2018 Playoffs

The regular season has come to an end, and with All-Star Weekend just a week away, the playoffs are right around the corner. The Dodgers have emerged as the number 1 seed going into the playoffs this year under new team captain Mike Polimeno. After finishing 9-3 in an exciting final regular season game against the Cubs, the Dodgers will face the winner of the Wild Card Game between the 4 seed Knights and 5 Seed Hands of God. The WC is set to open up the 2018 Playoffs on 7/29/18 at 2:30 PM @ Cahill Field

Although the recently renamed "Hands of God" finished the regular season at 2-10, they are not to be counted out. During their last four games of the regular season, the rookie captain Matt Larkin's squad went 2-2, losing one game by 2 runs and one game in extra innings. They're certainly going to put up a good fight against the Knights with 2017 Pitcher of the Year, Matt Fronduto, on the mound. The only thing that stands in their way between victory: Mike Cahill. Cahill, although not a commonly thought of name in the league, is arguably the best pitcher to ever play in the BWLTB. He's only lost two games in his career, sporting a 75-2 record on the mound, good for the leagues best pitching winning percentage.

The 2 seed Cubs who finished at 8-4 will face off against the 3 seed Savages who finished their regular season campaign at 7-5. This will be an interesting series everyone will have their eyes on. Riley Frost will bring his team into battle against Matt Cahill in the first round for the second consecutive year. Last year against Cahill's Knights, the Savages came back to win the Conference Finals after being down in the best of 5 series 3-2. After being drafted by the Cubs this year, Cahill will look to shake Frost from his head and get back to the World Series after falling short last season. During the regular season, Frost's Savages beat the Cubs two out of three times during the year, including a 33-7 blowout victory on July 4th. 

Matt Cahill Taking Over as Commissioner Once Again

March 5, 2018

On Sunday, March 4, 2018 the National Wiffleball League Association announced that there would be exciting changes to come in 2018. There was an email sent out to all NWLA leagues regarding these new changes, including information regarding an NWLA newsletter. With these changes and required responsibilities that league commissioners would have to provide updates for their league, Commissioner Riley Frost discussed and decided with the league that he would not have the time to fulfill this role successfully. After discussing the league's next move, the BWLTB decided that it would be best fit that Matthew Cahill take over as league commissioner again, effective immediately. Frost, after just one season at the helm of the league will step back down to his original role as Assistant Commissioner. Along with being renamed Commissioner after taking 2017 off, Matthew, who is also the League Treasurer, will retain this position despite being promoted to Commissioner.

Trade Deadline Fun Begins!

We all know how the league's trade deadline has got in the past, but this year more action has taken place in 8-10 hours than it did at the trade deadline all last year...

Knights' captain Matt Cahill started the wave of trades around 6:45 last night when he traded away Kyle Rossetti and three draft picks to the Giants in exchange for Zach Gauthier and Jimmy Latham. After this initially happened, we thought that Gauthier and Latham were both there to stay on the Knights to add depth in both hitting and pitching aspects of the team. However, that would prove to be wrong later when Cahill traded the two almost 3 and a half hours later.

Before traded Gauthier and Latham however, Matt Cahill reached out to Powers' captain Matt Larkin, where the two met and agreed upon a trade where the Powers would send the Knights their first and fourth round pick in the 2017 draft, while the Knights have given up money for them. No exact amount has been given yet, but it is said that the Knights put down money last night, but still have more to owe before the draft. If that amount is not paid before the draft, the draft picks will go back to the Powers, which, in that case, they better get paid because Cahill traded away the acquired first round pick 20 minutes later... (shocker!)

Where that draft pick was traded to? The BWLTB's super team, the Cubs. As is they needed more first round picks to continue as a super team next year. Along with the draft pick, the Knights sent Jimmy Latham and Zach Gauthier to the Cubs as well, and in return they got slugger and 2016 MVP runner up, Taylor Proulx.

That would be all for the Knights' trade action, but the Cubs kept on going.

