PLEASE NOTE: Little League requires us to run a background check on ALL volunteers (see list on Volunteers tab) who will be working with the children during the season. A social security number is required so that the background check can be completed timely and accurately. Please enter this below. (Note: This information will be input directly into the secured league database and will not be able to be accessed by anyone other than the League Information Officer.)

Please choose ALL positions you would be interested in helping with:
The PVLL Board is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the league. Positions are listed under the Board Members link on the Home page. These positions are usually filled during the Nov/Dec league meetings of the previous year.
The Umpire is responsible for enforcing the rules of the game. We mainly utilize umpires for Minor Baseball (Kid Pitch), Major Baseball, Major Softball and Junior Softball. Please contact Mike Messick at mhmessick@verizon.net if you are interested for more information.
The Manager is the person in charge of the team. Some things the Manager is responsible for include attending league meetings, drafting a team, selecting assistant coaches and a team parent, organizing team practices, setting up team rules and handling communication between the league, team and parents.
An Assistant Coach is someone who helps the Manager teach the players the rules and skills to play baseball/softball.
A Team Parent is someone who assists the Manager with communications to parents and other administrative tasks and helps to maintain order in the dugout during games.
Covering the concession stand is a very important part of being involved with the PVLL. This includes preparing food, working the cash register, cleanup at the end of the shift and restocking the stand for the next day of games.


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