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Opening weekend is Saturday, March 22nd. 

This is the day games start. We will also have a photographer at the fields for Individual and Team pictures.



Game Schedule

The game schedule for the Spring 2014 Seaon is completed.  Click the link below to find your teams schedule.  Once at that link select the correct division for your team and then select your team based on your coaches name. 

 2014 Spring Season Softball Schedules

 NOTE:  Through the season there are many things that can come up that can affect the schedule resulting in canceled games, moved games, changed game times etc.. Please check the schedule regularly to ensure you have the latest game information.


Opening Day & Spring Pictures, Saturday, March 22nd

On opening day we are asking everyone be at the fields by 9:00 am, in uniform, for a group league picture. Once the group photo is completed we will have individual and team photos.

We ask that you have the photos form filled out and ready prior to walking up to take the pictures.  This will greatly help us get everyone through pictures more quickly.

Click the link below to download the spring pictures order form

2014 Spring Picture Order Form


2014 PONY All-Star Tournament Dates

6/6 - 6/8 : Round Rock All-Star Warmup Tournament

6/13 - 6/15 : Georgetown Bring the Heat All-Star Warm-Up Tournament

6/20 - 6/22 : Austin PONY Sectionals

6/27 - 6/29 : Regionals (Combined Austin / San Antonio)

7/15 - 7/20 : PONY World Series,  Lubbock TX





2013 GYGSA 12U PONY All-Star Team

*** PONY World Series Champions ***



2013 GYGSA 8U PONY All-Star Team

PONY World Series Final Four



2013 GYGSA 14U PONY All-Star Team

PONY World Series Qualifiers


2012 GYGSA 12U PONY All-Star Team

PONY World Series Qualifiers

2012 GYGSA 12U All-Star Nationals Team


Come on out and watch a great game and support the girls!! We have covered seating, concessions, etc.

Our fields are located at 301 E. 2nd Street

For more information, please e-mail: (best) or call(512)517-8948.

