The spirit of the SJMSBL is to play Baseball. If a Team ”jobs Standings” and does not play scheduled game because “Played game” would have no bearing in standings; Team Jobbing the League has the possibility of receiving severe Penalties. Please make every effort to play all of your scheduled games.

Tie Breakers

When two teams are tied
1. Head to Head record
2. Fewest Runs allowed in all games
3. Most Runs Scored in all games

When three or more teams are tied
1. Fewest Runs allowed in all games
2. Most Runs Scored in all games

Forfeit scoring• 7 inning Game = 7-0

Playoffs are one game elimination

Better seed is Home team throughout playoffs
Playoffs will be completed before Sept. 1
Playoffs are 7 Innings

1/4 Finals
#5 Seed @ #4 Seed Tuesday, August 22 @ 7:00pm at Marlton Memorial

(Winner of 1/4 finals. 4 Vs. 5) @ #1 Seed, Thursday, Aug 24 @ 7:00pm @ Marlton Memorial

# 3 Seed @ #2 Seed, Wednesday, Aug 23 @ 7:00pm @ Marlton Memorial

(Winner of Semi) Vs. (Winner of Semi) Tuesday, August 29 @ 7:00pm @ Marlton Memorial

- The Midweek Managers understand that in the spirit of completing the Playoffs before Labor Day Managers need to play games at an available open field if your field is not available.

• All Umpire fees are paid by Midweek teams including playoffs

• Winner of Championship receives $250 Credit towards 2018 Spring/Summer Season. Non-SJMSBL teams playing in Midweek are given a $100 credit to play in either the 2017 Fall League or 2018 Spring/Summer Season.

Managers understand, in the spirit of ending playoffs before Labor Day the SJMSBL can change the Playoff Structure to Play a Double Header Playoff Sunday format

• Changes will be made in the event of “Acts of God” (rain, weather, etc.)
• Please note: “Act of God” definition does not equate to “Not having enough Players”

Cost for Field payable before Game
* Riverton ($40) $20 per team
* Atkinson ($40) $20 per team
* Delran ($40) $20 per team
* Cinnaminson ($80) $40 per team
* Marlton Memorial ($80) $40 per team
* Laurel Acres ($80) $40 per team

Umpire Cost @ $70 per umpire. Each team pays for one umpire before game

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