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A message from the moderator of the OHC Football/Basketball Websites & Facebook Administrator:

Hello fans of the OHC! Let me preface this letter by thanking each of you for your support over the years. I started the OHC Football Website in 2006, almost 10 years ago. I had no idea how big it would become. We have had over 125,000 visits to our website in that time, have over 2,400 “likes” on Facebook and had over 2,000 “followers” on Twitter. Your support has been AMAZING!

In 2006, I saw a need for coverage of our local conference. I saw websites for other conferences, but nothing for ours (eventually one was put into place but it was not updated regularly). I decided to use my experience in the media and my Graphic Design education to put out a product similar to the other conferences, but much more interactive and entertaining. Over the years we added a basketball page, a Twitter account and a Facebook account; all of which were huge successes. We got to a point where to give our fans better coverage, we had to seek advertisers to help offset some of the operational costs as everything from the start was out of my own pocket. The feedback over the years was prodigious; people counted on us daily to update them on the latest OHC happenings. This was all a hobby to me, but turned into something larger than I could have imagined.

Knowing all of that, makes this letter hard to have to publish. It is with regret, that I wanted to let you all know that after this season’s football playoffs, I will be shutting down both the OHC Football/Basketball websites and our associated social media accounts. Unfortunately, I do not have the time needed to continue to bring you great fans the product that I expect. As you can tell, it has slowly gotten less and less informative and I do not think it is fair to publish a product any less than superior. When I started this, I was a young, recently married, “have all the time in the world” man. Now, I’m a father/coach to 3 athletic and active young boys and my time is spent a lot of other places (yes, as many of you have suspected by my rumored biases, they are WL-S Tigers).

I have had some offers from people to take over the websites, but again my expectations are in ways, too unrealistic. This project is like a child to me, a child that I’ve raised for 9 years and I feel like I’m the only one who can make him the man I expect him to be. I firmly believe it is time for this great conference to step-up and make something official for you fans. I would be more than willing to aide them in that process and I hope that they make something great. Most of the other conference websites are cookie cutter websites; I hope that whomever does what, they stick to the characteristics that made this website standout (informative, interactive, entertaining and fun).

In closing, I want to show my gratitude to several people. Firstly, I want to thank the OHC coaches and AD’s (past and present) who took time out of their schedules to send me information, grant me access to events, do interviews, etc. You didn’t have to support this website, you could have ignored me, but you chose to believe in what I was doing and help nurture it’s success. Secondly, I want to thank our advertisers. It got to a point where I was spending hundreds of dollars each year out of my own pocket. Shine FM, Superior Painting & Restoration and SFI Supplements stepped up and because of their generosity offset those costs with their advertising. I know each one of those owners personally, they are great men and I encourage you to patronize their businesses as often as possible. This would have all ended 3 years ago had it not been for them. Thirdly, I want to thank Ryan Kaufman. For 5 years I was doing this all by myself. About 5 years ago, Ryan (a student at Cedarville High School at the time) stepped up and volunteered to help run the OHC Facebook Page. He has been tremendous and I couldn’t have done this without him over the last few years. Ryan is a student meteorologist at Cal U of Pennsylvania and is responsible for the “Game of the Week” polls/graphics, many score updates and the scoreboard graphics you have seen on Friday nights. His loyalty and hard work over the years has been unnoticed by most of you, but adored by me. Ryan is a great, hardworking young man and I encourage you all to “like” his page on Facebook, if you haven’t already – “Ohio News and Weather.”

Finally, and most importantly I want to thank all of YOU, the fans of this great conference. Your support, kind words and loyalty are what has made me continue to do this year in and year out. I firmly believe that the greatest people in Ohio reside in West Liberty, North Lewisburg, Mechanicsburg, Springfield, Jamestown, Cedarville, South Charleston and all of the surrounding villages that make up these great school districts. The fans of the OHC are the heartbeat of all that I have done over the years, I owe you more gratitude than I can type in a letter. Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you.

It’s been a fun ride, thank you for taking it with me. Sportsmanship goes beyond the field of play; take a moment every day in your routine, no matter your age or profession, to do something to be a good “sport.”

All the best,

Matt Hull




2015 OHC Football Picks

Here we are, Week 10 of High School football.  Another year has flown by.  The final week of the regular season and there is a lot still on the line.  Mechanicsburg can win the outright league title with a victory and clinch a home game.  Greeneview and West Liberty-Salem are jockeying for playoff position with a chance of a home game as well.  The remainder of the OHC is looking to finish strong and/or pull off a Week 10 upset.  It's been a great season, congrats to all of the schools.  This is our FINAL football picks and as we have in the past few weeks we are keeping you updated on the playoffs for our OHC schools.  Best of luck to everyone in Week 10.

Playoff projections (per Drew Pasteur):

Greeneview (D5, R18) - Clinched playoff berth, projected #5 seed at 7-3. Most likely 1st round opponents: Milton Union (79%) / Coldwater (20%)

OHC Expert:  Barring any major upsets, it appears Greeneview is likely to clinch the #5 seed and travel to Milton Union in Week 10.  If Milton Union is upset by (3-6) Waynesville this week, they still have enough points to keep the #4 seed and keep Greeneview at #5.  Here is the game to watch; if Cincinnati Shroeder (5-4) beats Thurgood Marshall (4-5), they will have enough points to knock Greeneview down to the #6 seed.  In that case, the Rams would travel to Coldwater to take on the (9-0) Cavaliers.

