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DVR alert for everyone in the SJMSBL! This Monday, Aug. 10 at 6:30, Comcast SportsNet will profile Kevin Fox. For those who don't know, Kevin is blind, yet he still calls play by play of games in the 35-and-older division, featuring the Riverton Rangers Vs. Bordentown Patriots. The story will air during CSN's Phillies Clubhouse show. The show re-airs during the week at the following times:



Monday, August 10 – 6:30pm

Tuesday, August 11 – 4:30pm & 8:30pm

Thursday, August 13 – 4:00pm

Friday, August 14 – 7:30pm


Wednesday, August 12 – 10:00pm



Be sure to check it out!

2015 SJMSBL MVP & Cy Young Results

Results posted in “SJMSBL Champions 1992 – present”


18 + MVP Results

Points           2015 SJMSBL 18+ MVP      Rob Cox


11       Luis Vargas(Royals)

14      Rob Cox (BR Machine)

7        Nigel Shockley (H. Hippos)

9        Luis Vargas(Royals)


18+ CY YOUNG Results

Points           2015 CY Young 18+      Paul Haynes


3     Jeremy Lopez (Royals)

22   Paul Haynes (H. Hippos)

2    Joe Antonelli (W. Whalers)


25+ MVP Results

Points          2015 SJMSBL 25+ MVP      Anthony Vellutato


5       Mike Appalucci (W. O's)

12       Tim Debold (W. O's)

14     Andrew Kulp (C. Pirates)

9      Ryan Wooden (CH Longwoods)

18    Anthony Vellutato (C. 45's)


25+ CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 CY Young 25+      John Fox


11       John Kennedy (W.O's)

8         Francis Fortino (B. Braves)

3         Sammy Berroa (C. Pirates)

19      John Fox (CH Longwoods)

18     Ryan Slevenski (C. 45's)


35 National MVP Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+National MVP      Dan Ciecka


16     Dan Ciecka (CH Rangers)

12     Frank Lojewski (SJ Cards)

10      Shaine Sigston (C. Cruisers)

3       Mike Amoriello (Sharks)

6       Lou Spassatempo (H Assault)

5       Mike Somers (H. Assault)

4       Bill Connell (V. Rangers)

8       Dave Didinger (M. Reds)

5       Bill McHugh (M. Reds)

4       Rick Lambert (CH Chiefs


35 + National CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+CY Young MVP      Eric Woods


4      Dennis Van Etten (CH Rangers)

10    Jason D'ENTRMONT (SJ Cards)

7      Dan Murphy (C. Cruisers)

10    Leo Gerst (Sharks)

6      Jeff Karch (Sharks)

13    Eric Woods (H. Assault)

2      Ronnie Stiles (H. Assault)

9      Rocky Capristo (V. Rangers)

10    Chuck Homan (V. Rangers)

6      Aaron Odud (M. Reds)

11    Jimmy Antes (M. Reds)


35+ American MVP Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+ Amrican  MVP      Kurt Appleby


14    Jeff Pilling (R. Rangers)

9       Rob Kuestner (SJ Tigers)

19     Kurt Appleby (B. Patriots)

18     Ray Vetter (B. Patriots)

4       Jim Fish (A. Cruisers)

3      Wade Hulmes (A. Cruisers)

3      Louis Rios (H. BlackSox)


35+ American CY YOUNG Candidates

Points     2015 SJMSBL 35+ American CY Young    Dave Krol


11    Tom Hewitt (R. Rangers)

9      Rob Kuestner (SJ Tigers)

15     Dave Krol (B. Patriots)

7       Keith Trout (B. Patriots)

4      Jim Fish (A. Cruisers)

7      Gary Fisher (H. BlackSox)

6      Luis Muniz (P. OldTimers)


45+ MVP Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 45+  MVP      Miles Reader


13     Gabe Mastrangelo (GT Mariners)

7            Dan Laudisio (GT Mariners)

7      Mike Mars (W. Senators)

16    Miles Reader (W. Senators)

8           Tom Donahue (B. Marlins)

2      Randy Lewbart (A's)

4            Tony Dejoseph (A's)

3     Dan Mcgann (R. Marlins)

1     Jeff Snyder (R. Marlins)

10     Geoff Rabinowicz (OC Pirates)

11     Dan Battista (D. Dodgers)

3      Eric Mehler (Rangers)

3        Larry Boreali (C. Reds)

7        Scott Warfel ( S.J. Phillies)


45+ CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 45+ CY Young    Gabe Mastrangelo


