NWWC: Kitsap Peninsula's Premier Youth Wrestling Club
NWWC is a distinguished member of USA Wrestling and the premier feeder club for 10 area high schools including Bremerton, Central Kitsap, Gig Harbor, Kingston, Klahowya, North Kitsap, North Mason, Olympic, Peninsula and South Kitsap. Over the last five years, NWWC wrestlers ages 4 -18 yrs old have amassed 369 State Championship Medals, 81 Individual State Titles, 33 USAW All-American Honors, 16 Regional Championships, 10 State Age-Division Titles, 2 State Team Titles, 2 Greco National Championships, 2 Freestyle National Championships and over $200,000 in College Wrestling Scholarships. In 2014, NWWC was ranked among USA Wrestling's Top 50 Clubs nationwide for the third consecutive year. Follow this year's accomplishments (major tournaments) as they get posted below.

Join The Club: January 2016
Join NWWC this January as we continue a tradition of building young champions through self-discipline, self-direction, leadership, sportsmanship, mental toughness, hard work and excellent wrestling. The 2016 Winter Session lasts six weeks (seven weeks for Red Teams and HS/Jr High Teams). All practices are taught in series and the pace of practice is determined by the top third in the room. See Join The Club to the left for practice details, registration info, costs and the 2015-16 Folkstyle Tournament Schedule. Welcome to NWWC!

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2015 Tough Guy Tournament
Nineteen NWWC wrestlers traveled to White River High School in Buckley, WA on the morning after Thanksgiving to weigh-in and compete at the 2015 Tough Guy Tournament. Nine NWWC wrestlers returned home with top-3 place finishes including Mitchell Neiner of Port Orchard, age 11, who earned his second consecutive Tough Guy championship and lead NWWC to a 2nd-place overall team finish. The Tough Guy Tournament, a varsity-level tournament, drew over 400 young athletes and 40 teams from Pierce County and the surrounding areas. Congratulations to the following NWWC wrestlers:

Magnus Michaelson, Bremerton, 8 & Under, 46 lbs
Koichi Castro, Port Orchard, 8 & Under, 49 lbs, Placed 3rd
Jonathan Robles, Port Orchard, 8 & Under, 49 lbs
Cayden Seevers, Poulsbo, 8 & Under, 54 lbs
Taylor Crittenden, Bremerton, 8 & Under, 54 lbs
Jaxon Johnson, Poulsbo, 8 & Under, 63 lbs, Placed 2nd
Peter Pauly, Bremerton, 8 & Under, 63 lbs, Placed 5th
Noah Carter, Bremerton, 8 & Under, 78 lbs, Placed 3rd
Jace Brady, Poulsbo, 12 & Under, 63 lbs, Placed 3rd
Savannah Sinclair, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 66 lbs, Placed 3rd
Mitchell Neiner, Port Orchard, 12 & Under, 66 lbsTough Guy Champion
Stone Hartford, Port Orchard, 12 & Under, 69 lbs
Cole Tate, Belfair, 12 & Under, 69 lbs, Placed 2nd
Lars Michaelson, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 73 lbs, Placed 2nd
Coby Vaughan, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 86 lbs
Alex Sinclair, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 86 lbs, Placed 6th
Michael Chichester, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 91 lbs, Placed 5th
Thor Michaelson, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 91 lbs, Placed 2nd
Diego Clemen, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 110 lbs, Placed 5th


Wildcat Thanksgiving Throwdown
Twelve NWWC wrestlers traveled to Oak Harbor, WA on Sunday, November 22nd to compete at the Wildcat Thanksgiving Throwdown. Taylor Crittenden of Bremerton, age 6, Koichi Castro of Port Orchard, age 7 and Jaxon Johnson of Poulsbo, age 8, each earned a first-place finish in their respective age/weight division and led NWWC to its second tournament team championship of the weekend. Congratulations to all twelve NWWC wrestlers.


