• MVP & CY Young being presented @ Hot Stover Banquet, Nov. 26 @ 2:00 @ The Estate at Monroe
  • 2016 Fall League Begins Sunday September 11
2016 25+ Meeting Results. All Star Game/Regular Season & Playoffs
2016 45+ Meeting All Star Game, Regular Season & Playoffs
2016 52+ Meeting Rules, Regular Season Playoffs, All Star Game
2015 “Hot Stover Humanitarian Award” to Lou Marshall, Tom Hewitt & Walt Szwajkowski
2016 Hall of Fame regular Season Game Details
Camden Catholic High School recognizes SJMSBL Toys for Tots & Holiday Food Drive, September 2015
2012 Bill Curzie Curior Post Article
K. Fox Announces SJMSBL game for Comcast Sports Net, July 2015
MVP & Cy Young Nominations published on website
Friday, July 1, 2016   11:59 PM
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2016 SJMSBL MVP & CY Young Nominations

18+      MVP   &   CY Young Nominations

Nick Krienes (MVP) Big Red Machine

Will Litchenburger (MVP) Big Red Machine

Rob Cox (CY Young) Big Red Machine

Will Litchenburger (CY Young) Big Red Machine


25+     MVP  &  CY Young Nominations

Tim Taggart (MVP) Pirates

Eric Ruiz (MVP) Pirates

Tim Taggart (CY Young) Pirates


Chris Rains (CY Young) Pirates


35 American           TEAM               MVP                 CY Young


35 National      MVP & CY Young Nominations

Mike Amarillo (MVP) Pittman Sharks

Luis Ascona (MVP) Pittman Sharks

Kenny Powell(CY Young) Pittman Sharks

Mark Dellafemina (MVP) CH Rangers

Greg Jones (CY Young) CH Rangers

Joe O'toole (MVP) SJ Cards

Steve Burd (MVP) SJ Cards

Jerome Carter (MVP) SJ Cards

Jason D'Entremont (CY Young) SJ Cards

Steve Nolan (CY Young) SJ Cards

Dennis Spencer (MVP) D. Warriors

Steve DeWees (MVP) D. Warriors

Bob Shall (CY Young) D. Warriors

John Spencer (CY Young) D. Warriors




45 American      MVP  & CY Young

Dave Harris (MVP) B. Marlins

Len Ward (MVP) B. Marlins

Steve Gaunay (CY Young) B. Marlins

Marty Nemo (CY Young) B. Marlins

Allen Stowell (MVP) Senators

Bruce Stowell (MVP) Senators

Mike Mars (CY Young) Senators

John Gavura (MVP) Cinn. Rangers

Rick Haley (MVP) Cinn. Rangers

Eric Mehler (CY Young) Cinn. Rangers

John  Gavura (CY Young) Cinn. Rangers

Frank Chandler (MVP) Mariners

Terry Pezzola (MVP) Mariners

Mike Penta (CY Young) Mariners

Gabe Mastrangelo (CY Young)


45 National     MVP & CY Young Nominations

Greg Henkel (MVP) Haddonfield Bull Dawgs

Mark Melina  (MVP) Haddonfield Bull Dawgs

Greg Henkel (Cy Young) Haddonfield Bull Dawgs

Steve Brown (MVP) Cinny Reds

Geoff Rabinowitz (MVP) Cinny Reds

Geoff Rabinowitz (Cy Young) Cinny Reds

Larry Boreali (MVP) Chelt. Reds

Joey Torres (MVP) Chelt. Reds

Brian Greever (CY Young) Chelt. Reds



52+     MVP & Cy Young Nominations

Miquel Cartagena (MVP) SJ   Phillies  (L)                    

Jack Beck (MVP) SJ   Phillies  (L)                             

Bill Andrey (Cy Young) SJ   Phillies  (L)

Tim Stretch (Cy Young) SJ   Phillies  (L)

Tommie Sumners (MVP) NE Phillies

Jeff Vitale (MVP) NE Phillies

Randy Young (MVP) SJ Phillies (CC)

Kevin Kelton (MVP) SJ Phillies (CC)

Scott Warfel (CY Young) SJ Phillies (CC)

