Game Day 2020

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Troop 56 Game Day 2020
Saturday November 7th 2020
On Saturday November 7th will be our annual Scouting for Food for Scouting Bags Out, but this year we have a twist…. (keep on reading)

For those new to the program on this day we distribute flyers to all the mailboxes in the township asking for food donations that will be picked up the following Saturday Nov 14th.

Saturday Morning (Nov 7) starting at 8:00am I will be at town hall with the maps and fliers.
We need all scouts to help. Scouts are needed to deliver fliers to a mapped out section of town.
Adults are needed to drive scouts.
Class "B" shirts and /or sweatshirts can be worn.

After the all the routes are complete we will meet again at the ELKs at NOON to start Troop 56 GAME DAY.

The premises of game day is to combine kick ball or whiffle ball games with a cooking contest.

Whiffle Ball / Kick Ball (Adult lead Mr. Hall)
EWe have the entire field at the Elks so we can have two game going at a time.

Cooking Contest (Adult Lead Mr. Dempsey)
We will have 5 complete meals and have them each closed in a box, one for each patrol plus senior patrol, plus Adults.
4 meals will be made from some “game” animal, and the last one with chicken.
All meals will be cooked in dutch ovens.

We will have a blind selection process that promises to be a lot of fun

**Please note: All adults attending must have current Youth Protection Certification Training.

For any additional information please contact Mr. Caparoso by email at

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