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We will post game cancellations on this web site as soon as they are decided. If you are a member of our Email list you will receive notification of cancelled and rescheduled games by email.

Games are scheduled Monday through Thursday with Fridays to be used as a make-up nights for scheduled games that are rained out during the week. We may also add a cancelled game into an empty 8:40 time slot during the week. The make up schedule for rained out games will be made as quickly as possible and posted on the website homepage. If you have a game cancelled due to rain, please check the website for the make-up schedule and be prepared to play on Friday evening.


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In the event that a game which has already been started, is stopped due to inclement weather, the following rules apply.

  1. If fifty-five (55) minutes of game time have elapsed the game is over and the remainder of the game will NOT be played. The game will be scored as follows…The final score shall be the last full inning played except when the home team is batting and has a lead, in which case the final score shall be the score at the time the game was called.
  2. If less than fifty-five (55) minutes of game time have elapsed, the game will be stopped and the remainder played at a later date. The game will be stopped at exactly the point at the time of game cancellation and will resume in the same location when the remainder is played. Since the same lineup will be used for the remainder to be played later, the following rules apply for the make-up game…
    a.Any girl in the lineup who is not present for the make-up game shall be scratched out and passed over when her place in the lineup is reached.
    b.Any girl who is present for the make-up game, that was not present for the original game, shall be treated as a girl arriving late. Her name will be added to the end of the lineup.
    c.Any base runner that was on base at the time of cancellation but is not present for the make-up game shall be substituted by the previous out in the lineup.
    d.Defensive players shall start the make-up game in the position they were in when the game was cancelled, but may be moved according to regular game rules once the make-up game starts.
    e.If a team cannot field seven (7) players, the coach of the opposing team can decide to allow them to play without forfeit.
We will try as hard as possible to schedule the make-up game at a time that is the most convenient to both teams involved. The time of the make-up game will be determined with respect to both teams involved as well as other teams that are already playing the night that the make-up game will be determined. In the event that a common decision cannot be made between both teams, a make up time will be determined that works best for the league as a whole.

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