Cubs' captain Ryan Anderson started a deal not just between two teams, or three, but a FOUR team trade. Which resulted in this:

Cubs get 1st ovr pick, Giants get 2 1st rd pks, Dodgers get 1st rd pk + Polimeno sisters, Powers get Colin Parker - (via @BWLTBury on twitter)


2017 PlayOff Preview

It's that time of the year again! The regular season has come to a close, and the stage is set for the post season. For the East, the Knights finished with the best regular season record in the league this year at 14-4, clinching the Eastern Conferences 1-seed and bye into the Conference Finals. The Savages will have home field advantage in the East's opening round series over the league worst 6-12 Dodgers. As for the West, the super team Cubs have clinched the conference's 1-seed and bye to the Western Conference Finals. The Powers have clinched home field in the opening round over the Giants with their late season comeback in the standings, finishing at a surprising 8-10, beating their 2017 projection of 3-15, and rallying in the win column after many counted them out after the season's first 6 games. The two opening round series of the playoffs will be a best of 3 series. Good luck to all going into the playoffs!

The Final Push of the 2017 Regular Season

July 13, 2017 – 10:00 AM

It's already that time of year again when the middle of Summer comes around and the BWLTB's teams prepare themselves to compete in the playoffs with one goal: to win the World Series and bring home the CF Cup.

In the Western Conference with just a few games to go, the superteam Cubs have clinched the West's 1-seed going into the playoffs, and will receive a bye into the Best of 5 Series Western Conference Finals. However, between the Giants and the Powers, whoever fairs better in their double header match up this Saturday at Cahill Field will get home field advantage over the other in the Best of 3 Opening Round of the playoffs in the West.

As for the East, nothing is set in stone yet! Long time captain Matt Cahill and his Knights sit at the top of the conference right now currently at 12-4. Although things are looking to be going in the Knights' favor, the second place Savages shouldn't be counted out of the 1-seed race just yet, as they have four games remaining on the year, two of which are against their conference rival Knights. At 8-6, a clean sweep of wins over their last four games would put them in first, knocking the Knights to 12-6. Although the Savs would also be 12-6, they would have the better head-to-head record against the Knights if they were to beat them in their last 2 match ups against each other. When asked about this, Knights' captain Matt Cahill told us he is not worried about losing the 1-seed going into the playoffs like they have in the past (2014 season to Chris Blimberg and the Powers), and that the Savages "aren't anything the team has not seen before," "We expect to see Riley (Frost) in both games we have left against the Savages, so we'll plan for the style that he usually likes to throw." Matt also says that come playoffs no matter the situation the team finds themselves in, he anticipates that Rookie of the Year candidate Derek Graffeo will have a large impact at the plate, and even on the mound as a closer in the playoffs, and that 2016 ROY Matt Fronduto will dominate on the mound.

Behind, but not forgotten about, the Dodgers have nothing left to do but sit back and watch the Knights and Savages battle it out to see who they will be facing in the Opening Round of the playoffs for the Eastern Conference, as they are out of contention for the 2-seed, and will be the away team for the Best of 3 Series.

Opening Day Postponed

Yesterday (Tuesday 3/28/17) the BWLTB's Opening Day game between the Knights and Cubs was postponed due to rain and poor field conditions. Has been rescheduled to this Thursday (3/30/17) at 5:00 on Big Diamond Field.

Fall League Playoffs

After another successful year of pool play completed in the BWL's annual Fall League, it's finally time for what everyone has been waiting for: the playoffs! As usual, only four teams advance to the Fall League Playoffs. This year, the honors of the 1-Seed were taken home by the BWL's all-stars, the Bobcats. The second seed was taken home by the 2016 North Division champion Powers, while the third seed was taken to the 2016 World Series runner-up Savages. Finally, the 4-Seed was captured very shockingly by the 2016 World Series Champion Knights, who had higher expectations coming into the fall than the last seed for the playoffs. 

However, when Knights captain Matt Cahill chose to play for the Bobcats in the Fall League over his usual and longtime Knights, we assumed they would no longer take home the 1-Seed, but not to this extent. Interestingly enough, the one and four seeds will clash in the first round in a win-or-go-home game where the Knights will look to reach their third straight FLWS and win back-to-back years. On the other side of the bracket, the 2-Seed Powers will take on their rival Savages under the new captainship of Matt Larkin, the second rookie in two years to be the head of a team. Fall League playoff schedules will be out Monday, November 21st.

BWL Play-Offs

With the regular season coming to a close, the playoffs are right around the corner. Starting on July 8th the Divisional Games which are the three opening games of the playoffs will take place. Good luck to all teams on their quest to win the CF Cup in the 2016 playoffs.

Knights Receive First Loss of 2016 Season

The Knights' historic BWL undefeated run has finally come to an end after winning 19 straight games and finally losing this Thursday to the Cubs. The first place Knights and last place Cubs went head to head at Cahill Field, where the Knights where shut out for the first time all season. FINAL: 3-0 Cubs; The Knights are now 19-1 and have the chance to be the first team in league history to win 20 games in a regular season.

