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8U Recreational Division Information

8U Recreational Division

Participants must be at least 7 but no older than 8 years old before Jan. 1st of season year to play.

  1. Pitching distance shall be 25 feet. Each team will have a COACH pitch to their own batters.
  2. Base distance will be 40 feet.
  3. Size 11 softball will be used.
  4. The batter shall receive a maximum of seven (7) pitches to hit the ball or be put out with the exception of a foul ball on the final pitch.
  5. The batter shall be able to swing three (3) times to put the ball into play. All pitches not swung at will be called balls. The batter cannot be called out on a foul ball except for the seventh pitch. There are no walks.
  6. A game will last a MAXIMUM of seventy (70) minutes. A new inning will not be started with five (5) or less minutes left on the clock. Please be off the field and have the dugout cleaned so that the next game can be started at the scheduled time.
  7. There will be one (1) minute between each half inning.
  8. ALL players present will play the field. Extra players in the infield will not be allowed. The infield must consist of six (6) defensive players. All extra players must take an outfiled position.
  9. ALL players present shall be included in the batting order.
  10. Each game, the coach must change the batting order to allow all players the opportunity to bat first.
  11. Each team will bat until three (3) outs have been obtained or all players in the lineup have batted each inning.
  12. All offensive players not on base must remain in the dugout with the exception of the batter and the on-deck batter. Only the coach and assistant coach will be allowed on the field. The coach may appoint no more then two (2) team parents to assist players in the dugout. Team parents must remain in the dugout and cannot enter the field. All equipment shall be kept in the dugout except when in use.
  13. Each team will designate a team parent to be responsible for the following: determining fair/foul balls; determining if a baserunner is safe/out, determining the number of pitches, and determining the number of outs. This designate parent will be on the field when their team is up to bat.
  14. NO stealing bases.
  15. NO bunting.
  16. Base runners may NOT advance on overthrown balls.
  17. Play is dead as soon as a ball that is fielded in the outfield is thrown into the infield, passing the plane of the base line.
  18. There is no infield fly rule.
  19. All batters and base runners MUST wear a NOCSAE approved batting helmet with a NOCSAE approved face mask and chin strap.
  20. Catchers MUST wear chest protectors, shin guards, and head gear that has been provided for them.
  21. Tennis shoes, turf shoes, or rubber cleats only…NO metal spikes, metal cleats or soccer shoes allowed.
  22. All jewelry worn by players (ie...rings, ear rings, bracelets, necklaces) must be removed before the start of the game and cannot be worn during any part of the game. Placing tape of any sort or band aides over jewelry is not allowed. Medical alert necklaces or bracelets are not considered jewelry, but if worn must be taped down to the body so they are not loose.
  23. Any base coach eighteen (18) years or younger must wear protective head gear.

8U division is designed to teach players to field, bat, and have fun. There will be NO official score or standings kept and therefore, no divisional trophy will be awarded. A participation award will be given to each player.

Please remember that this is a recreational division and that GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is a MUST. The Head Coach/Team Manager is responsible for the sportsmanship of the parents and fans of their team. Continued bad conduct on their part after the plate umpire has warned the Head coach/Team Manager could result in the ejection of the fan and the Head Coach/Team Manager.

Each team is expected to pick up their own trash from the dugout at the conclusion of each game.

Absolutely NO smoking and/or profanity by coaches in the dugout or on the field during the game.

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