• Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships
  • All Players, Work hard in School!
  • Championships are won at practice-Reach high and dream deep
  • It aint over till it's over...






         2018 3rd/4th Grade League Champions

Fort Lee PBA #245


           2018 5th/6th Grade League Champions

                        ConnectOne Bank



                2018 7th/8th Grade League Champions

                           LUPPINO HOMES



2018 Fort Lee Girls Basketball March Madness 




Saturday  Mar 10-Lewis F. Cole Middle School


7th and 8th Grade Playoffs-QUARTERFINALS 


1:00PM -#1 PLODIMEX-31 vs #8 Fabulous Nails-11


2:00 PM- #2 Luppino Homes-36 vs #7 St.Rocco's-35


3:00 PM- #3 Silly Rabbits-18 vs #6 Anthony Coal Fired Pizza-23 


4:00 PM- #4 Vergona Crane-17 vs #5 Frank Patti Fireballs-26




 Monday March 12th-Lewis F. Cole Middle School 


3rd and 4th Grade Playoffs-QUARTERFINALS


 6:45pm- #1 16 Handles-4 vs #8 Norm's Ice Cream-2


 7:30pm- #2 Rey's Golf Academy-6 vs # #7 Fort Lee Pizzeria-2




5th and 6th Grade  Playoffs-QUARTERFINALS


8:10 PM -#1 Brescia Medical-22 vs #8 Palisades Smile-10


8:50 PM- #2 Law Office of Mark Sokolich-17 vs #7 Automated Interiors-12




Tuesday March 13th- Lewis F. Cole Middle School


3rd and 4th Grade Playoffs- QUARTERFINALS


6:45 PM- #3 Fort Lee PBA#245-11 vs #6  Fort Lee Racquet Club-1


7:30 PM- #4 Cafasso's Fairway Market-3 vs #5 Guaranteed Pest-0




5th and 6th Grade Playoffs- QUARTERFINALS


8:10 PM- #3 Fort Lee Dog Walkers-18 vs #6 Tutor Doctor-10


8:50 PM- #4 Pomodoro Pizza-16 vs #5  ConnectOne Bank-19 




 6th Grade “DARE” Basketball Games March 15 &16 


                        First Game Tipoff 6pm at FLHS  






Saturday, Mar 17-Lewis F. Cole Middle School


7th and 8th Grade Playoffs- SEMIFINALS


1:00 PM #1 PLODIMEX-33 vs #6 Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza-29
2:00 PM #2 Luppino Homes-42 vs #5 Frank Patti Fireballs-36




Monday Mar 19- Lewis F. Cole Middle School


3rd and 4th Grade SEMIFINALS


6:45 PM #1 16 Handles-5 vs #4 Cafasso's Fairway Market-4
 7:30 PM #2 Rey's Golf Academy-5 vs #3 Fort Lee PBA #245-9




5th and 6th Grade Playoffs- SEMIFINALS


8:10 PM- #1 Brescia Medical-18 vs #5 ConnectOne Bank-20


8:50 PM- #2 Law Offices Of Mark Sokolich-9 vs #3 Fort Lee Dog Walkers-14




Tuesday March 20-Lewis F. Cole Middle School




6:45 PM  #1 16 Handles-5 vs #3 Fort Lee PBA #245-7

Closing Ceremonies to follow game




8:00 PM #3 Fort Lee Dog Walkers-13 vs #5 ConnectOne Bank-17   


Closing Ceremonies to follow game, 5th/6th Grade Travel Team Awards and Community Service awards. 




Thursday March 22- Lewis F. Cole Middle School




7:00 PM- #1 PLODIMEX-29  vs #2 Luppino Homes-34


Closing Ceremonies to follow game Retiring Coaches, Community Service Awards, Travel Team Awards 







The Honors Club is a program to encourage all basketball players to excel in school. All players in Grades 5th through 8th  who receive ALL "A's on their report card will receive an acknowledgement from the league. Your name will also be posted on  our web site. Just show us your report card to receive your reward. Good Luck and hit the books!!!!!! 


This Years Honorees are:


Behind all hours of practice - and all the coaches who push you - there is a little girl
who shot the ball - fell in love with the game - and never looked back....

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