Hicks Tract Cleanup - Oct 2020

Hicks Tract Cleanup Sign-Up
What: Hicks Tract trail maintenance
When: Saturday October 24th, 8am-1pm
Where: East entrance of Hicks Tract on Largo Lane. Will organize by fire ring access
Who: You, scouts and adults
Why: Keeping up Hicks Tract is a Troop 56 tradition. Let’s keep it going (plus this will qualify for conservation hours for those scouts needing it for rank advancement)
How: With your hands, back and sweat of your brow

What to bring:
1) Gloves
2) Long pants (and long shirt recommended) to keep ticks at bay
3) Boots
4) Rain gear (this is a rain or shine event)
5) Nalgene with water
6) Lopping shears
7) Hedge shears
8) Corn knife (short hooked blade - no machetes please), must have Totin’ Chip
9) Battery powered weed trimmers and hedge clippers (okay for older scouts to use)
10)bow saw
11) gas powered weed trimmers and hedge clippers (to be used by adults only).
12) bug spray
13) need a few handsaws - general carpentry type.
14) Lunch and snacks


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