Mechanicsburg (D6, R22)
 - Clinched playoff berth, projected #2 seed at 10-0.  Most likely 1st round opponents: Williamsburg (40%) / Miami East (36%) / Delphos Jefferson (13%) / Spencerville (5%) / WL-Salem (3%)

OHC Expert:  Much like last week, a lot can still happen for the Indians.  However, most of the shake-ups will happen below them.  It is very likely Mechanicsburg has clinched the #2 seed.  If Delphos Jefferson (8-1) beats Spencerville (9-0), the Indians will likely jump into the #1 seed spot and take on Miami East (if Miami East beats 6-3 Twin Valley South).  Williamsburg is highly likely to win and clinch the #7 seed making them Mechanicsburg's most likely 1st round opponent if there are no upsets.  

West Liberty-Salem (D6, R22) - Clinched playoff berth, projected #4 seed at 8-2.  Most likely 1st round opponents:  Cin. Country Day (89%) / Delphos Jefferson (3%) / Spencerville (3%) / Mechanicsburg (3%) / Marion Local (2%)

OHC Expert:  It is looking more and more likely that the Tigers will be playing Cincinnati Country Day in Week 11.  Barring either of those teams getting upset in Week 10 (both are heavy favorites), the only question that really stands is whether or not the game will be in Cincinnati or West Liberty.  The Tigers do need some help from the 2nd level.  If WL-Salem wants to host this game, they will need Kenton Ridge (7-2) to beat Tippecanoe (9-1) and Ben Logan (6-3) to beat Indian Lake (7-2).  If Blanchester (3-6) can beat Bethel-Tate (6-3), it would also help lower CCD's 2nd level points.  At this point it appears it is a long shot for the Tigers to host, Drew Pasteur gives them a 12% chance.

And now on to the Week 10 picks:

Greeneview (6-3) @ Cedarville (1-8):  The Rams are looking to bounce back from their worst loss of the season.  Cedarville is looking to end a 7 game skid.  This is a big rivalry game for the southern portion of the OHC.  The Rams can ill afford a slip-up in Week 10, although it appears they are a lock for the playoffs.  Look for the Rams to get on the board fast and try to put this game away early so they can rest up for Week 11.  The Indians have improved all season, but unfortunately Greeneview is just too good of a football team.  The Rams win and carry some momentum into the playoffs.  Pick:  Greeneview 49, Cedarville 6 projection: Greeneview by 27 points projection: Greeneview 44, Cedarville 6

Southeastern (2-7) @ Mechanicsburg (9-0):  Southeastern, after Week 5, was unbeaten in league play at 2-0.  Since then the Trojans have struggled losing 4 in a row.  Give the Trojans some credit though, they have shown a lot of fight against the top tier teams in the league.  Unfortunately, the Trojans haven't played the hands-down best team in the league; which they will get a chance to do when they travel to Mechanicsburg on Friday.  The Indians are amidst one of, if not THE best season in OHC history.  Mechanicsburg brings in a potent, balanced offensive attack that can score at will behind the most athletic player in the conference (Kaleb Romero).  Their defense?  Yeah, it's "pretty good" (very good) too.  The Indians have not allowed more than one (1) touchdown in any of their first 9 games and it's not fluke.  The Indians are shutting everyone down.  We don't look for that to change on Friday as the Indians put an exclamation point on the end of their historic 2015 regular season.  Pick:  Mechanicsburg 45, Southeastern 7 projection: Mechanicsburg by 37 points projection: Mechanicsburg 61, Southeastern 0

Catholic Central (4-5) @ West Liberty-Salem (7-2):  Catholic Central has put together a very nice season.  Give credit to the youthful and talented Irish, they are on their way back to the top of the OHC.  This team has either won big this season, or lost.  The Irish are a very dangerous team coming into Week 10, as they are young and improving each week.  West Liberty-Salem on the other hand has seemingly found their stride at the right time.  While battered with injuries, the Tigers offense continues to run like a well oiled machine and the defense, which at one time was being exposed by about every team, has been playing superbly of late.  Catholic Central will put up a fight against the Tigers, but in the end we feel West Liberty-Salem is too experienced, talented and athletic for the Irish to keep up with.  Look for the Tigers to roar into Week 11.   Pick:  West Liberty-Salem 40, Catholic Central 21 projection: WL-Salem by 28 points projection: WL-Salem 34, Catholic Central 13

Northeastern (2-7) @ Triad (4-5):  When a 2-7 team and a 4-5 team meet in Week 10, it's not too often you can call it the most intriguing match-up of the week.  However, that's exactly what this is.  Both Northeastern and Triad are far better than their records show.  The Jets have lost several close games and have nearly upset some very good teams.  While inconsistent, the offensive play calling is the best we've seen in years and the defense has been able to step-up several times this season.  The Jets have won 2 of their last 4 and will look to carry that momentum into Week 10.  Triad wishes they could have 3 of their losses back, a few little things here and there is the difference between Triad being 7-2 right now as opposed to 4-5.  The Cardinals would love to finish the season at .500 and behind quarterback Trent McIntyre (one of the most athletic players in the conference) we don't see this senior class letting anyone down.  This game could be a dog fight, but in the end, we feel the Cardinals win on Senior night.  Pick:  Triad 39, Northeastern 34 projection: Triad by 15 points projection: Triad 35, Northeastern 24



Randy Savage 57-11
Matt Hull 56-12
Mark Boyer 47-21


West Jefferson (3-6) @ Madison Plains (4-5):  Matt (West Jefferson), Randy (West Jefferson), Mark (West Jefferson)
Indian Lake (7-2) @ Ben Logan (6-3):  Matt (Indian Lake), Randy (Indian Lake), Mark (Indian Lake)
Tippecanoe (8-1) @ Kenton Ridge (7-2):  Matt (Kenton Ridge), Randy (Tippecanoe), Mark (Tippecanoe)
Delphos Jefferson (8-1) @ Spencerville (9-0):  Matt (Delphos Jefferson), Randy (Spencerville), Mark (Delphos Jefferson)



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