Memorial Day Tournament

May 26, 2016

Tomorrow is the beginning to the long Memorial Day weekend, which also means that tomorrow is the beginning of the BWLTB Memorial Day Tournament. This year, the format will be mostly the same as the 2015 tournament, except for the fact that the two teams remaining in the championship on Sunday night will settle who is the winner in a best 2/3 series. The first game of the championship series will be played this Sunday afternoon-night, time and location TBA. The second on if needed third game will be played Monday morning at 11:00 A.M., and then 2:00 P.M. In the first round of the tournament the Memorial Day defending champions, Team Blimberg, are the away team going up against Team Frost, who lost in the semi-finals last year to the champions. On the other side of the bracket, Team Cahill has homefield up against Team Carroll, and also has a chance to have a rematch of their semi-final match-up last year against Team Barbati, which they would go on to win and then take runner up in the tournament to Team Blimberg in an extra innings loss. To get to the semi-finals again this year Team Barbati will have to beat Team Boschetti, who lost in the opening round of the tournament last year. Also facing off are Team MacMurdo and Team Polimeno, two teams captained by Powers captain Travis MacMurdo and co-captain Mike Polimeno. Both team lost in the opening round last year, so one will finally get to see the second round of the tournament. The predicted winner by the league board this year is Team Barbati, who is predicted to go up against Team MacMurdo in the tournament and take the series in two games with a sweep.

Games on 5/14/2016

Tomorrow in the BWLTB games will be taking place down at Livingston Street Park. For any players who are available and looking to play a quick game, the league will be playing on Millett Field. If Millett is not available, we will most likely move right over onto Antonelli Field. Good luck to all tomorrow!

BWL Potential All-Stars

With the 2016 BWLTB season cruising along, players who are All-Star game worthy are taking shape! One of the players standing out the most is the Dodger's captain Tommy Barbati; batting .655 with 14 HRs and 51 RBI, and in only four games played, he's got 57 hits. Another potential All-Star for the BWL on the rise is from the North Division, and the first year captain of the Powers Travis MacMurdo. T-Mac has started his captain debut season batting .581 with five homers. The last player currently standing out is the Knights' captain Matt Cahill, who has a 5-0 record on the mound, leading his team to a 9-0 start in this year's season. There will be more who will begin to shine before this year's All-Star game on July 2nd.

Knights Break Season Start Record

With their win yesterday over the Dodgers in extra innings, the Knights have now broken the record for best start to a season with their current record of 7-0. Before yesterday's walk-off 8-7 win, the 2010 Cubs recently held the record with a 6-1 start captained by BWLTB alumni Eddie Wade. Obviously, no one in league history has ever gone undefeated in the regular season, but Knights captain Matt Cahill said he would like to see it happen this year and have his team be the first to ever do so. With a longer regular season this year (24 games instead of 20) the possibility of going undefeated becomes even harder now, but is currently not out of question. Although many had favored first year captain Travis MacMurdo's Powers coming into the 2016 season, the two most dominant teams in the BWL currently are Cahill's Knights and Tommy Barbati's Dodgers.

PreSeason Final Games

With the BWLTB PreSeason coming to a close with the "final" games played on 3/11/16, there is still quite a wait for the 2016 regular season to get under way on April 1st. (Don't worry, it's for real!) Because of this, the league has decided to add two more preseason games to this year's schedule to fill the time gap from now until opening day. The first of the two games will be played on a Friday - 3/18/16, and the second is still to be determined, and will be announced at a later date.

Snow ShowDown Final

For the first time ever, Team Polimeno has won the BWL Snow ShowDown. Bringing home the title in 2016, this now marks two straight loses in the SnowDown for Riley Frost captaining, in 2015 and now 2016. Matt Cahill had five homeruns and 6 RBI for Team Polimeno, while Travis MacMurdo had 5 RBIs and 7 strikeouts for Team Frost.

FINAL: Team Polimeno wins 6-5


2016 Snow ShowDown Draft

This Saturday, February 13th, 2016 the draft for this year's annual Snow ShowDown's draft will be taking place. Riley Frost and Mike Polimeno will be captaining the two teams competing in the BWL's winter classic. The draft will be held at 3:00 PM; Team Frost had received the first pick in the draft this year, as Team Polimeno has obtained home field advantage for the Winter's 9 inning game.