BBSL Bylaws and added rules

May 1, 2017



LEAGUE FEE: $300.00

BATS:  If there are questions about bats, please contact a league official. Bats are not allowed to be "rolled" or "shaved" or altered in any other way. All bats must have new Utrip stamp on them. Stamped not engraved. All bats to be used must be compression tested and stickered before use in Buzzards Bay leagues.
Batters start with a 1 strike, 1 ball count. NO FOUL TO WASTE

A strike mat will be used this season. Any pitched ball that hits the plate or mat will be a strike, provided the pitched ball acquires the specified arc for the league. The legal arc for our league is 3-10 feet with faking by the pitcher.On rainy or wet days, the mat will be "part of the homeplate" for baserunning purposes, specified by the umpire before the game.
Run Rule: A team that is up by 25 after 3, 20 after 4, and 15 after 5 will be declared winner.

First Base double bag: First base has a white bag and an orange bag. Any ball hit in the infield, where an infielder has a play at first base means that the BATTER/RUNNER, must touch the ORANGE BAG! IF THE BATTER/RUNNER TOUCHES THE WHITE BAG on an infield hit where there is a play, the defensive team must appeal before next pitch. A base hit, or ball hit to the outfield means the BATTER/RUNNER can touch the white bag and make a turn off the white bag toward second base. There will be no penalty for the BATTER/RUNNER touching the orange bag on a ball hit to the outfield. He has put himself already, at a disadvantage, making his running stride longer toward the next base.

Age Limit: You must be at least 17 years of age to play. If you are 17, you need parental consent to play, for insurance purposes.

Roster: Rosters are unlimited. Each player must ATTEND half the games during season to qualify for the playoffs, 1 more than half if odd number of games. A player must be in the dugout, and on the lineup card, in order to get credit for the game.If the player is injured make it know to the other team and the umpires that they are present in the dugout, and mark it on the lineup card. There are teams with players the have military exemptions, those players get game counted that they miss due to drill, or leave. Those that have drill or are on leave must have there coaches tell the league officials in order to receive this .Lineup cards WILL be handed into the umpires before the game starts. The umpires will be checking these cards and are to collect them in ordered to get paid. If a player shows up late and plays make sure he is put on the card, once I have them it is final!

Once a player has PLAYED ONE GAME FOR ONE TEAM, THEY CANNOT PLAY FOR ANOTHER TEAM FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON IF THAT PLAYER IS PUT ON A TEAM'S ROSTER. Teams are allowed to pick-up players who are not on a team's roster to field a team if nessary. Kevin (Bleacher Man) SHOULD NOT BE USED UNLESS HE IS THE LAST RESORT AND NO DRINKING.
1. If you are ejected from the game you are to leave the field IMMEDIATELY. No hanging out in, around, or above the dugouts.
A: Automatic 1 game suspension, you are not allowed onto the field, or in and around dugouts for that game.
2. ANY FIGHTS all members involved will and can be suspended indefinitely !!
A: NO refunds on league fees
B: Decisions on suspensions will be made by team reps, and officers of the league. If a team rep is involved another player may be used in there place. MINIMUM penalty for fighting WILL BE 3 GAMES that do not count as games played for all players involved. ANY DISPUTE TO THIS CAN AND WILL GET YOU BANNED FROM THE LEAGUE !! I don’t care who you are or how long you’ve been down there.

Baserunners:*NEW 2017* 1 pinch runner allowed per inning. Pinch runner will be last out. You can round the bag all you want in next at bat. You can also choose to take a runner at any base. If you bat around there will be no runner for player that took one previously.

Extra batters: EB's can enter the field at any time for other position players. THEY MUST KEEP THE SAME SPOT IN THE BATTING ORDER THAT THEY STARTED THE GAME AT.

SHORT PLAYERS: A team can start a game with 8 players. If you only have 7 players at game time, it's a forfeit. A team that starts the game with 8 players CANNOT be the home team. The ninth spot in the batting order will be an automatic OUT. If a ninth player shows up, he may be inserted into the lineup immediately and bat in the ninth spot. NOTE: If a 10th player shows up AFTER the batting order has gone through ONCE, that 10th player and any other player that shows up will be consider substitutes and the team MUST PLAY THE GAME WITH 9 PLAYERS. If more players show up before the lineup has gone through once, they may be placed at the bottom of the order. OPPOSING COACHES MUST BE AWARE OF THIS, COMMUNICATION FROM THE OTHER COACH IS NEEDED!! Late players must enter the game at the top of the inning not yet started.

Pitchers are allowed 6 feet behind the rubber for safety reasons. If a batted ball hits and injures the pitcher, and he is taken out of the game the bat and ball WILL be taken out of the game. If serious injury occurs you will not get you bat back until we have it tested. We have someone that will do a compression test on that bat, and if it fails, will be sent out to the manufacturer. So don't expect it back right away. If bat is found tampered with in any way league officials will determine the punishment which will be strict!

Home run limit 5 then progressive.