Brayden Zappey, Port Orchard, PeeWee, 43 lbs, Placed 2nd
Kyle Purves, Port Orchard, PeeWee, 46 lbs, Placed 2nd
Koichi Castro, Port Orchard, Bantam, 50 lbs, Wildcat Thanksgiving Throwdown Champion
Jonathan Robles, Port Orchard, Bantam, 50 lbs, Placed 2nd
Cayden Seevers, Poulsbo, Bantam, 50 lbs
Taylor Crittenden, Bremerton, Bantam, 55 lbs, Wildcat Thanksgiving Throwdown Champion
Brendan David, Port Orchard, Bantam, 65 lbs, Placed 2nd
Kini Sofa, Port Orchard, Intermediate, 50 lbs
Jaxon Johnson, Poulsbo, Intermediate, 65 lbs, Wildcat Thanksgiving Throwdown Champion
Peter Pauly, Bremerton, Intermediate, 65 lbs, Placed 2nd
Kyley-Rea Sofa, Port Orchard, Novice, 60 lbs, Placed 2nd
Hannah Johnson, Poulsbo, Schoolboy, 113 lbs, Placed 4th


2015 TOA Northwest Bigfoot Battle
Thirteen NWWC wrestlers traveled to Spokane, WA over the weekend of November 20th to compete at the 2015 TOA Northwest Bigfoot Battle. Eight NWWC wrestlers returned home with individual trophies including Quinn Lawrence, Cole Tate, Mitchell Neiner, Lars Michaelson and Thor Michaelson who also delivered NWWC it's first TOA Tournament Team Trophy (Novice Division Champions). Mitchell Neiner of Port Orchard, age 11, and Thor Michaelson of Bremerton, age 11, led the performance with individual championships. The Bigfoot Battle, a regional-level tournament and national-ranking qualifier, drew over 900 top youth wrestlers from 136 teams throughout eleven western states.

Congratulations to all thirteen NWWC wrestlers:


Carson Tate, Belfair, Bantam, 40 lbs
Magnus Michaelson, Bremerton, Bantam, 45 lbs
Ean Ames, Bremerton, Intermediate True Beginner, 60 lbs
Jace Brady, Poulsbo, Intermediate, 65 lbs, Placed 2nd
Stone Hartford, Port Orchard, Intermediate, 70 lbs, Placed 6th
Mitchell Neiner, Port Orchard, Novice, 65 lbs, Northwest Bigfoot Battle Champion
Quinn Lawrence, Poulsbo, Novice, 65 lbsPlaced 6th
Cole Tate, Belfair, Novice, 65 lbs, Placed 3rd
Lars Michaelson, Bremerton, Novice, 70 lbs, Placed 3rd
Thor Michaelson, Bremerton, Novice, 90 lbsNorthwest Bigfoot Battle Champion
Taylor Hernandez, Port Orchard, Middle School, 70 lbs, Placed 3rd
Kieko Brady, Poulsbo, Middle School True Beginner, 88 lbs, Placed 3rd
Micheal Murray, Bremerton, Middle School, 98 lbs


2015 Anacortes Hawkeyes Open
Undeterred by the canceled NWWC takedown tournament and the pouring rain outside, eight NWWC wrestlers traveled to Anacortes, WA on Saturday, November 14th to compete at the 2015 Anacortes Hawkeyes Open. Seven NWWC wrestlers returned home with medals including four champions. Congratulations to all eight NWWC wrestlers.


Brayden ZappeyPort Orchard, PeeWee, 42 lbsPlaced 2nd
Magnus Michaelson, Bremerton, Bantam, 50 lbs
Jaxon Johnson, Poulsbo, Intermediate, 65 lbs, Placed 2nd
Mitchell Neiner, Port Orchard, Novice, 65 lbs, Hawkeyes Open Champion
Lars Michaelson, Bremerton, Novice, 75 lbs, Hawkeyes Open Champion
Thor Michaelson, Bremerton, Novice, 90 lbs, Hawkeyes Open Champion
Hannah Johnson, Poulsbo, Schoolgirl, 112 lbs, Placed 2nd
Haley Michaelson, Bremerton, Female (Cadet), 124 lbsHawkeyes Open Champion


2015 Jr. MidCals
Five NWWC wrestlers traveled to Gilroy, California over the weekend of November 7th to challenge California's top middle school wrestlers at the 2015 Jr. MidCal Wrestling Championships. Taylor Hernandez of Port Orchard, age 13, led the cause with a third-place finish in the 70 lb division. Congratulations to all five NWWC wrestlers.


