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  • 2015 Season is quickly approaching!!!
  • Online Registration NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The 2015 OAYL T-Ball Season is approaching!


UPDATE (03/24/2015):

Teams are still being rostered.  We hope to have this complete by March 29.

Practices are scheduled to begin the week of April 6, but this might be delayed based on field conditions.

ONLINE Registrations still being accepted.


Please note that the team links to the left are for the 2014 season and have NOT been updated with 2015 rosters or schedules.


This website will be the source of much of our updates throughout the season.

Check back often for updates.


2015 Tentative Season Schedule (VERY TENTATIVE)

Updated 03/29/15

Our tentative season schedule is as follows:

·   Early March – Registration Deadline

·   Mid-March – Head Coaches select Teams (you will be notified by your coach)

·   Week of April 6 – Practices Begin (field & weather dependent)

·   May 9, Saturday (TENTATIVE) – Opening Day (this is the highlight of the season)

·   Week of May 11 (TENTATIVE) – Games Begin (once games begin, there are no more practices)

·   May 25, Memorial Day, 8a – generally no games are held Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-25), but all teams are invited to march in the Orwigsburg Memorial Day Parade.

·   Mid-June (Saturday or Sunday) – Closing Ceremonies/Player Recognition Day (trophies & movie)


Practices and games are generally limited to 1 hour in duration.


Once practices begin, each team will practice once during the week (M-Th, either 5:30p or 6:30p) and once on Saturday (anywhere from morning to mid-afternoon) – so, 2 practices a week.


Once games begin, practices will end.  Each team will generally play once during the week (M-Th, 6p) and once on Saturday (anywhere from morning to mid-afternoon) – so, 2 games a week. There might be exceptions if we have an odd number of teams.


Fridays and Sundays are generally reserved for makeup games.



What to expect

Updated 03/24/15

Every coach is different, so each coach might have their own special ways of managing their teams.  But, generally speaking, all your child will need to bring to practices are:

·      Glove

·      Water Bottle/Drink


SHOES – We do not require baseball cleats be worn, but they are permissible.  NO METAL SPIKES are allowed.  Some kids will wear their soccer shoes.  Others just wear old playground shoes.  DO NOT have them wear brand-new school sneakers – the infield dirt tends to discolor sneakers when the ground is wet.


HELMETS & BATS – The league has many batting helmets and bats of various sizes and of decent quality for your child to use, so you will NOT need to bring your own.  However, some kids will bring their own helmets & bats, and that's fine.


UNIFORMS – Uniforms will be distributed just before games start (around late April).  Our uniforms consist of a shirt and a hat (true for both players and coaches).  We do NOT supply baseball pants or socks.  Kids can wear whatever they desire on their legs – baseball pants, shorts, sweat pants, etc.  If you are going to purchase new baseball pants, we suggest a gray color.


FACILITIES – We have no running water, but we will have a portable toilet onsite for practices and games.  The Concession Stand will only be open during games, selling mostly chips, snacks, candy and cold beverages.  Occasionally there will be pizza slices for purchase.


FIELD OF PLAY – Only coaches who are cleared by the league are permitted on the field during practices and games.  Each player MUST wear a heart-guard chest protector whenever they are on the field.  These are provided by the League.  No player is permitted to swing a bat outside the fenced area/field of play.


WHATEVER YOU BRING – PUT YOUR NAME ON IT, especially hats, gloves, water bottles, and anything you want back if lost.






OAYL Philosophy

Orwigsburg Area Youth League (OAYL) is a T-Ball organization open to boys & girls residing in the greater Orwigsburg/Blue Mountain School District area.  The intent of OAYL is to introduce the game of baseball to youths by teaching the very basics of the sport and the importance of good sportsmanship, all while making sure it is done while having fun!

Our league predominantly consists of 5 & 6 year old boys & girls.  We generally do accept some older 4 year olds provided a parent is willing to be at least an Assistant Coach.  We also accept 7 year olds who may not be quite yet ready for pitched leagues.  For more info, please see "Age Eligibility Chart"under Handouts / Info link or contact a league representative.


