Why Join Cerbo Club Sports?

Joining a sports team is about hanging with friends, family and co workers. CCS offers fun games, no stress and a good time. Play, Drink and Be Social.

What Does it Cost to Play in the NAA?

Costs vary from $69-$99 per person, per season. The cost includes facility rental, officials, and a team uniform.

There is also an annual membership fee to play which will cost $49.95 per year.

Can My Friends and I Be on the Same Team?

Of course! When you register for a league just include your team name and you will be placed accordingly.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play?

We prefer 21 and older, but will take 18 and older. It's only 21 because after the game players will usually go to our sponsor bar.

What is the Refund Policy?

If you register and can't play in that season for whatever the reason, you will receive a credit for another season.

Forfeit Policy

Forfeits are frowned upon. Players join to play please have a large enough roster that forfeits don't happen.
First Offense: Loss of game
Second Offense: Loss of Game and not eligible for playoffs.
Third Offense: Removal from the league and potentially any players on the roster banned from future leagues.

What If I Don't Know Anyone Can I Still Play?

Yes, you can sign up as a free agent and get placed on one of the teams that needs a player.When you enter your info, you will be asked to pick a team. In that space enter Free Agent in the Team Name and then Free Agent on the drop down.