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Little League Bat Resource Page (***UPDATED 07/26/17***)

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding bats - do NOT purchase a bat for your child until you have researched carefully.  Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented.

Little League-approved baseball bats that were approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.

Everything you ever needed to know about bats and Little League can be found HERE at the Little League Bat Resource Page. (*** This information is current as of 07/26/17)






2017 All-Stars!

June 1, 2017
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star (Majors, 10/11's and 9/10's), which will be played from June 18th through July 2nd, and District 39 tournaments (7/8's and 8/9's - see article below for names of players), which will begin June 4th and run through June 14th.
THIS LINK to District 39's 2017 Tournaments page should be the most up-to-date information available, regarding most recent scores and locations and times for games.  The game brackets are in Google Docs, and my experience was that if you are signed into your own Google account, it might cause errors in viewing them. I am using the Chrome browser, so that might also be part of the problem.  IF you are using the Chrome browser, sign out of your Google account.  Please let me know your experiences.
9/10-year old All-Star Team
(Co-osted by Watsonville American and Pajaro Valley Little Leagues)
Managers – Mike Ayers/Bill Berridge
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AAA Bees
Wesley Berridge - AAA Emeralds 
Marlon Braun - AAA Emeralds
Keenan Buntz - Majors Indians
Jack Dagan - AAA Bees
Jonathan Giandana - AAA Emeralds 
D'Rell Hopkins - Majors Giants 
Devin Merchant - Majors Indians 
TJ Richardson - AAA Bees
Brody Shults - AAA River Bandits 
Noah Steiger - AAA River Bandits
Chase Thomsen - AAA River Bandits
Haden Woolworth -  AAA River Bandits
10/11-year old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Morgan Scarborough
Coaches – TBA
John Clinkenbeard - Majors Nationals
Nick Frey - Majors Indians
Owen Garrahan - Majors Athletics
Anthony Griffis - Majors Athletics
Malakhi Higbee - Majors Indians
Cody Houston - Majors Nationals
Nathan Kueny - Majors Giants
Jaden Moyer - Majors Athletics
Josh Rudrow - Majors Nationals
Connor Scarborough - Majors Indians
Carson Seeger - Majors Athletics
Benji Stretch - Majors Athletics
Lukas Williams - Majors Giants
11/12-year old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Santa Cruz LL)
Manager – Mike Kelly
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Giants
Jackson Amos - Majors Nationals
Max Baxter - Majors Giants
Wyatt Berridge - Majors Athletics
Nathan Davison - Majors Indians
Tristan Dean - Majors Indians
Cash Ebright - Majors Athletics 
Jaden Hunter - Majors Nationals
Mike Kelly - Majors Nationals
Erika Kindred - Majors Indians
Kai Kiyabu - Majors Giants
Dean Ricigliano - Majors Nationals
Jaden Shabry - Majors Nationals
Skylar Thayer - Majors Athletics

2017 7/8 and 8/9-year old Tournament Teams

Congratulations to the following players,
who have been selected to the
7/8-year old Tournament Team!
Emmet Arnott - AA Giants
Spencer Bruce - AA Astros
Jaden Devonshire - AA Giants
Eli Gardner - AA Pirates
Luke Lemus - AA Giants
Traynor Mooney -AA Rangers 
Samuel Oliver - AA Pirates
Ashton Rush - AA Astros
Colton Ryssemus - AA Astros
Ryder Schram - AA Astros
Bray Scoma - AA Giants
Regular season AA managers Rob Scoma and Loren Rush will be co-managing this team.  
They began play on June 4th (1 PM) at Pinto Lake Park in Watsonville.  
Click HERE for the 7/8 Tournament brackets (NOTE: if you are signed into your own Google account, clicking on the link seems to generate an error message; try signing out and then clicking).  
District 39 will update the brackets as games are completed.
 8/9-year old Tournament Team!
Sawyer Amos - AAA River Bandits
Justin Griffis - AAA Bees
Jackson Haddad - AAA Emeralds
Kolbe Handley - AAA Bees
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AAA River Cats
Sean Johnson -AAA Emeralds 
Ian LeBarre - AAA River Cats
Gabe Machado - AAA Emeralds
Kingston Mattair - AAA River Bandits
Vinny Noce - AAA Bees
Chase Petersen - AAA River Cats
Colton Scarborough  - AA Giants
Nathan Welch - AAA Emeralds 
Regular season AAA assistant coach Sandor LeBarre has stepped up to manage this team.  
They began play on June 4th (1 PM) at Siltanen Park in Scotts Valley.  Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz Little Leagues are co-hosting the tournament.  Locations listed on the bracket as "Lower Field" and "Upper Field" are Scotts Valley fields.   
Click HERE for the 8/9 Tournament brackets.  (NOTE: if you are signed into your own Google account, clicking on the link seems to generate an error message; try signing out and then clicking).  
District 39 will update the brackets as games are completed.