26     Gabe Mastrangelo (GT Mariners)

1       Mike Pente (GT Mariners)

14      Mike Mars (W. Senators)

12      Steve Gaunay (B. Marlins)

12      Joe Scardino (A's)

13      Andy Sailor (R. Marlins)

3       Louis Buckley (OC Pirates)

3       Mike Jones (OC Pirates)

3        Bud Picconi ( S.J. Phillies )


52+ MVP Candidates

Points     2015 SJMSBL 52+  MVP      Roy Neuman


11     Luis Alverado (O's)

16     Roy Neuman (O's)

12     Flaco Santiago (C. Reds)

1      Greg Kalascky (C. Reds)

8      Mike Weichman (Indians)

10    Anthony Loterizo (Indians)

9      Jason Lerner (P. Panthers)

9      Spencer Jean (M. Braves)


52+ CY YOUNG Results

Points     2015 SJMSBL 52+ CY Young     Flaco Santiago


16     Rob Harden (O's)

12     Joe Simirglio (O's)

19     Flaco Santiago (C. Reds)

4      Philip Dunbar (Indians)

7      Lou Johnston (Indians)

7      Jason Lerner (P. Panthers)

3     Jim Evans (G. Phils)


7      Paul Heiser (M. Braves)

Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Aug 5
Midweek open age
Hartford Braves @ Riverton Rangers 7:00pm Laurel Acres
Thursday,  Aug 6
Midweek open age
Gloucester County Orioles @ Barrington Braves 7:00pm Laurel Acres
Saturday,  Aug 8
25 American
Camden Pirates @ Colt 45’s 9:00am Hainesport Municipal Field
35 American
Aston Cruisers @ S.J.Tigers 9:00am Cherry Hill Babe Ruth
Hammonton Black Sox @ Philadelphia Oldtimers 9:00am Hunting Park Ball field #1
35 National
S.J. Cardinals @ Marlton Reds 9:00am Marlton Memorial Field
Collingdale Cruisers @ Sharks 9:00am Monongahela Middle School
Sunday,  Aug 9
18 American
Riverside Tigers @ Big Red Machine 12:30pm Cherry Hill Babe Ruth
25 American
Cherry Hill Longwoods @ Barrington Braves 9:00am Deere Field
TBD @ Williamstown Orioles 9:00am Owens Field Williamstown
35 American
TBD @ Bordentown Patriots 9:00am Gilder Field
TBD @ Riverton Rangers 9:00am Riverton Park
35 National
TBD @ Harpers Assault 9:00am Erial Elementary School
TBD @ Voorhees Rangers 9:00am Rabinowitz Field
45 American
S.J. Phillies @ Moorestown Black Marlins 9:00am Cherry Hill Rotary Field
Gloucester Twp. Mariners @ Washington Twp Senators 9:00am Washington Township HS Varsity Field
52 American
Gloucester County Phillies @ Indians 9:00am EASTAMPTON SPORTS COMPLEX - Home to Rancocas HS
Philadelphia Panthers @ Marlton Braves 9:00am Kerr Field - Yeadon PA
Wednesday,  Aug 12
Midweek open age
Riverton Rangers @ Hartford Braves 7:00pm Laurel Acres
Thursday,  Aug 13
Midweek open age
Barrington Braves @ Gloucester County Orioles 7:00pm Laurel Acres
Saturday,  Aug 15
35 American
Bordentown Patriots @ TBD 9:00am TBA
Riverton Rangers @ TBD 9:00am TBA
35 National
Harpers Assault @ TBD 9:00am TBA
Voorhees Rangers @ TBD 9:00am TBA
Sunday,  Aug 16
18 American
Hungry Hippos @ Williamstown Whalers 12:30pm Cherry Hill Babe Ruth
TBD @ South Jersey Tribe 12:30pm TBA
Williamstown Whalers @ Hungry Hippos 3:00pm Cherry Hill Babe Ruth
South Jersey Tribe @ TBD 3:00pm TBA
25 American
Barrington Braves @ Cherry Hill Longwoods 9:00am Cherry Hill West HS- JV
Williamstown Orioles @ TBD 9:00am TBA
45 American
Moorestown Black Marlins @ S.J. Phillies 9:00am Camden County Community College
Washington Twp Senators @ Gloucester Twp. Mariners 9:00am Gloucester Township Community Park
52 American
TBA @ Cheltenham Reds 9:00am CHELTENHAM LITTLE LEAGUE FIELD #5 - (Reds 52+)
TBA @ Runnemede Orioles 9:00am Runnemede BR
Saturday,  Aug 29
2015 All-Star Games
SJMSBL 52+ All-Stars @ Tri State MSBL 52+ All-Stars 3:00pm West Chester University Serpico Stadium

For a complete schedule listing, click here!