Frequently Asked Questions



What is "Mira Mesa Youth Baseball"?

Mira Mesa Youth Baseball (MMYB) is locally run, non-profit baseball league for players ages 3 thru 26. MMYB was established in 1972 and is associated with PONY Baseball of America. MMYB is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by its members. See the MMYB By-Laws for more details.

What is "PONY Baseball"?

PONY stands for "Protect Our Nation's Youth". PONY Baseball of America is a non-profit corporation, started in 1951, and is a national competitor to the better known "Little League". As a member of PONY baseball MMYB may enter teams in post-season PONY tournaments. 

Why "PONY Baseball"?

There are several other brands of youth baseball in America.  'Little League' is probably the most well known, with other smaller brands that include 'Dixie' and 'Cal Ripken'. 

Pony Baseball is different then other youth baseball leagues in many ways. The rules of play are designed to maximize player development and minimize chance of injury. Players are placed in division strictly by age at two-year intervals so that kids are competing with others their same age.

Field dimension (base paths and pitching distance) are gradually expanded with each division to match the growth and development of young players. This ensures that all players will compete on a field that matches thei abilities and improves safety concerns that can occur when older players are on fields that are too small (i.e. Little League).

Most importantly, young players are introduced to more advanced rules at younger ages, so that they are challenged with new baseball concepts as they grow.  Pitching, stealing bases, and other "complete game" elements are introduced at a younger age than in other youth baseball brands.

Overall, it is our view that Pony Baseball offers the best opportunity for development, while also being safer than some other programs.  It is our belief that there is a better chance to play at a higher level (whether that is travel, high school, or even beyond) by getting a start in Pony Baseball.

Who runs Mira Mesa Youth Baseball?

MMYB is run by a Board of Directors which is made up exclusively of volunteers. These volunteers work year-round to promote player development and enhance the game of baseball for the youth of Mira Mesa and surrounding communities. Those interested in joining the Board may submit a nomination form beginning in the month of May, with the annual election held at the Annual Picnic in May.



When is registration? (back to the top)

General registration for the spring season is held in November-January for the spring season and June-August for the fall season. The exact dates for registration sessions and deadlines will be posted on the website.

Can girls play in MMYB? (back to the top)

Yes - and a number of girls do play in MMYB every year, especially in the younger age divisions.

Do players have to live in Mira Mesa to play in MMYB? (back to the top)

During the Spring and Fall seasons the PONY league boundaries rule does not apply.

League boundaries for ALL STAR eligibility are based on where you live and not where you choose to play. Starting in 2015, the league's boundaries include all of San Diego County.

Proof of Residency is required for all players that will participate in PONY Sanctioned Tournaments.

*Rule: 4 (F) ... "Only players whose residence, as determined by the residence of their parents or legal guardians is within the approved league boundaries shall be considered "legal" players for tournament play."

How is a player's age bracket determined? (back to the top)

A player's age for the season is determined by what their age will be on April 30 that upcoming spring. For example, if a player's 11th birthday is on April 15, they must play in the Bronco division - even though they will only be 10 when the season begins.

How are teams chosen? (back to the top)

After registration is closed, and assessments are held, a list of available players from each division is created by the player agents. For Shetland Lower & Upper, the player agents create balanced teams that will help foster a learning and fun environment. For Pinto through Colt, a draft is held with coaches choosing from the available players to make their teams.

I registered my child. When do I know what team he/she is on? (back to the top)

Once the teams have been selected, the coach for each team is responsible for contacting the parent/guardian of everyone on their team directly based on the contact info provided during registration.

I would like to have my child play for a particular coach or with a particular friend? (back to the top)

You may request a particular coach or to have your child play on a team with one of his friends. While this is taken into consideration when teams are created, there are other factors that go into the process (such as player drafts), which may prevent the request from being honored. Youth sports are a good opportunity for your child to experience different coaches and gain more friends.
Please contact the division player agent with any conerns you may have.

Can my child play in an age group above or below their own age group? (Playing up or down) (back to the top)

In general, the answer is "no". For players age 9 and up, we strongly recommend that they play primarily in their normal age bracket. In the younger age brackets we may suggest that a player play up based on safety reasons, skill level, etc.

Unfortunately due to liability constraints, we generally do not allow players to play in a younger age bracket. Exceptions require the approval of the board.

Is Insurance provided for players? (back to the top)

The league purchases supplemental insurance for registered players.

I have unregistered my child, can I receive a refund? (back to the top)

We will issue refunds up until teams have been drafted, this occurs during the week after assessments. You will be refunded all registration fees minus any system fees charged by third party systems such as sports sign up or square register.  


When does the season start? (back to the top)

Spring season practice begins in February with games beginning in March.
Fall season practice begins in September with games beginning around the 2nd or 3rd week in September.

When does the season end? (back to the top)

Spring season ends mid-May. For select players, teams play in the Memorial Tournament in May and All-star tournaments beginning in June.

Fall season ends mid-November, usually the week before Thanksgiving.

When are MMYB practices? (back to the top)

Practice times are determined by the head umpire and coaches. Typically the coaches will discuss the practice schedule at the first team meeting.
Spring season practice begins February 1st and includes Sundays.
Fall season practice begins end of August and includes Saturdays.

When are MMYB games played?  (back to the top)

Spring season games are played on Saturday.
Fall season games are played on Sunday.

Where are the games played?  (back to the top)

Games are played at Camino Ruiz Neighborhood Park, located at 11489 Camino Ruiz.

How do I know if a game is rained out? (back to the top)

Prior to games starting, the Fields & Facilities Coordinator will work with the coaches to determine whether the fields are playable. The safety of players, umpires, coaches and parents is the most important factor. If a game is cancelled, coaches will be responsible for notifying their team members as soon as possible. The league website will be updated with cancellations in a timely manner, so check there too. We will also update our Facebook group page.



What equipment does the league provide? (back to the top)

MMYB provides each player with a baseball shirt and hat, which they will be allowed to keep at the end of the season. Each team is supplied with bats, batting helmets, catcher’s gear and balls for use during games and practices.

What equipment does my child need to play? (back to the top)

Each player should have their own baseball glove. It is recommended that you write your child’s name on the inside of the glove. Baseball pants, belt and socks (coaches determine color), baseball cleats (plastic only). If your child is going to play the catcher position, it is recommended that they have a cup.

Should my child have his/her own bat? (back to the top)

It is recommended that your child utilize the bats provided by the league initially. Since bats can be very expensive, it is important that any bat purchased individually conform to league rules and is suitable for your child. As a result, it is recommended that you consult your child’s Coach, Division Chair or a MMYB Board member before purchasing any bat. Please label any bat that you bring.

Should my child have his/her own helmet? (back to the top)

Batting helmets are provided for each team. You may choose to bring your own helmet, but please label it so that it is not confused with team equipment.



Does MMYB need coaches? (back to the top)

Generally, yes, we are usually in need of coaches, especially for the younger age divisions.

I would like to coach. How do I get started? (back to the top)

During the registration process, fill out a Manager/Coach Application; indicate which position you would like to help out with (manager, coach, assistant coach). You may also reach out to any member of the Board of Directors. MMYB provides guidance to new coaches, so prior experience is not a requirement.

Do I need a background check if I’m just helping out every once in a while? (back to the top)

Yes, anyone who will have contact with kids on the field, practice field or dugout requires a background check, this includes managers, coaches and assistant coaches. The safety of our children is our most important objective.
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