Roy Neuman (MVP) GC O's

Boz Arcaini (MVP) GC O's

Mark Crecelius (CY Young) GC O's

Chuck Haegele (MVP) Chelt. Reds

Flaco Santiago (Cy Young) Chelt. Reds

Tony D'Aulerio (MVP) MC Yankees

Tony Koelzer (MVP) MC Yankees

Tom Gallagher (CY Young) MC Yankees

Jeff Budin (CY Young) MC Yankees

Walt Grizky (MVP) GC Phillies

AJ Jackson (MVP) GC Phillies

George Dibello (CY Young) GC Phillies

Joe Kaperstein (CY Young) GC Phillies

Mike Ickes (MVP) W. Pirates

Gary Carmon (MVP) W. Pirates

George Hadfield (CY Young) W. Pirates

John Wyatt (CY Young) W. Pirates





We are proud to announce a new charity for our league. We will be collecting used baseball, softball and playground equipment and donating it to the North Camden Little League in cooperation with Urban Promise. The North Camden Little league has an organization of 800 plus children up to the age of 18. This is a great opportunity to help an organization that does such good continue to flourish and keep our great game alive! Collection day for this program will be June 25th  at Camden Catholic High School 300 Cuthbert Blvd. Cherry Hill, N.J. ( parking lot behind the school near the baseball field) 9am-2pm. I feel that having an organization the size of this one, we have an obligation to give back to the communities we play in. This equipment will help keep our youth off the streets and on the fields and playgrounds where they are safe and can enjoy a great summer! So please take part in this great cause tell your team, your friends, families and neighbors and clean out your basements, garages, sheds and attics and let’s make this a huge success. For more information please contact Lou Marshall at 856-266-7916. If you are unable to attend that day please contact me and I will arrange for a pick-up. Don’t forget Saturday June 25th 9am- 2pm.  Rain or Shine Thank You!!!

2016 MVP & Cy Young Awards

* Nomination Ballot will be emailed to Managers June 15, 2016. Ballot will also be available @ "Handouts" on www.SouthJerseyMSBL.com

Nomination Ballots emailed to all Managers Wednesday, June 15th @ 9:00am- 

* 2 MVP & 2 Cy YOUNG Nominations from each Team will be DUE July 1

* Nominations will be published on Front page of www.SouthJerseyMSBL.com July 5, 2016

* Managers will than vote on Nominations. Final vote is DUE July 18, 2016

MVP & CY Young winners will appear on Front page of Website July 21, 2016

Awards will be presented @ the Annual Hot Stover Banquet. Saturday November 26 @ 2:00 @ The Estate at Monroe  Expected Attendance @ Banquet is in excess of 300. 

The Hot Stovers of South Jersey is a non-profit organization that promotes and honors South Jersey Baseball of all levels

Some idea’s when needing to make games up (team = team you need to make game up with)

-        Easiest and most obvious…. Schedule a doubleheader next time you face the Team. Consider starting 1st game @ 8:00am or 8:30 if you have field restrictions.

-        Play a split doubleheader. Recognize when team is near your home field for an early game. Play team @ 1:00 at your field after your 9am game. Make 1:00 game a (7) inning game

-        Play make-up game on Saturday or during the week. Inquire with your field coordinator and ask if there are any open slots. If you can get game started by 6:30 pm you will 2 hours of sun light beginning June 7 ending July 16th.

-        Play your 9:00am Game on Sunday then play your second game Sunday @ 4:00

Suggestion: Get in communication with the other team manager ASAP. Get creative and book a date. Try not to let these make-ups linger to the last weeks of the season.

The Hot Stovers Annual Golf Outing

The Robert Bobo Memorial Golf Outing

Monday August 15th 2016

Medford Lakes Country Club

Noon Start (Shotgun) $100 per golfer

Includes Dinner, Door prizes, 1st, 2nd 3rd Place & Longest Drive.

                    Call Tom Haas @ 609-330-5503 ASAP!



The SJMSBL will not be pushing the playoffs out to make room for an extra week of regular season. Consider playing make ups on Saturday, in the evening, Sunday May 8 (Mothers Day), Saturday May 7 (Mothers Day weekend), playing a doubleheader next time you play team. 

League standings shall be determined by a point system, as follows:


·         3 Points for a Win

·         2 Points for a Tie

·         1 Point for a Loss

·         0 Points for a loss by forfeit

·         0 Points for a game not played



Please note: The spirit of the point system is to encourage Teams to play all games. If it is determined that a Team is intentionally not playing games to manipulate standings, team gaming system will receive severe penalties





52+ Jim Malick All-Star Game scheduled for Thursday Sept. 1 @ Laurel Acres

·       Game starts @ 7pm

·       6:00pm * Home Plate Throwing contest

    6:20pm ** Home Run Derby

Details Found on "52+ Jim Malick Standings and Division pages" 

Blue Team   Manager: John Wyatt (BUCS)

