Board of Directors

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Maryland Slow Pitch Softball Association, Inc.

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Chip Mack President (410) 960-3877
Mike Rose Vice President (410) 598-6962
Cliff Gephardt Treasuer (410) 736-1294
John Seigle Secretary 410-665-8971
Gino Anselmi Historian (410) 335-6006
Warner (Wams) Wamsley Sergeant-at-Arms
Marty Cook Director (410) 569-2215
Phil Kyte Director (410) 239-0220
Bill Bradley Director
Joe Cristy Director
Barney Ayres Director
Mickey McMillen Director
Sid Glover Director
John Powell Director
Jim "Country" Trout Director (410)-557-0505
Carla Barrera Scholarship Committee
Bob Staab Election Coordinator (410) 285-1719
Vice President (Rose) Nominating Committee
President (Mack) Election Committee
Chip Mack Golf Tournament Committee (410) 960-3877
Phil Kyte Bull & Raw Oyster Roast Committee (410) 239-0220
John Seigle Membership Committee
Morris "Mo" Sessomes Website Committee (410) 549-2297
Paul Kafka Wellness & Goodwill Committee (410) 288-1280