2019-20 Basketball Coaching Application

All new coaching applicants must be interviewed. You will be notified to schedule your individual interview. Previous coaches of the league MUST attend the coach meeting prior to the season.

Deadline for submitting coaching applications is September 30.
NOTICE: I agree to abide by all of the East End Youth Basketball rules and Henrico County Parks and Recreation Codes of Conduct as stated by the league and found on the EEYB website (www.eeyb.org). I also understand that these rules may be modified during the course of the season and that it is my responsibility to remain informed about league rules and proceedings. I understand that I may be suspended or removed from my coaching position by the President and EEYB Board for violations of the League Rules and/or Code of Conduct. Furthermore, I state that I have never been charged, arrested or convicted for any crime of violence and/or abuse against children and/or persons, or one that would affect my ability to coach a tem within EEYB. I give permission to EEYB, if desired, to conduct a background check on me which may include a review of criminal and child abuse records maintained by governmental and/or law enforcement organizations. I understand that the EEYB President and Board approve all requests to coach in the East End Youth Basketball League.
* PLEASE NOTE: EEYB reserve the right to run a criminal background check on all coaches.


- I will teach the fundamentals of basketball to my team to the best of my ability.
- I will teach good sportsmanship to my players by demonstrating positive support for players, and officials at every game, practice, or other youth sports event.
- I will place the emotional and physical well being of my players ahead of a personal desire to win.
- I will teach each player to be mindful and respectful to coaches, other players, officials, and fans.
- I will utilize my time wisely during practices.
- I will encourage parents and other spectators to allow me to coach my team with the coaching staff selected on my team.
- I will control my emotions; avoid the use of abusive language or profanity,
humiliating remarks, along with rude gestures nor at any time will I engage in
physical assault with or upon another person at any time.
- I will respect the game officials and refrain from questioning their decisions in a disrespectful or abusive manner.
- I will be committed to my players, coaches, parents and league. I will attend every practice and game unless there's a reason beyond my control. In that case, I will make sure that one of my assistant coaches is there to lead my team.
- I will continue to utilize the Coaches Code of Conduct and provide a safe and
comfortable environment for my players and coaching staff.
- I will remember that the officials will make all calls, whether right or wrong.

EEYB is a promoter of higher education and encourages it’s participates to maintain a satisfactory grade point average. In order to ensure the children of EEYB are given every opportunity to succeed in academics, we are asking that each registered coach request a copy of their players’ interims or report card. We also ask that each registered coach promote and encourage their players to participate in the EEYB tutoring program if the player is falling below a “C” average.

Pride and dedication to education and growth, reflects our concern about our children’s future and it’s also appealing to the Historically Black Colleges & Universities we represent.

*** If you have an issue that occurs, please contact Mr. Jeremy Eppihimer (EEYB VP of Basketball) ***

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