BCML Insurance Request Form

A $25 fee will apply to all rush transactions. Any account that requires proof of insurance within five (5) business days is considered a rush transaction

Please note all players must provide a signed copy of the BCML Medical Waiver no matter what insurance is secured, the BCML covered teams included. have submitted the additional insured certificate when applying for their policy.

All teams must provide and keep in the team binder a copy of their insurance policy with the BCML named as additional insured.

Any organization adding and/or replacing 15 or more players anytime during the policy year (March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021) must submit application for an additional team at the team cost pursuant to the older player added.

Any one team adding or replacing 6 or more players between Spring and Fall within the same season must apply for new insurance coverage.


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