Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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  • 2014 Season is HERE
  • Registration is CLOSED
  • Coaches will be contacting parents by Mar 29

The 2014 OAYL T-Ball Season is HERE!


UPDATE (03/28/14):  Field Setup/Cleanup Day – POSTPONED (TBD)




If you have not heard from your coach yet, you should shortly.  However, rosters and practice schedules will be updated on this website by March 30.


Practices may begin starting Monday, March 31.  HOWEVER, the field is in poor condition, and practices for the early part of the week may be canceled due to poor field conditions.  Your coach will notify of any cancelations.  Cancelations will also be posted on this website.


This website will be the source of much of our updates throughout the season.

Check back often for updates.



Practice Times

ALL Practices are at the Fanelli Field at Ridgeview in Orwigsburg (off South Liberty Street).

Practice slots are 1 hr in duration.

Practices Begin April 5 and will End on May 2.




Practice slots are 1 hr in duration - ALL practices at Ridgeview/Fanelli Field


Practices May Begin March 31 and Will End on May 2







DH Moore

Ken's Tires

St Clair & Associates

Kreitzer Sanitation


Thomas Pharmacy


Alpha Distribution

Sheila's Floral Gallery










Alpha Distribution




Thomas Pharmacy




Kreitzer Sanitation




Sheila's Floral Gallery








DH Moore




Ken's Tires




St Clair & Associates

















Alpha Distribution

Jamie Bainbridge

(570) 728-5088


DH Moore

Heather Tipping

(570) 739-1309


Ken's Tires

Jesse Zimmerman

(570) 237-0534


Kreitzer Sanitation

Robyn Koch

(570) 294-2493



Abbey Turner

(570) 691-8001


Sheila's Floral Gallery

George Strause

(610) 698-9141


St Clair & Associates

Joe Medica

(570) 294-2547


Thomas Pharmacy

Brian Baldwin

(570) 294-3889





2014 Tentative Season Schedule (VERY TENTATIVE)

Updated 03/28/14

Our tentative season schedule is as follows:

  • March 2 – Registration Deadline

  • Mid/Late March – Head Coaches select Teams (you will be notified by your coach)

  • Early April – Practices Begin

  • May 3 – Opening Day

  • May 5 – Games Begin (once games begin, there are no more practices)

  • Jun 21 – Closing Ceremonies/Player Recognition Day (trophies & movie)


Generally speaking…

Each team will practice once during the week (M-Th) and once on Saturday.

Once games begin, each team will generally play once during the week (M-Th) and once on Saturday.

Fridays and Sundays are reserved for makeup games.



OAYL Philosophy

Orwigsburg Area Youth League (OAYL) is a T-Ball organization open to boys & girls residing in the greater Orwigsburg/Blue Mountain School District area.  The intent of OAYL is to introduce the game of baseball to youths by teaching the very basics of the sport and the importance of good sportsmanship, all while making sure it is done while having fun!

Our league predominantly consists of
5 & 6 year old boys & girls.  We generally do accept some older 4 year olds provided a parent is willing to be at least an Assistant Coach.  We also accept 7 year olds who may not be quite yet ready for pitched leagues.  For more info, please see "Age Eligibility Chart" under Handouts / Info link or contact a league representative.


It is important to note that OAYL T-Ball is a completely independent organization.  Although we are generally considered a feeder program to Orwigsburg Little League and Orwigsburg Areas Girls Softball, we are not affiliated with either.  We also have NO geographical residency restrictions, although almost all of our activities take place in Orwigsburg Borough.




Updated 02/18/14

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS THE PREFERRED METHOD and is available now.  Click on "Online Registration" link to the left under Main Menu.


March 2 is considered the registration deadline.  Registrations after the deadline will be considered but are NOT guaranteed.


Payments are to be mailed to our PO Box or hand-delivered at the in-person registration.


Our website service is free, however to have online credit card payments, there would be a fee of several dollars.  If you are interested in paying this processing fee, we would be willing to consider online payments in the future.  Let us know if this is a feature you would like to see.



Registration Fees

Updated 01/16/14

Our fees are basically the same as last year with the only difference being that an all-fundraiser option has been added.  Please select one option for each child participating (A, B or C for the First Child; D or E for each subsequent child):


First Child

            Option A:         $50 Fee

            Option B:         $30 Fee + $30 Fundraiser (3 Lotto Calendars) = $60

            Option C:         $70 Fundraiser (7 Lotto Calendars)


Subsequent Child

            Option D:         $20 Fee

            Option E:          $30 Fundraiser (3 Lotto Calendars)



All payments are to be Cash, Check, or Money Order.  We do NOT accept credit card payments at this time.


Please make checks payable to "OAYL" and mail to:


PO Box 72

Orwigsburg, PA 17961

Or, you may bring fees to In-person Registration.


Fundraising Lotto Calendars are available NOW on our website for download under the "Handouts / Info" link.  Print what you need and return buyer/seller information by the deadline on the form.


ALL MONEY (including fundraisers) is due at time of registration.  Online registrants:  Please mail payments promptly after registering.  Payments for multiple players may be combined.  Please indicate player's name(s) with payment.


Players are NOT eligible to participate until appropriate payments are made.



Returning Players (and Coaches) & Reusing Uniforms

Updated 01/16/14

Our Board is always looking for new ways to keep your costs down, including campaigning aggressively for sponsorships each year.  There are numerous operational costs that go into running a baseball league (such as insurance, equipment, temporary toilets, etc).  But our biggest expense by far is our annual Uniform costs.  This year, we will be instituting a NEW REBATE PROGRAM for returning players who still have last year's uniform shirt and hat and can reuse them this year.


If last year's Team Shirt & Hat are in good condition, and you are willing to reuse them this year, you MIGHT be eligible for a small rebate. The shirt and hat must be free from holes and stains. Furthermore, placement on another team or change in team sponsorship may make a player ineligible for a rebate.


PLEASE NOTE:  This is a REBATE program – NOT a reduction in your registration fees.


There are several reasons for this, primarily that team sponsors may change from year to year.  The question is on the Registration Form because we will need those numbers to negotiate uniform costs with our supplier.


Qualifying rebates would be $3 for shirt and $2 for hat.  The League will pay rebates out to qualifying individuals around the time of uniform distribution.


RETURNING COACHES:  We are counting on you to reuse your Coaches Shirt and Hat each year.  With coaches shirts being larger, they cost more.  As a head coach and assistant coach, you are entitled to both a shirt and hat.  If you need a new one, for whatever reason, we request a small donation ($5-$10) to offset those costs.  It would be a donation; it is NOT mandatory.



Coaches Wanted!!

As you can imagine, we are a high-turnover league.  As such, we are ALWAYS looking for parents willing to be head coaches and assistant coaches.  If you are considering either, please check the appropriate box on your child's registration form or email Brian Baldwin at  We are still determining which head coaches will be returning.  However, we are always looking for more Assistant Coaches.




Please note that we are not affiliated with either Orwigsburg Little League or Orwigsburg Area Girls Softball.  Although most of our kids "graduate" to these two, outstanding leagues, we are an independent organization relying on our own funding sources.  Being independent also means our kids are not subject to strict rules regarding residency or age (within safe reason). 

Every kid that wants to play deserves to play!


Thursday,  May 15
Team Picture Day 5:00pm T-Ball Field

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Orwigsburg Area Youth League (T-Ball)