It is important to note that OAYL T-Ball is a completely independent organization.  Although we are generally considered a feeder program to Orwigsburg Little League and Orwigsburg Areas Girls Softball, we are NOT affiliated with either.  We also have NO geographical residency requirements, although almost all of our activities take place in Orwigsburg Borough.



Updated 02/20/15


Click on "Online Registration" under the Main Menu.  On the following page, click on "2015 OAYL Player Registration" and complete the online form.


To make things easier for you, we now offer ONLINE PAYMENTS!!!!


There is a $1 transaction fee associated with that to offset the costs OAYL incurs to offer this service.  However, if you still wish to pay by cash or check, those payments are to be mailed to our PO Box or hand-delivered.  Clicking on "Submit Form" on the bottom will take you to the payment method page.  You are not obligated to pay by credit card by clicking on "Submit Form" on the player registration page.


In-person Registration will be held at:

Orwigsburg Ambulance Building

500 E Market St, Orwigsburg

Sunday, March 1, 6:30p - 8p


Any questions, call Brian at 570-294-3889.


Registration Deadline is March 1


Registration Fees

Updated 01/19/15

Our fees are the same as last year (the only difference being a $1 transaction fee for online payments).  Please select one option for each child participating (A, B or C for the First Child; D or E for each subsequent child):


First Child

            Option A:         $50 Fee

            Option B:         $30 Fee + $30 Fundraiser (3 Lotto Calendars) = $60

            Option C:         $70 Fundraiser (7 Lotto Calendars)


Subsequent Child

            Option D:         $20 Fee

            Option E:          $30 Fundraiser (3 Lotto Calendars)


ALL MONEY (including fundraiser portion) is due at time of registration. 



You can pay online using a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or your PayPal account.  All online transactions are subject to a $1 transaction fee to offset the costs OAYL incurs for offering this service (3.9% + $0.30 for each transaction).


However, if you prefer to pay by Cash, Check or Money Order, please make payable to: "OAYL" and mail registration fees to:


PO Box 72

Orwigsburg, PA 17961


Or, you may bring fees to In-person Registration.


Players are NOT eligible to participate until appropriate payments are made.


Coaches Wanted!!

Updated 01/19/15

As you can imagine, we are a high-turnover league.  As such, we are ALWAYS looking for parents willing to be head coaches and assistant coaches.  If you are considering either, please check the appropriate box on your child's registration form or email Brian Baldwin at  We are still determining which head coaches will be returning.  However, we are always looking for more Assistant Coaches.


Please note that all assistant and head coaches and volunteers must be willing to consent to a criminal background check and must be willing to provide additional personal information (driver's license info, etc.).


All accepted coaches will receive a uniform shirt and hat for wear during the games.  To offset the coach uniforms costs (~$20 for shirt & hat), we request a $5 donation per assistant coach.  This is a request, and is NOT MANDATORY.  You can include this donation with your online registration payment.






Follow us on Twitter!!

Updated 01/19/15

Don't feel like constantly checking our website for updates?  Wondering if today's practice or game will be canceled due to weather?

Then follow us on Twitter (@OAYLtball) for immediate updates and important information!  Click the "Follow" button in our Twitter feed below!



Please note that we are not affiliated with either Orwigsburg Little League or Orwigsburg Area Girls Softball.  Although most of our kids "graduate" to these two, outstanding leagues, we are an independent organization relying on our own funding sources.  Being independent also means our kids are not subject to strict rules regarding residency or age (within safe reason). 

Every kid that wants to play deserves to play!


Friday,  Apr 3
Field Setup/Cleanup (TENTATIVE) T-Ball Field
Monday,  Apr 6
Practices scheduled to begin this week T-Ball Field
Saturday,  May 9
Monday,  May 25
Orwigsburg Memorial Day Parade 8:00am Memorial Bldg

For a complete calendar listing, click here!