Message from the President

January 21, 2016

YEAR IN REVIEW:  As we stand on the precipice of our new Spring season, I’d like to take a moment to review my original vision statement from last July.  In that statement, I had 3 specific goals which I felt would significantly increase the experience for the families in our league. 

     In ‘refocusing on what is important’, we have been able to assert a positive cultural change thus far on how our coaches approach their roles and responsibilities.  We’ve been able to provide specific training to increase both their abilities and effectiveness while still focusing on what’s most important in a recreational league – building fundamental skills and having fun.  We’ve made a substantial amount of improvements to our fields which will enhance everyone's experience and also demonstrates the league’s commitment to excellence.  We’ve increased our presence on social media and our consistency to communicate with the families of our league.  This has provided us valuable insight into what we can do to become even better.

     In ‘growing our league’, we’ve seen that our aggressive marketing strategy has paid off in dividends.  In the Fall of 2015 we had 98 registrants; yet, this last Fall we had over 150 children registered.  In the Spring of 2015 our league had about 190 registrants; and this Spring we already have 230 kids ready to play with 2 weeks left to go in the registration period.  That's resulted in 6 Mustang teams and 3 Bronco teams this Spring!  Additionally, we’ve been able to build new relationships with local businesses that have made some great donations to our league in sponsorships.  That funding has directly made all of our field improvements possible.

     Our board has worked arduously to ‘be more efficient’.  As you might imagine, there are an enormous amount of tasks that need to get completed to enjoy a successful season.  As we make our way from event to event, we are learning new ways to be more efficient and productive.  We believe that all of our diligent work this year will make these same tasks much easier to manage next season.

   All in all, so far this season we’ve been able to make big strides in improving our league.  Now, as we embark on the new season – we can hope that each of you is able to see these improvements and enjoy your time just that much more.  Nevertheless, we will remain committed to making improvements and staying in line with our original vision.


ASSESSMENTS:  Assessments for the entire league are scheduled for January 23rd (Saturday).  By this time, everyone should have received an email from our Player Agent detailing their child’s assessment time.  If you haven’t received this information by that time, please feel free to email me or Karen Rincon directly for assistance.


COACHES CLINIC:  On January 30th we will be holding a baseball coaching clinic for ALL ADULTS in the league.  The way we see it, everyone can be an “Assistant Coach” some day and we’ve hired a professional company to come teach all of you how to teach the fundamentals of baseball better.  You can bring your children, but they will not be allowed to participate in any of the drills – we will have an area where they can hang out if need be.  This class will be held at an indoor facility here in Mira Mesa (MM7 Training Center).  You can find additional details on the league website.


MEET & GREET:  This year, we will be holding a “Meet & Greet” on January 31st at Sports Authority in Poway.  This will be the first time that players will learn which team they’ve been selected to play on.  In addition, Sports Authority is offering 20% off their entire store that day to each of our players – so come take advantage of the savings.  If you’re unable to make the event, players will be informed later that night of which team they're on.  However, this is the first chance the kids and their parents will get an opportunity to meet their new coaches, get the correct size of jerseys, win prizes, and receive other league updates.


FIELD IMPROVEMENTS:  I appreciate everyone’s patience as we complete all of our field improvements.  I’d say we are about 85% complete and are looking to get the remaining items completed by the first game of the season.  While the remaining items are minor, you may see some areas cordoned off.  Please respect the barriers and allow us the opportunity to complete this work uninterrupted.


Please remember, my “door is always open”.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at any time.  I will do my best to be as responsive as possible.

I'll look to see you all on the fields!


KEY DATES:  Please take note of the following key dates

        Jan 23     Assessments

        Jan 25     Spring Drafts Begin

        Jan 30     Coaches Clinic (Adults Only - MM7 Training Center)

        Jan 31     Sports Authority "Meet & Greet"

        Feb 01     Spring Practices Start

        Feb 04     Team Parents Meeting / Scorekeepers Clinic

        Feb 21     Opening Day

        Feb 27     Games Start

        Feb 28     Picture Day




Carlos Weckmann IV

President, Mira Mesa Youth Baseball

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