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Site Navigation Instructions

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This site primary purpose is to serve the Metro league.


The Metro League and the participating teams have the ability to record every game they play, which would include:

League Games, indicated by a Game number in the status column on the schedule.

Tournaments, indicated by "TN" in the status column.

Non-League Game, indicated by "NL" in the status column.

Secondary League game, indicated by the initials of your league name, EXAMPLE: Downriver League "DR"


On the MAIN SITE, Metro teams have all their games listed.

Three PULL DOWN menus:

Metro East 

Metro West



Standings / Statistics:

Standings and Statistics will only keep track of the division MENU you in.

Example: Metro Division or Non-League Division..

               (There is no MENU to show complete stats for both)


 There is a SECONDARY menu, "Secondary Leagues" that will provide secondary league and stats.


EXAMPLE: Downriver League and SEHL