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Fall 2019 Registration
Guidelines: 1. Siblings will be placed on the same team if they are playing in the same division, unless otherwise requested. 2. Play up requests must be made known at time of registration. "Play UP''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s" are to sign up in the division they want to play in. See disclaimer below. 3. Review refund policy before submitting form. 4. There will only be 4 teams allowed in each division for the Fall Season. TBall and SweeTees can have up to 6. 5. Fall is an instructional time. Please see the Fall Ball Rules under the "Forms - Handouts" tab. -------------------------------------------------------------- Play Up Disclaimer - Players with two years of eligibility left in their respective age appropriate division are not eligible to play up. Play ups will be taken only if there is availability in the division. If there is not room available in the play up division he/she will be automatically be placed in their age appropriate division. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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