Last Updated: October 14, 2017
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 Flag Playoffs will start the week of Oct. 30th at Founders Flag Football Field 

Tackle Playoffs will be 11/4 at Shaffer Stadium

(Playoff Schedules will be listed after the last game of the regular season games are played)

Super Bowl Games will be 11/11 at Shaffer Stadium 



The Wylie Football League is open to all children, boys and girls, between 4 and 13 yrs. old (Please check the age/grade chart on our website). All children play at least 50% of each game with few exceptions (missed practice, illness, etc… as determined by the coach and/or parents). There are no tryouts; all kids are placed on a team.


Leagues / maximum age limits:

Players shall be assigned to teams based upon the grade they will be in for the 2017-2018 school year, along with their age as of 09/01/17. 


  1. If the player’s age exceeds the maximum age for the division, then that player shall be assigned to play in the next higher division.
  2. Students that are enrolled in 7th grade for the Fall 2017 semester and are not enrolled in Athletics are eligible to play in the WFL, as long as they meet the age restrictions shown below.
  3. All players are eligible to play “up” one division with the approval of the WFL Board.  There shall be no consideration given to playing “down”.       






Max Age

as of 09/01/17

Ball Carrier

Max Weight

Junior Flag

Pre-K / K.



Senior Flag

1st / 2nd



Freshman Tackle




Sophomore Tackle




Junior Tackle




Senior Tackle






Note: There are no maximum weight limits for a player choosing to participate in the WFL.

**All new players will have to provide a birth certificate by Aug. 3rd, 2017.  If we do not receive a birth certificate by Aug. 3rd your player will not be placed on a team.**

****Once registration is closed we will not issue any refunds.****


Breakdown of leagues/age groups is dependent upon the number of children registered. Leagues may be combined at the Boards’ discretion to best meet the needs of the WFL.


Be sure to join our e-mail distribution list. Registering a player does not automatically put you on the e-mail list. 

      The link is located on the left side under the spinning mail box.  

WFL is on Facebook!! Click here to join or sign in and search for Wylie Football League.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Oct 21
JR Flag
Pirates @ Seahawks10:00amFOUNDERS FLAG
Cowboys @ Bucaneers11:00amFOUNDERS FLAG
SR Flag
Browns @ Seahawks9:00amFOUNDERS FLAG
Steelers @ Panthers12:00pmFOUNDERS FLAG
Cowboys @ Raiders1:00pmFOUNDERS FLAG
Dark Knights @ Tigers2:00pmFOUNDERS FLAG
Freshman Tackle
Steelers @ Cowboys9:00amFOUNDERS 4 TACKLE GRAY
Sophomore Tackle
Sooners @ Sundevils10:20amFOUNDERS 4 TACKLE GRAY
Junior Tackle
Cowboys @ Bucaneers9:00amFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Raiders @ Huskers10:20amFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Senior Tackle
Seahawks @ Bulldogs11:40amFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Wolves Black @ Steelers1:00pmFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Wednesday, Oct 25
Senior Tackle
Bulldogs @ Steelers7:00pmFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Saturday, Oct 28
JR Flag
Seahawks @ Cowboys1:00pmFOUNDERS FLAG
Pirates @ Bucaneers2:00pmFOUNDERS FLAG
SR Flag
Steelers @ Cowboys9:00amFOUNDERS FLAG
Raiders @ Browns10:00amFOUNDERS FLAG
Tigers @ Panthers11:00amFOUNDERS FLAG
Seahawks @ Dark Knights12:00pmFOUNDERS FLAG
Freshman Tackle
Patriots @ Steelers10:20amFOUNDERS 4 TACKLE GRAY
Sophomore Tackle
Vikings @ Sooners9:00amFOUNDERS 4 TACKLE GRAY
Junior Tackle
Huskers @ Cowboys10:20amFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Raiders @ Bucaneers11:40amFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE
Senior Tackle
Seahawks @ Wolves Black9:00amFOUNDERS 5 TACKLE BLUE

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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