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The Sedalia Girls Softball League, Inc offers recreational play for girls, ages 5-16, as well as competitive play for girls in high school.

Recreational Division

Our Recreational Division is divided into six age groups. They are 16U, 12U, 10U, 8U and 5&6 year old T-ball. The purpose of our Recreational Division is to allow as many girls as possible to play and enjoy the game of softball. Our goal is to not only teach the fundamentals, but also teach sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Starting with T-ball, the skill level in each division gradually increases and becomes more difficult. Each new level offers different fundamentals for the players to learn.

5&6 year old T-ball is designed to give young girls a good first experience with softball. Girls will learn how to play softball and will bat off of a T instead of being pitched to. Girls in T-ball will begin to develop skills such as batting, fielding, and base running.
8U division is designed to allow girls to continue learning the fundamentals of softball originally started in T-ball. 8U is a coach pitch division. Emphasis is placed on learning.
10U is the division where girls begin to learn pitching. Girls in 10U pitch to the opposing team with occasional help from coaches. Girls in 10U also begin to learn limited base stealing. 10U is the earliest division where scores are taken and standings are kept.
12U is the first division where girls will play without assistance from coaches. Pitching and base distance increase. All pitching is done by players and base stealing is not limited. Some rules are modified slightly.
16U division offers recreational play with complete ASA rules. The pitching distance increases to official distance. All rules are ASA standard with a few in house rules.

Players in our recreational division have gone through our draft process. Players on a traveling competitive team may play in the Recreational League but cannot field the position of pitcher if they pitch for a competitive team that plays during the recreational season.

2017 divisions and year of player’s birth date are as follows…
16U division 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
12U division 2004, 2005
10U division 2006, 2007
8U division 2008, 2009
T-ball division 2010, 2011

Competitive Division

We offer competitive play for girls in high school. The purpose of our Competitive Division is allow competitive teams in our area to be able to play games in Sedalia. These teams are not put together by the Sedalia Girls Softball League and therefore do not do through our draft process. Competitive teams also provide all their own uniforms and equipment.

The Sedalia Girls Softball League, Inc. uses ASA Rules and our Umpires are ASA Certified.

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