2017 Cheer Registration (Grades 3 - 8)

By processing this registration on-line I am giving consent for my child to participate in the Timberlane Junior Cheerleading Program.

I understand that my registration is not complete until I have submitted the following fees:
-$75. registration fee
-$125. parent volunteer fee (post-dated to 11/1/2017-returned when volunteer hour is met)
-$50 uniform deposit (post-dated to 11/1/2017-returned when uniform is turned in)
I understand that registration fees are non-refundable.
I understand that my registration is not complete until I have submitted the following forms:
-Photo/Website disclosure form
-Medical release form
-Player and Parent Codes of Conduct
Go to Handouts to download forms


The sports of football/cheerleading are for players and cheerleaders. Timberlane Junior Football expects that all players and cheerleaders in our program will always exhibit good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play. Players and cheerleaders must understand, that when they sign up to play football or be a cheerleader, they are representatives of Timberlane Junior Football, as well as their team, squad, coaches, parents and community. They should therefore, act accordingly. All Timberlane Junior Football players and cheerleaders will adhere to the following code of conduct.

1. I will do my very best in school and will remember that school comes before football/cheerleading.

2. I will treat my teammates, squad members, coaches, referees, fans and others with respect.

3. I will not use foul or abusive language, and will not taunt or make any foul gestures during a game, practice, competition or any other team/squad/league event to a referee, judge, another player/cheerleader, coach, fan or anyone else.

4. I will hustle and strive to do my best whenever I can.

5. I will do my best to listen and learn from my coaches.

6. I will attend every practice, game, and/or competition that I can, and will notify my coach if I cannot.

7. I will be a good friend to my teammates/squad members.

8. I will cheer for and support my teammates/squad members.

9. I deserve to have fun during my football/cheerleading experience and will alert my parents and coaches if it stops being fun.

10. I will encourage my parents to be involved with my team/squad in some capacity because it is important to me.

11. I will remember that it is only a game/competition and that striving to win is more important than winning.

12. I will remember that youth football/cheerleading is an opportunity to learn and have fun and that it’s a privilege, not a right to be a part of.

13. I will not drink alcoholic beverages or use illegal drugs of any kind, nor will I ever attend a team, squad, league function/event or competition while under the influence.



All parents will abide by the Code of Conduct, which includes the following:

1. I will not criticize TJF, board members, coaches, players and/or cheerleaders in public, but reserve constructive criticism for later, in private, with those involved.

2. I will accept decisions of the game officials on the field as being fair and called to the best ability of the officials.

3. I will not criticize an opposing team, its players, cheerleaders, coaches, and fans by word of mouth or by gesture.

4. I will emphasize with my child that good athletes strive to be good students that are physically and mentally alert.

5. I will strive to make every football/cheerleading activity serve as a training ground for life.

6. I will emphasize that winning is the result of good "TEAMWORK".

7. I will refrain from talking to my child during games and practices.

8. I understand that any fan that becomes a nuisance and out of control shall be asked to leave.

9. I will refrain from using abusive and profane language at all times.

10. I will not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct

11. I will abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages and/or be under of or use illegal drugs at both the game and practice fields and/or at any team/league related event/function.

12. I will support all fund-raisers and other TJF activities.

13. I understand I will be required to help out where needed during TJF functions.

14. I will not do anything that will be detrimental to the team and/or TJF.

15. I will be responsible for getting and picking up my child on time from all TJF functions.

I agree to be bound by the Parents Code of Conduct, and do so knowing that TJF may impose disciplinary action(s) for violating the Parents Code of Conduct.


Having your child’s Physician give a physical exam before participating in Football or Cheerleading is supported by and encouraged by TIMBERLANE JUNIOR FOOTBALL/CHEERLEADING, but is not mandatory.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: In the case of an emergency, by authorization of my signature below, I hereby allow TIMBERLANE JUNIOR FOOTBALL/CHEERLEADING and/or its designee(s) to administer first aid, and/or make arrangements for Emergency Transportation to medical facilities for treatment, if unable to contact me in a reasonable time frame.

The undersigned hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless, TIMBERLANE JUNIOR FOOTBALL/CHEERLEADING AND/OR IT’S DESIGNEE(S) from any claims and/or law suits arising from said treatment. Also, I hereby agree to assume all responsibility for any injury or injuries, which he/she may hereafter sustain under any circumstances pertaining to involvement in TIMBERLANE JUNIOR FOOTBALL/CHEERLEADING. This also includes any and all League functions/events, and/ or any other activity(s), event(s) associated with TIMBERLANE JUNIOR FOOTBALL/CHEERLEADING.

**All participants are covered by excess accident insurance. However, Parents will be responsible for the first $500.00 (FIVE Hundred Dollars) for each injury in excess of their personal collectable insurance. Not having health insurance will not prohibit your child from participating. In the case of an injury in which medical treatment becomes necessary, it is my responsibility to pick up my child at the medical facility, NO matter where that facility is located, and if possible, accompany my child to said medical facility. All injuries and/or claims must be reported within 24hrs of injury to your child’s head coach and/or a TJF board member. Claims for insurance must be filed by November 16, 2017.

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