Major League Curriculum

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Major League Curriculum

The Major League is comprised of 10, 11 and 12 year old players. The Major League follows the rules of Little League Baseball. Theoretically, players in this league should have already mastered the basic skills necessary to play at this level and have a very good understanding of the game of baseball. Therefore, the primary mission of the Major League curriculum will be to leverage the skills of each player in a competitive environment while further developing each player's skill set.

The only significant differences between Minor and Major League Curriculums are:

Base Running-

When to and how to take a proper lead when the ball has passed the batter
How to steal a base on a pitcher


Proper techniques for fielding groundballs and fly balls off the mound
Coming off the mound to take a throw to first base
Coming off the mound to cover home plate on a wild pitch or passed ball when there is a runner on third base


Correct way to field a throw to the plate

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