2018-19 Team Parent Information Form

Please contact and verify with your coach FIRST before submitting your application!!! This 2018 season team parent form is due by Dec 8, 2017.


Team Parent Duties:

- Coordinate snack schedule among players' parents;
- Help coordinate a designee for stats
- Help coordinate a designee for scorekeeper
- Help coordinate a designee for clock runner for AWAY games ONLY;
- Assisting the coach with communication of information;
- Maintain contact with uniform distributions;
- Participation in league team parent meetings;
- Assisting league where needed;
- Complete assigned gym coverage. This will consist of A MINIMUN OF ONE HOUR PER GAME SCHEDULE, before/after child's play;
- Shall follow the league rules/Code of Contact. Any ethic of code of conduct violations will result in an IMMEIDATE dismissal or suspension of board membership as voted by the Executive Board.

Team Parent Code of Conduct:

- I will be mindful and respectful to all board members, parents, players,coaches and attendees;
- I will not display any negativity during practice and games and I will demonstrate a positive attitude at all times;
- I will communicate information to all parents, as needed;
- I will represent the league to the best of my ability.

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