2018 PlayOffs

Wild Card Game (1 Game)

Knights (4) vs. Hands of God (5)

Hands of God win 8-2


Semi Finals (Best of 5)

Cubs (2) vs. Savages (3)

Cubs win series 3-2.

* = If Needed

Dodgers (1) vs. Hands of God (5)

Dodgers win series 3-1.

G1: Cubs vs. Savages

- 2-0 Savages


G1: Dodgers vs. Hands of God

- 17-0 Dodgers

G2: Cubs vs. Savages

- 9-1 Savages


G2: Dodgers vs. Hands of God

- 6-2 Hands of God

G3: Cubs @ Savages

- 4-1 Cubs


G3: Dodgers @ Hands of God

- 3-1 Dodgers

G4*: Cubs @ Savages

- 3-1 Cubs


G4*: Dodgers @ Hands of God

- 10-8 Dodgers/4 innings

G5*: Cubs vs. Savages

- 8-0 Cubs


G5*: Dodgers vs. Hands of God


BWLTB World Series (Best of 7)

 Dodgers (1) vs. Cubs (2)

Dodgers win series 4-1.

 G1: Dodgers vs. Cubs

- 4-2 Dodgers

 G2: Dodgers vs. Cubs

- 2-0 Cubs/7 innings

 G3: Dodgers @ Cubs

- 20-13 Dodgers

 G4: Dodgers @ Cubs

- 6-5 Dodgers/5 innings

 G5*: Dodgers vs Cubs 

- 6-3 Dodgers

 G6*: Dodgers @ Cubs

 G7*: Dodgers vs. Cubs 

BWLTB World Series Champions: Dodgers


Matt Cahill Taking Over as Commissioner Once Again

March 5, 2018

On Sunday, March 4, 2018 the National Wiffleball League Association announced that there would be exciting changes to come in 2018. There was an email sent out to all NWLA leagues regarding these new changes, including information regarding an NWLA newsletter. With these changes and required responsibilities that league commissioners would have to provide updates for their league, Commissioner Riley Frost discussed and decided with the league that he would not have the time to fulfill this role successfully. After discussing the league's next move, the BWLTB decided that it would be best fit that Matthew Cahill take over as league commissioner again, effective immediately. Frost, after just one season at the helm of the league will step back down to his original role as Assistant Commissioner. Along with being renamed Commissioner after taking 2017 off, Matthew, who is also the League Treasurer, will retain this position despite being promoted to Commissioner.

2018 Playoffs