Athletic Directors

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Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Nick Waterbury President 686-6444 Email
Sabine Crandall Secretary Exraordinaire 240-1500 Email
Viv Toffolo a Treasure of a Treasurer 270-9400 Email
Joel Chalifoux Vice President (JH) 403-277-4700;229 Email
Lance Humeniuk Sports Coordinator Email
Vivienne Toffolo Foothills Academy (J) 270-9400 (186) Email
Jack Searchfield Calgary Waldorf School (J) 403-287-1868 ext. 206 Email
Richard Fowler Chinook Winds (J) 286-5686 Email
Greg DeLaval Clear Water Academy (J) 240-7904 Email
Jodie Switzer Rundle Academy (J) 250-2965 (586) Email
Andrew Dykshoorn Trinity Christian School (J) 254-6682 (248) Email
Megan MacDonald Delta West Academy (J) Email
Marvin Grasmeyer Menno Simons (J) 403-531-0745 Email
Jesse Jeffs Renert School (J) Email
Ibrahim Qureshi North Point School (J) Email
Justin Raap Tyndale Christian School (J) Email
Stephanie Berner Mountain View Academy (J) 217-4346 Email
Jennifer Foster Tanbridge Academy (J) 975-7053 Email
Marie Veilleux Lycee Louis Pasteur (J) 403-243-5420 ext 120 Email
Marie-Ève Valiquette Sainte M. Bourgeoys (J) Email
Anissa Vance Lycee Louis Pasteur (J) Email
Joseph Borhot Calgary Islamic School (JJ) 248-2773 Email
Abdur Rahman Hussain Calgary Islamic School OBK (JJ) Email
Omar Ayedi Calgary Islamic School (JJ) Email
Karen Sargent Edge School (JJ) Email
Jennifer Mcinnes Heritage Christian Academy (JJ) 219-3201 Email
Brian Bridal Bearspaw Christian School (JJ) 403 295 2566 (5600) Email
Joseph Ness Glenmore Christian Academy (JJJ) 254-9050 Email
Kelly Ann Meeuwisse Master's Academy (JJJ) 242-7034 (232), Email
Joël Chalifoux Webber Academy (JJJ) 277-4700 (229) Email
Todd Larsen West Island College (JJJ) 255-5300 (231) Email
Sabine Crandall Calgary French & International School (JJJ) 240-1500 Email
Laurel Adolphe Rundle College Jr. Sr. School (JJJ) 250-7180 Email
Mark Jonker Calgary Christian School (JJJ) (403) 242-2896 ext. 302 Email
Nick Waterbury Calgary Academy (JJJ) 686-6444 Email
Joey Zielke Foundations for the Future S (JJJ) Email
Jay Kennedy Foundations for the Future (HS) (JJJ) 243-3316 ext. 1110 Email
Kelly Cody Westmount Charter School (JJJ) Email
Jason Deis Foundations for the Future N (JJJ) Email