The East Suburban Soccer League and it's membership are affiliated with the national organization of the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY). It is their philosophy to provide an organization within which children can learn and play soccer. The East Suburban Soccer League provides recreational soccer to children of any skill level. There are no try outs and all players play at least 50% of the game. One major goal is for all participants, players, coaches, and spectators to have fun. Please remember the East Suburban Soccer League has a "0" tolerance policy in regards to language, fighting and unsportsmanlike  conduct. All participants, including parents. are urged to display good sportsmanship and remember that in the East Suburban Soccer League, We play soccer "for the fun of it."

The East Suburban Soccer League Board meetings are open to the public. The Board meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. The location of the meeting changes from month to month. Please contact an ESSL board member to inquire about the location, should you wish to attend a meeting. 

The East Suburban Soccer League is made up of all volunteers, if you would like to volunteer or need more information please feel free to contact and Board Member or your District Representative .


All passwords and usernames will be sent out to the information given to us.  

Please work on getting rosters, and contact information submitted.

Remember you are logging in at the left hand side of the page under the red "administration" tab.

If you have any questions regarding the website send them to this email:

Please include

1. Team you are coaching

2.  First and last name

3.  Contact number 

There is also directions for using the website, getting your concussion certification, in the handouts tab towards the left of the page.  You should all read the "Coaches Information" document