1.      W. Pirates

2.      C. Reds

3.      H. BlackSox

4.      P. Panthers

5.      M. Yanks

6.      M. Braves

Red Team

1.      GC Phils

2.      GT O’s

3.      Indians

4.      NE Phils

5.      SJ Phils (cc)


6.      SJ Phils (L)



Harpers Assault, 2015 35/45/52 Fall Champions

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Jun 30
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy AMERICAN Division
Cinnaminson Reds @ Gloucester Twp. Mariners7:00pm - 10:00pmGloucester Township Community Park
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy NATIONAL Division
Black Marlins @ Haddonfield Bull Dogs7:00pm - 10:00pmCherry Hill Rotary Field
The 35+ "Bill Curzie" AMERICAN Division
S.J. Tigers @ DiFabio's Springfield Cardinals7:00pm - 10:00pmRabinowitz Field
Saturday, Jul 2
The 52+ Jim Malick Division
Indians @ Delaware Pirates10:00am - 1:00pmBrandywine Park
2016 All- Star games
25+ All Star Team/ Craig Cairns @ 25+ All Star Team/ Orlando Munoz5:30pmVon Nieda Park
The 35+ "Bill Curzie" NATIONAL Division
Cherry Hill Chiefs @ Pitman Sharks3:00pm - 6:00pmWetzel Field
Sunday, Jul 3
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy NATIONAL Division
Gloucester Twp. Mariners @ Clayton Rays8:30am - 11:30amClayton High School
Tuesday, Jul 5
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy AMERICAN Division
Washington Twp. Senators @ Black Marlins7:00pm - 10:00pmCherry Hill Rotary Field
Wednesday, Jul 6
The 52+ Jim Malick Division
Marlton Braves @ Gloucester County Phillies7:00pm - 9:00pmWashington Lake Park
SJ Tribe @ Riverton Rangers6:15pmRiverton Park
Thursday, Jul 7
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy NATIONAL Division
Cinnaminson Rangers @ Haddonfield Bull Dogs7:00pm - 10:00pmCinnaminson Memorial Park
Marlton Braves @ Hartford Braves6:15pmHartford Crossing (Back Field)
Saturday, Jul 9
2016 All- Star games
18+ SJMSBL All Stars @ 18+ Jersey Shore All Stars12:00pmDelaware Ave Field
Sunday, Jul 10
The 52+ Jim Malick Division
Delaware Pirates @ Cheltenham Reds9:00amCheltenham Little League Field #5
Hammonton Black Sox @ Marlton Braves9:00am - 11:30amCherokee High School JV Field #3
Philadelphia Panthers @ Indians9:00am - 12:00pmEASTAMPTON SPORTS COMPLEX - Home to Rancocas HS
Northeast Phillies @ Gloucester Twp Orioles9:00amGloucester Township Community Park
South Jersey Phillies (cc) @ South Jersey Phillies (L)9:00am - 11:30amLenape High School - Varsity
Gloucester County Phillies @ Montgomery County Yankees10:00amRussell E Elliot Memorial Park
South Jersey Phillies (cc) @ Marlton Braves12:00pm - 2:30pmCherokee High School JV Field #3
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy AMERICAN Division
Black Marlins @ Cinnaminson Rangers9:00amCinnaminson Memorial Park
Gloucester Twp. Mariners @ Philadelphia Old Timers9:00am - 11:30amRyan Howard Field at Hunting Park
Philadelphia Old Timers @ Gloucester Twp. Mariners11:30am - 2:00pmRyan Howard Field at Hunting Park
The 45+ Mike Dunleavy NATIONAL Division
Washington Twp. Senators @ Cheltenham Reds9:00amGeorge Washington High School
Clayton Rays @ Haddonfield Bull Dogs9:00amHaddonfield High School field @ Radnor
Cinnaminson Reds @ PBC Royals9:00am - 11:30amJohn Boyce field
PBC Royals @ Cinnaminson Reds11:30am - 2:00pmJohn Boyce field
The 35+ "Bill Curzie" AMERICAN Division
Medford Reds @ Bordentown Patriots9:00amGilder Field
S.J. Tigers @ Hammonton Black Sox9:00amHammonton Lake Park
Riverton Rangers @ DiFabio's Springfield Cardinals9:00am - 11:30amSpringfield High School- Varsity Field
DiFabio's Springfield Cardinals @ Riverton Rangers11:30am - 2:00pmSpringfield High School- Varsity Field
The 35+ "Bill Curzie" NATIONAL Division
Cherry Hill Chiefs @ Aston Cruisers9:00am - 11:30amBuggy Field , Aston PA
Delco Warriors @ Cherry Hill Rangers9:00amCherry Hill Babe Ruth
S.J. Cardinals @ Voorhees Rangers9:00amRabinowitz Field
Lindenwold "Harpers"Assault @ Pitman Sharks9:00am - 12:00pmWetzel Field
Aston Cruisers @ Cherry Hill Chiefs11:30am - 2:00pmBuggy Field , Aston PA
Voorhees Rangers @ S.J. Cardinals11:30amRabinowitz Field
The 25+ "Hot Stover" Division
Orioles @ Cherry Hill Longwoods9:00amCherry Hill West HS- JV
Philadelphia Cardinals @ Cumberland Rockies9:00am - 11:30amCumberland Little League
Camden Pirates @ Colt 45's9:00amHainesport Municipal Field
Philadelphia Cardinals @ Cumberland Rockies11:30am - 2:00pmCumberland Little League
The 18+ Northern Angelo Marciano Division
South Jersey Tribe @ Big Red Machine12:30pmCherry Hill Babe Ruth
Deptford Tigers @ Willingboro Nationals12:30pmJFK High School
Riverside Tigers @ Mercer Thunder12:30pmWetzel Field
Monday, Jul 11
The 52+ Jim Malick Division
Delaware Pirates @ Gloucester County Phillies7:00pm - 10:00pmWashington Lake Park
Wednesday, Jul 13
Marlton Braves @ SJ Tribe7:00pmMarlton Memorial Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!