• 2017 Season is over!
  • 2018 Registration opens in January
  • Check back often for updates


The 2017 OAYL T-Ball Season is over!


UPDATE (07/072017):

There are no more games.  Attempts to reschedule cancelled games were not successful.




UPDATE (06/28/2017):

JULY LOTTO CALENDARS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD – please click on "Handouts / Info" in the menu bar, then click on "2017 Fundraiser Lotto Calendar (July 2017)".

Buyer info can be emailed directly to OAYLtball@hotmail.com.



Hope you all had a GREAT season!!!

The coaches put a lot of effort into making the entire season as fun as it can be.

If you have any suggestions or comments for next year, please email them to OAYLtball@hotmail.com.

We are always looking for ways to make your child's experience even better!


Check back in January 2018 for next season registration information.


Thanks for being a part of our league!!!


This website will be the source of much of our updates throughout the season.

Check back often for updates.





2017 Season Schedule

Updated 06/02/17

Our season schedule is as follows:

Early March – Registration Deadline

Mid-March – Head Coaches select Teams (you will be notified by your coach)

Week of April 10 – Practices Begin (field & weather dependent)

Week of May 15 – Games Begin (once games begin, there typically are no more practices)

May 21, Sunday (rescheduled from 5/13) – Opening Day Festivities (this is the highlight of the season!!!)

May 29, Memorial Day, 8a – generally no games are held Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-29), but all teams are invited to march in the Orwigsburg Memorial Day Parade.

May 30 (Weds) – Team Picture Day

June 25 (Sunday) – Closing Ceremonies/Player Recognition Day (trophies & movie)


Practices and games are generally limited to 1 hour in duration.


Once practices begin, each team will generally practice once during the week (M-Th, either 5:30p or 6:30p) and once on the weekend – so, 2 practices a week.


Once games begin, practices will end.  Each team will generally play once during the week (M-Th, 6p) and once on Saturday (anywhere from morning to mid-day) – so, 2 games a week. There might be exceptions if we have an odd number of teams.


Fridays and Sundays are generally reserved for makeup games.






Email OAYLtball@hotmail.com



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Updated 01/19/15

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Please note that we are not affiliated with either Orwigsburg Little League or Orwigsburg Area Girls Softball.  Although most of our kids "graduate" to these two, outstanding leagues, we are an independent organization relying on our own funding sources.  Being independent also means our kids are not subject to strict rules regarding residency or age (within safe reason). 

Every kid that wants to play deserves to play!