Interleague Scorekeeping Expectations and Etiquette

Special Message to Majors Scorekeepers (who keep score for interleague games) ~
Each league is required to have an official record of all games. Each league needs to complete a score sheet and record pitch count for their official league book. It is the responsibility of the traveling visiting team’s coach to bring their score sheets (and pitch count sheets for LO and SV).
The Home team will provide the game’s official scorekeeperAway scorekeepers are invited, and encouraged, to sit with the Home Team’s scorekeeper in the booth to help keep pitch count or other responsibilities as needed or to compare notes and interact during the game.
It is best to have 2 scorekeepers, per team, at all times, especially as a Home Team where you are doing many things - pitch count, official book, announcing and the scoreboard.
While is not required, we do encourage you to ask the Home scorekeepers if they need help with anything (they will often ask you to do the bubble pitch count as that is their rules within their league - visiting team does this activity). SLV does not do the Bubble Pitch Count Form - this is for the Home Team's records only.
Thank you!!
Sheri Austin (Head Scorekeeper)

Stay Informed! Register Your Email!

A Note from Your Webmaster ~
If you want the most up-to-date information from SLV Little League, you are encouraged to register your email address with our website! 
Even though you may have shared your email address when you registered your child to play in our league, I do not take it upon myself to subscribe anyone to our mailing list.  You are responsible for doing that.  It's very easy to do, and only takes a minute or two.  It's also easy to unsubscribe, using a link at the end of every email that comes from this site.  By having your email address registered with the SLVLL site, you will receive informative emails regarding upcoming events, registration opportunities, field closures, etc.  I try my best to not inundate your mailbox with too many emails, and your address is not shared with anybody.
Please click on this link and add your email address to our list to receive important announcements and occasional update information throughout the year. The website will be a useful resource for finding out what you need to know. Check it out often!

2017 Volunteer Form Available

All individuals volunteering in any capacity
(manager, coach, team parent, scorekeepers, snack shack helpers, umpires, etc.)
must complete and submit a 2017 volunteer form ASAP.
2017 forms will be valid through the 2017 Fall Ball season.  
ALL volunteers will need to fill out new volunteer forms for the 2017 Spring Season.
UPDATE: Little League International now requires us to run background checks through First Advantage.  In order to complete that check, we MUST have your COMPLETE social security number; please include it on the form (I will white it out after I have run your name).  It is also necessary for me to have a copy of your current drivers license or government-issued picture ID - I have to enter your full name, as it appears on that ID, including your middle name (if you have one).  
Your help in this is GREATLY appreciated!
If you wish to volunteer, please click on the link above to view and print the 2017 Volunteer form.  I think the form can be filled out online, BUT you still have to print it out and get it turned in.  Filling it out online does NOT magically transfer it to me - I need a hard copy to keep on file - PRINT IT OUT.  
  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - if you fill the form out online, use the "Print" icon.  
    Do NOT use the download function - it downloads a BLANK form.
Once teams have been formed and your child has been placed, you can submit this form to your team's manager as well.  In this case, however, sooner is always better!  It saves much needed time when it is close to Opening Day (your manager can check with Information Officer Sue Sutherlin to confirm that you have a form on file).  If you have children on more than one team, you only need to submit ONE volunteer form!
A copy of your driver's license is also required.  If you have provided one in the past, AND your license hasn't expired since the copy was provided, you shouldn't need to provide another one (but sometimes things happen, and a current copy is inadvertently shredded - sorry 'bout that).  If your license expired in 2016, the copy has been purged (shredded or burned in my woodburning stove).
Completed forms can be mailed to:
SLV Little League
ATTN:  Sue Sutherlin
PO Box 1208
Felton, CA 95018


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