In Memory Of Our League's Founder

The above memorial located at Firemen's Park in Merton is in memory of the founders of the Land O' Lakes Baseball League and Land O' Lakes Old Timers Association, Martin C Weber Sr. and his son, Martin Jr. (photo courtesy of Ellen Sizer, granddaughter of Martin Weber Sr.)

Southwest Scores - May 19-20, 2018

Genesee 12, Helenville 0
Rome 7-4, Ixonia 2-0
Waterford at Dousman, postponed
Burlington at East Troy, postponed

Southwest Results - May 13, 2018

Genesee at Helenville, postpoined
Ixonia at Burlington, postpoined
Rome at Merton, postponed
Waterford at East Troy, postponed

LOL Code of Conduct

The Land O' Lakes Baseball League requires its players, managers, coaches and spectators to exercise good sportsmanship during and after all LOL events. Please support the players and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racist, sexist or ethnic comments and/or other intimidating actions directed at officials, coaches, team representative or players is not tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition, barring from all LOL events and/or possible police action. The LOL thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

Interested in Playing LOL Baseball?

The Land O' Lakes Baseball League has been around since 1922 to provide players in local communities in southeastern Wisconsin the chance to play baseball. Eligibility to play on a particular team is based on a player's residence.

Teams are always looking for new players. There are no age limits, however, players under age 18 require signed parental permission prior to playing in their first game. Also, high school age players are not eligible for LOL play for a particular year until their high school's baseball season is over.

If you are interested in playing LOL baseball, use the email link in the left-hand column to email the webmaster the following information: your name, address, phone number, positions played, etc. The webmaster will put you in contact with teams in your area.

LOL Requires Signed Waivers To Play

The LOL requires all players and managers to sign a waiver of liability release prior to participating in their first game. A copy of the waiver can be downloaded by clicking on handouts in the left-hand column, then clicking on LOL Player Waiver. Division commissioners manage completed waiver forms in their divisions.

BBCOR Certification Required For LOL Bats

LOL teams and players are reminded that the LOL bylaws allow only wood or wood composite bats. Any new composite bat must be BBCOR certitifed for use in an LOL game.

Player Registration, Forms Online

Basic LOL forms are available for download, including player registration cards and liability waiver forms. Please click on the handouts link in the left hand column. A list of downloadable files will come up. Click on the form desired. All forms are in Word format.

Calendar Events Sought

At the bottom of the home page, a calendar listing of events related to Land O' Lakes baseball will appear. To have your event appear on the calendar, please email the details to the webmaster through the link in the left-hand column.

Please include in the details the name of the event, date, time and location. Include a few details about the event and a contact name and phone number in the event a site visitor has any questions. Thank you.

Upcoming Games
May 27
2018 LOL Southwest
East Troy Express (S) @ Burlington Barons (S)
Ixonia Snappers (N) @ Helenville Rebels (N)
Dousman Frogs (N) @ Merton Amvets (N)
Genesee Rebels (S) @ Racine Kiwanis (S)
Rome Raiders (N) @ Waterford Rivermen (S)
Ixonia Snappers (N) @ Helenville Rebels (N)
Dousman Frogs (N) @ Merton Amvets (N)
Genesee (exh.) @ Racine (exh.)
Jun 1
2018 LOL Southwest
Rome (exh.) @ Jefferson (exh.)
Jun 2
2018 LOL Southwest
Milwaukee (exh.) @ Genesee (exh.)
Burlington Barons (S) @ Waterford Rivermen (S)
Jun 3
2018 LOL Southwest
Rome Raiders (N) @ Burlington Barons (S)
Dousman Frogs (N) @ East Troy Express (S)
Ixonia Snappers (N) @ Genesee Rebels (S)
Waterford Rivermen (S) @ Merton Amvets (N)
Helenville Rebels (N) @ Racine Kiwanis (S)
Jun 7
2018 LOL Southwest
Rome (exh.) @ POSITION/TBD
Jun 8
2018 LOL Southwest
Milwaukee (exh.) @ Racine (exh.)
Jun 9
2018 LOL Southwest
East Troy Express (S) @ Ixonia Snappers (N)
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