Upcoming GYGSA Games

Thursday,  Apr 17
GYGSA Pinto-1 (Hirsch) @ Taylor-Granger 7:15pm Taylor Regional Park
GYGSA Pinto-2 (Credeur) @ Taylor-Thrall 7:15pm Taylor Regional Park
GYGSA Pinto-3 (Foster) @ Taylor-Reyna 7:15pm Taylor Regional Park
GYGSA Pinto-4 (Mayo) @ Taylor-Ramirez 7:15pm Taylor Regional Park
GYGSA Mustang-3 (Ochoa) @ T&C 7:30pm Town and Country
GYGSA Bronco-1 (Miller) @ Liberty Hill-Mckinny 7:30pm Liberty Hill Jr. High
GYGSA Pony-3 (Wright) @ Balcones Red Hot Chili Peppers 7:30pm Balcones
GYGSA Pony-2 (Dominguez) @ NAO-Fusion 7:30pm NAO
Thursday,  Apr 24
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Mustang-2 (Lopez) 6:00pm - 8:45pm GYGSA Complex
GYGSA Mustang-2 (Lopez) @ GYGSA Mustang-1 (Perez) 6:15pm GYGSA West
GYGSA Pony-4 (Campo) @ GYGSA Pony-2 (Dominguez) 7:30pm GYGSA West
Saturday,  Apr 26
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Shetland-1 (Walker) 11:45am - 1:45pm GYGSA Complex
T&C @ GYGSA Shetland-1 (Walker) 12:00pm GYGSA West
T&C @ GYGSA Shetland-2 (Willborn) 1:15pm GYGSA Del Webb
GYGSA Pinto-3 (Foster) @ T&C 10:00am Town and Country
Marble Falls @ GYGSA Pinto-4 (Mayo) 12:00pm GYGSA East
Marble Falls @ GYGSA Pinto-1 (Hirsch) 1:15pm GYGSA East
T&C @ GYGSA Pinto-4 (Mayo) 1:15pm GYGSA West
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Pinto-4 (Mayo) 1:45pm - 3:45pm GYGSA Complex
Marble Falls 2 @ GYGSA Mustang-5 (Wright) 2:30pm GYGSA East
Marble Falls 1 @ GYGSA Mustang-3 (Ochoa) 2:30pm GYGSA West
Marble Falls 1 @ GYGSA Mustang-4 (Sanford) 3:45pm GYGSA West
GYGSA Bronco-1 (Miller) @ T&C 11:15am Town and Country
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Pony-3 (Wright) 3:45pm - 6:15pm GYGSA Complex
Liberty Hill-Fisher @ GYGSA Pony-1 (Turner) 3:45pm GYGSA East
Liberty Hill-Fisher @ GYGSA Pony-3 (Wright) 5:00pm GYGSA West
Monday,  Apr 28
GYGSA Shetland-2 (Willborn) @ CPYL Red Hots 6:00pm Cedar Park Little Field
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Pinto-2 (Credeur) 6:00pm - 8:45pm GYGSA Complex
GYGSA Pinto-2 (Credeur) @ GYGSA Pinto-4 (Mayo) 6:15pm GYGSA East
GYGSA Pinto-3 (Foster) @ Hutto 6:15pm Hutto
GYGSA Pinto-1 (Hirsch) @ Hutto 7:15pm Hutto
GYGSA Pony-1 (Turner) @ GYGSA Pony-3 (Wright) 6:00pm GYGSA West
Hutto @ GYGSA Pony-4 (Campo) 7:30pm GYGSA East
GYGSA Pony-2 (Dominguez) @ GYGSA Pony-3 (Wright) 7:30pm GYGSA West
Tuesday,  Apr 29
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Mustang-3 (Ochoa) 6:00pm - 8:45pm GYGSA Complex
GYGSA Mustang-3 (Ochoa) @ GYGSA Mustang-2 (Lopez) 6:15pm GYGSA West
GYGSA Mustang-5 (Wright) @ GYGSA Mustang-1 (Perez) 7:30pm GYGSA West
Thursday,  May 1
GYGSA Mustang-4 (Sanford) @ T&C 7:30pm Town and Country
GYGSA Bronco-1 (Miller) @ Balcones-1 7:30pm Balcones
Saturday,  May 3
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Shetland-1 (Walker) 8:45am - 10:45am GYGSA Complex
Taylor-Thrall @ GYGSA Shetland-1 (Walker) 9:00am GYGSA East
Taylor-Granger @ GYGSA Shetland-2 (Willborn) 9:00am GYGSA West
GYGSA Pinto-1 (Hirsch) @ Round Rock-3 9:00am Round Rock Field 2B
GYGSA Pinto-3 (Foster) @ Round Rock-7 9:00am Round Rock Field 3B
GYGSA Pinto-1 (Hirsch) @ Round Rock-4 10:30am Round Rock Field 2B
GYGSA Pinto-3 (Foster) @ Round Rock-1 10:30am Round Rock Field 3B
GYGSA Pinto-2 (Credeur) @ Round Rock-5 12:00pm Round Rock Field 2B
GYGSA Pinto-4 (Mayo) @ Round Rock-2 12:00pm Round Rock Field 3B
GYGSA Pinto-2 (Credeur) @ Round Rock-6 1:30pm Round Rock Field 2B
Round Rock @ GYGSA Mustang-3 (Ochoa) 10:15am GYGSA East
Round Rock @ GYGSA Mustang-2 (Lopez) 10:15am GYGSA West
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Mustang-4 (Sanford) 10:45am - 12:45pm GYGSA Complex
Round Rock @ GYGSA Mustang-5 (Wright) 11:30am GYGSA East
Round Rock @ GYGSA Mustang-1 (Perez) 11:30am GYGSA West
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Mustang-1 (Perez) 12:45pm - 2:45pm GYGSA Complex
Round Rock @ GYGSA Mustang-4 (Sanford) 12:45pm GYGSA East
Hutto @ GYGSA Bronco-1 (Miller) 12:45pm GYGSA West
Round Rock @ GYGSA Pony-4 (Campo) 2:00pm GYGSA East
Round Rock @ GYGSA Pony-1 (Turner) 2:15pm GYGSA West
CONCESSION STAND @ GYGSA Pony-2 (Dominguez) 2:45pm - 5:00pm GYGSA Complex
Round Rock @ GYGSA Pony-2 (Dominguez) 3:30pm GYGSA East
Round Rock @ GYGSA Pony-3 (Wright) 3:45pm GYGSA West

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Friday,  Apr 18
Good Friday (No Games)
Saturday,  Apr 19
Easter Holiday (No Games)
Sunday,  Apr 20
Easter Holiday (No Games)
Monday,  Apr 21
Tuesday,  Apr 22
STAAR Testing (No Games)
Wednesday,  Apr 23
STAAR Testing (No Games)
Saturday,  Apr 26
Red Poppy Parade (no home games till noon)

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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