Lars Michaelson, Bremerton, 70 lbs, Placed 5th
Cole Tate, Belfair, 70 lbs
Taylor Hernandez, Port Orchard, 70 lbsPlaced 3rd
Thor Michaelson, Bremerton, 90 lbsPlaced 5th
Diego Clemen, Bremerton, 105 lbs, Placed 7th


2015 TOA Las Vegas Royal Crush
NWWC's Quinn Lawrence of Poulsbo, age 10, traveled to Las Vegas, NV over Halloween weekend to compete at the 2015 TOA Las Vegas Royal Crush. Mr. Lawrence earned a third-place finish in the Novice 65 lb division. Congratulation to Quinn Lawrence.

Quinn Lawrence, Poulsbo, Novice, 65 lbsPlaced 3rd


2015 Freak Show
Three NWWC preseason wrestlers traveled to the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend of October 24, 2015 to compete at the 2015 Southwest Kickoff Classic ("The Freak Show of Amateur Wrestling"). Lars Michaelson of Bremerton, age 10, and Thor Michaelson of Bremerton, age 11, both returned home with top-3 finishes. The Freak Show drew over 2400 youth and high school wrestlers from throughout the Western United States. Congratulations to all three NWWC wrestlers.


Lars Michaelson, Bremerton, 10 & Under, 69 lbs, Placed 2nd
Thor Michaelson, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 86 lbs, Placed 3rd
Haley Michaelson, Bremerton, High School Women's Elite, 116 lbs


2015 Thunderdome Throwdown
Sixteen NWWC preseason wrestlers traveled to Highline Community College in Des Moines, WA on October 17, 2015 to compete at the 6th annual Thunderdome Throwndown wrestling tournament. Eight NWWC wrestlers earned top-3 finishes and returned home with medals including Stone Hartford, Mitchell Neiner and Thor Michaelson who each won gold. The Thunderdome Throwdown drew nearly 300 youth and high school wrestlers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. Congratulations to all sixteen NWWC wrestlers.


Kyle Purves, Port Orchard, 6 & Under, 43 lbs
Brayden ZappeyPort Orchard, 6 & Under, 43 lbsPlaced 3rd
Magnus Michaelson, Bremerton, 6 & Under, 49 lbs
Koichi Castro, Port Orchard, 8 & Under, 50 lbs
Savannah Sinclair, Bremerton, 10 & Under, 65 lbs, Placed 2nd
Stone Hartford, Port Orchard, 10 & Under, 69 lbs, Placed 2nd
Stone Hartford, Port Orchard, 10 & Under, 77 lbs, Thunderdome Throwdown Champion
Randall Galbraith, Bremerton, 10 & Under, 89 lbs, Placed 2nd
Mitchell Neiner, Port Orchard, 12 & Under, 66 lbs, Thunderdome Throwdown Champion
Quinn Lawrence, Poulsbo, 12 & Under, 66 lbsPlaced 2nd
Mitchell Neiner, Port Orchard, 12 & Under, 70 lbsPlaced 2nd
Lars Michaelson, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 74 lbs
Vince Nabors, Port Orchard, 12 & Under, 82 lbs, Placed 3rd
Brooklyn Roberts, Port Orchard, 12 & Under, 86 lbs
Thor Michaelson, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 90 lbsThunderdome Throwdown Champion
Michael Chichester, Bremerton, 12 & Under, 90 lbs
Andrew Adams, Port Orchard, 15U, 116 lbs
Haley Michaelson, Bremerton, High School Girls Division, 124 lbs