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  • 2015 ready to start!....
  • Opening Day April 12th at 11am in Arlington
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  • 2015 Series is in Orlando! Oct 2015 more to come

Guess what?  Arlington has provided NTWSA a link to their "Standings Report" that they keep track of each week after all of our teams play.  

You will find their website on our HOME page, under the LINK tab, named NTWSA WEEKLY SCORES :) 



Thank You,

2015 NTXWSA Board

RainOuts Info

Arlington Rainout # 817-462-3471

Upcoming Games

Sunday,  May 3
C Division
Aftershock @ Rock Chix C 11:00am Arlington Field #1-RED
Heartbreakers @ Fireballerz 11:00am Arlington Field #2-GREEN
D Divison
Rock Chix D @ Cleats & Cleavage 12:00pm Arlington Field #1-RED
LaFamila @ Reckless Remainz 12:00pm Arlington Field #2-GREEN

For a complete schedule listing, click here!