Expectations/Home Rules

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The Expectations Of A Coach

1. Create a safe and caring place for players to learn, practice and play.
2. Be sure all of the players are instructed on safety.
3. Be kind, approachable and make every player feel important.
4. Set clear and reachable expectations.
5. Be polite, positive and fair to all the players.
6. Warm up the players before every practice and game.
7. Make every practice and game active and fun.
8. Model good sportsmanship.
9. Be patient and remember that players improve at different rates.
10. Remember that the game is for the players.

The Expectations Of A Parent

1. I will attend my child's games.
2. Be a supportive parent for the coach and the team.
3. Cheer for all the players on the team.
4. Be a positive role model and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
5. Be supportive when my child is successful or when struggling for success.
6. Respect and support volunteers and umpires.
7. Play with my child practicing the skills of the game.
8. Be positive and supportive whether the team wins or loses.
9. Remember that the game is for the players.

The Expectations Of A Player

1. I will make every effort to be a kind person.
2. I will listen to my coach and parents.
3. I will do my best.
4. I will hustle whenever I can.
5. I will be a good helper.
6. I will have fun.
7. I will be a good friend to my teammates.
8. I will be a good sport.
9. I will cheer for my teammates.
10. I will follow the safety rules.

2010 Milltown Baseball By-Laws

1. Safety, sportsmanship and teaching fundamentals are the main priority of Milltown Baseball. The winning of games is of secondary importance.

2. After each game, the players will line up and shake hands.

3. All injuries or unusual incidents must be reported by the team manager to the respective Division President as soon as practible, and thereafter to the League President.

4. After each game, all bottles, cans, wrappers and trash shall be cleaned up in the dugout and surrounding area. This is the Managers responsibility.

5. All Milltown Baseball Coaches and Managers must be certified for the current year and shall submit to a yearly background check.

6. The home team is responsible for supplying two game balls and for placing and removing the bases from the field.

7. All boys in all divisions must wear a cup.

8. The catcher shall wear complete gear, including face mask, throat guard, chest protector and shin guards.

9. No player, including on-deck batters, may swing a bat until the player is up at the plate.

10. No throwing of the bat or helmet is allowed.

11. During each game, batters and runners shall wear a batting helmet. A helmet shall be worn by all batters during practice, including batters engaged in practicing off a tee and in soft-toss.

12. All players shall wear plastic or rubber cleats or sneakers. No metal spikes are allowed.

2010 Major League Division Rules

1. Any player who is out of the lineup for more than three consecutive weeks or six games is subject to being removed from his team by action of the Board of Directors. The Board reserves the right to allow the player to remain on the roster. Managers must notify the Player Agent if any player misses more than two consecutive games for any reason. Failure to do so will be cause for corrective action against the Manager.

2. Teams are allowed to use one manager and three adult coaches in the fenced in area.

3. A game is "official", even if cancelled due to inclement weather, once four innings have been completed, or three and one half innings, if the home team is in the lead.

4. A new inning shall not begin after two hours and forty five minutes have elapsed from the start of the game and shall be measured from the start of the game to the time of the third out in the bottom of the inning. This rule only applies to games played on Sunday through Thursday.Friday and Saturday games that precede another game shall not start an inning after 2 hours 15 mins.

5. All players shall bat in consecutive order. Players arriving after the start of the game shall be placed at the end of the batting order no matter when they arrive.

6. The "Ten Run Rule" shall be applied when one team has scored a total of ten (10) runs more than the opposing team and the team trailing has batted four (4) or more times.

7. The "Curve Ball Pitch" is prohibited and shall be determined by the Home Plate Umpire. Should this rule be violated, the Pitcher and his Manager shall be issued a warning. Should the pitch be thrown again in the same game, said Pitcher shall be removed from the mound for the remainder of that game.

8. In the event of a tie after six (6) innings have been completed, the game will continue (extra innings) until the winning team is determined. If by 10:00PM (Sunday-Thursday) the winning team has not been determined, the game shall result in a tie provided that both teams have had an equal opportunity at bat.

9. All others rules are inforced under the current year Little league rule book.

2010 Minor League Division Rules

Note: The Rules For The Minor Division Can Now Be Found By Clicking On Handouts On The Welcome Page.

2010 Midget League Division Rules

1. A safety baseball shall be used.

2. All games shall begin at 6PM on Monday through Friday.

3. A new inning shall not start after 7:15 PM except for games played on Friday.

4. A new inning shall not start after one and one half hours have elapsed from the start of the game. This time limit shall be measured from the start of the game to the time of the third out in the bottom of the inning.

5. The maximum number of innings to be played is six.

6. All innings shall be completed regardless of the score.

7. All players will be pitched to by their Coach or by using the league approved pitching machine. After 3 strikes, the tee will be placed and the player will hit off the tee. Foul balls will not count as strikes.

8. No balls will be called.

9. The team at bat takes the field after it scores four runs or after three outs, whichever comes first.

10. When a ball is hit to the outfield, the batter is permitted to advance as many bases as he wishes. Play stops when the ball reaches the infield.

11. Runners may not advance on an overthrow to first base.

12. All players on the bench must bat.

13. A maximum of ten players are allowed on the field. Four outfielders can be used.

14. Managers must rotate players in and out of the game. There are no limits on substitutions.

15. Managers must rotate the positions of players.

16. No stealing, bunting, sliding, or infield fly rule is permitted.

17. Only two defensive coaches are allowed on the field.

18. The team at bat will have coaches at first and third base.

19. No umpires will be used. The coaches for the team at bat will call the plays at first and third base. The coaches in the field will call the plays at second base. The coach operating the pitching machine will call the plays at home.

20. The distance between the bases will be forty five feet.