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August 22, 2017
9:49:20 PM

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When are the finals
July 17, 2017
10:24:07 AM

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Hey guys I'm doing a softball tourney August 5th to benefit my mother. I'm not sure if any of you have heard or not and I'm sorry to put it through text but it's not the easiest thing to talk about. My mom was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She is receiving treatment and doing very well and looks like she is going to be able to make a full recovery. Unfortunately the insurance company is starting to fight her on her medications. So I'm doing this tourney to help alleviate the costs and financial burden of her not being able to work. If you would like to put a team in text me separately or if you would like you can also show up to donate. We will have a ton of raffles including bat raffles. 7742630311.
June 13, 2017
9:27:41 AM

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This leagues peak was from 2000-2014. Tourney teams who don't care ruined it, along with all of the best players going to one or two teams. It used to be the perfect combo of beer league fun/and somewhat serious, with talent spread throughout.
Old School
Boom town
June 12, 2017
3:30:55 PM

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So, does everybody suck in this league now?
June 12, 2017
7:58:32 AM

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First thing, put your name if you're going to call out behavior! It was a bad look but it's a beer league and these issues are few and far between! Joel was drunk and chirping, it went a little to far! I think Joel should be suspended 1 week....... from drinking at the field!! That'll hurt more than him not playing!! This kind of thing happens once a year with someone different every year!! Last year I heckled someone drunk for an hour and my chair became a recliner!! A few years ago Diede did exactly what Joel was doing to Matt Nee and née was catching he stopped playing to turn around to threaten Diede for talking about his wife!!! Alcohol was involved with the person who was really talking shit! Right Dunny!! ANYWAYS MY VOTE IS TO SUSPEND JOEL ONE WEEK FROM DRINKING AT THE FIELD!!
Eyes High
B Bay
June 11, 2017
4:25:54 PM

Entry ID: 2082871
Some disgusting behavior down at the ball field this afternoon. It will be interesting to see which rules are enforced.
The Ham
June 5, 2017
10:43:14 AM

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Heys guys need everyone to start inputting scores for games played it would be really convenient if you could input who played that game so everyone can keep track of games played as well. If you dont want to input stats thats fine but i need game results scores and games played if you please. Tapco and merica shouldnt be the only ones accountable for games played cuz we are the only one entering info. Thank you
May 24, 2017
4:51:05 PM

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There's no grace period after the 845 game, if your team does not have at least 8 to field a team they forfeit!! it shouldn't matter if the other coach agrees to wait! The rules state no grace period, plus another team was waiting to play at 1. Softcool needs to take a forfeit for the 12pm game last Sunday they didn't have 8 or 9 until almost 1230! No one should be above the league rules!! Go ahead start telling me my team sucks and I'm a loser, don't care rules are rules eat a dick!
May 18, 2017
3:49:37 PM

Entry ID: 2082166
Well time has come, Sundays are almost here! Do we get to see tapco break out of there funk and win huge in game 1 of the day? What about Merica? Can they upset taxi and steal a game?!?!? Then we come to the game of the vs softcool. Heard there a big tournament Sunday and softcool will be force to forfeit....rumors only!
Some day
May 12, 2017
4:00:20 PM

Entry ID: 2082003
Well there goes tapco loosing 2 games last weekend...softcool looks like they will walk away with yet another trophy. Mercia looks terrible, CD needs to swing & miss again! TDR looks like they got a heart on after beating tapco and some random team....Happy Mother's Day to everyone and see everyone in 2 weeks! #asshole
The Ham
May 10, 2017
4:12:02 PM

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Outfield is aerated and overseeded. Please keep vehicles off. It's in the softball gods hands now hopefully we get grass.
May 8, 2017
7:37:19 PM

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First I have not swung and missed yet this season! Jamie you are the perfect midget ring leader for your tourney team, it's a Sunday beer league! We all like to win but no one gives a shit besides you if they don't!! COLEMAN definitely needs to go away or learn not favor his buddies!! Lastly don't be to quick to count out 'Merica when it comes to the finals!!
May 7, 2017
5:34:35 PM

Entry ID: 2081856
Get a refund on your umpire schooling. You are HORRIBLE!!!!
May 7, 2017
9:25:33 AM

Entry ID: 2081825
Why don't we just forget the regular season and just play softcool a tapco for the championship. Sunday league is too easy!
May 7, 2017
7:51:59 AM

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Softcool Aka D team aka Travel team aka LAST YEARS CHAMPIONS looking to repeat with a couple new pickups they are the team to beat mark my words we will be in the championship game again this year
Special guest
May 6, 2017
5:50:46 PM

Entry ID: 2081810
Does Gropman team win there first game this incoming week? Does TDR come out and get a win this week? What about the 12 o'clock game.....softcool vs tapco. A rematch of last years championship. Does tapco come out and get some revenge from last year or do they fold over and let the "travel team" come in on Sunday and beat them. Also rumor is CD swung and miss last week? Does he do it this week? & can we please get that umpire that did the late games name Coleman out of buzzards bay...someone give him the rule book!
May 1, 2017
6:49:17 PM

Entry ID: 2081694
Shout out to Mike Walker yesterday was a great time, season got off to a great start!
April 30, 2017
5:40:32 PM

Entry ID: 2081675
Looks like they reloaded with 2 young guys but lost that big dude in middle of there order. Do they have what it takes to not be just season heros, but to finally get over the hump and beat the defending champs softcool???? *oh btw softcool brings down a travel team this year." TDR looking like them old selfs again, 0-2 on the day and heading to another under .500 season!
Remember when...
April 30, 2017
8:51:44 AM

Entry ID: 2081648
The Sunday League was great!? With Agway, Fan Club, the Knights, Smooth Moves, even the good old Nite Owls & Angry Pirates! Miss those days, this league has unfortunately gone downhill and it's just not what it used to be.
The Ham
April 23, 2017
8:11:00 AM

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The 2017 softball season is about to be underway. Opening day is April 30th. Please be early to games and have money ready for league fees. I will be there for pretty much the entire day. Bat testing will be available all day as well. Lastly for those of you who have played in the league for a while you remember the good old days when this league was in its hayday, well I'd like to start getting us back on track starting with Opening day. Im bringing a grill down to the field and am looking for some help in bringing food for everyone. I will post on guestbook and facebook. Bring your families down as well if you would like. Lets make this league great again!!!
The han
April 19, 2017
7:29:31 PM

Entry ID: 2081412
Going to be at the field Wednesday afternoon to work on field and test bats I will be there around 5 so come on down.
The Ham
August 23, 2016
10:27:02 PM

Entry ID: 2077881
Great job soft cool. You guys played great. The heat was tough but we just had a bad game at the wrong time. Anyways. If you go to YouTube type in BBAY Sunday finals there's 5 clips about a game and a half of GoPro footage of the games. It came out decent hope you enjoy.
Just saying
August 12, 2016
2:15:55 PM

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I'm putting this out there, at least the 2 best teams are left. If you have nothing to do this Sunday. Come on down to watch 3 incredible games. Show be a good series. I will be down there watching!
The Ham
August 10, 2016
9:58:26 AM

Entry ID: 2077350
Just wanted to thank everybody for coming back to buzzards bay. We didn't even have a league last year due to snowmaggeddon and we still managed to get 7 teams down there this year. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting this league back and strong again like it has been for so many years. Thanks to everyone for the hard work they put in. Let's make BBay great again.
August 7, 2016
7:40:28 PM

Entry ID: 2077242
Will the trophy be taller than MItch

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