Frequently Asked Questions

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When does the season start?

Registrations are typically held throughout January and February.

Teams are typically established in mid-March.

Practices cannot begin until after April 1st.

Games start in May.  Depending on a number of variables, this is sometimes early May and sometimes mid-May.

The season typically ends by July 4th.

Tournaments may be held in July (after the completion of the season).

What equipment should I buy?

RGSL provides every registered team with an equipment bag containing the following:

  • Balls
  • Bats
  • Batting helmets
  • Catcher's equipment (softball divisions only)
  • Tee (t-ball only)

Additionally, RGSL provides every player with a team jersey.  Softball divisions are provided with team shorts as part of their uniform.

Players should provide their own gloves.  Any other personal equipment is optional.  We highly recommend parents make sure their child is going to use equipment before making any purchase.  We offer the following suggestions:

  • Personal bat -- Every store and every clerk will tell you their personal "formula" for picking the right bat for your child.  RGSL suggests you allow your child to attend a few practices and try out a variety of bats.  Make note of the length and weight of the bat he or she likes to use.
  • Batting helmet -- Please note that all SOFTBALL divisions REQUIRE batting helmets to have a proper facemask.
  • Socks, visors, batting gloves, cleats, etc. -- Make sure your daughter will wear these before purchasing.
  • Sliding pad -- Make sure your daughter wants to learn how to properly slide (and is willing to slide) before purchasing.
  • Defensive facemask -- Contrary to poular opinion, no sanctioning body (IHSA, PONY, Little League, ASA, USSSA, etc.) has made a defensive facemask mandatory for any fielding position.  Some girls are comfortable wearing these, others find them to be nuisance.  If you chose to purchase one for your daughter, make sure it fits properly.  It should be a snug fit which does not allow the mask to move on her face or obstruct her view. 

What about rainouts?

RGSL offers a number of ways to find out if your game has been canceled due to weather.  Every game day we will have an announcement made around 4pm.  After 4pm each day you can:

  • Visit our website here 
  • Follow the RGSL Facebook page
  • Register for text/e-mail alerts that are sent out once game status is determined.

Because Illinois weather can be volatile, do not assume games are canceled.  With teams playing in Riverton, Pleasant Plains, Sherman, Athens, Ashland and Petersburg it is very possible for it to be raining at one field while the sun is shining at another field.

There are times when we may need to delay making an announcement.  In those cases we will post a messsage advising you of a time to check back (i.e., "check back at 5pm").


Why does it take so long to get schedules?

While computers have certainly made scheduling much easier, there are several other factors that prevent us from "just plugging it all in."  Unfortunately we have to wait on information from several other organizations before completing our schedules.  In recent years we have begun coordinating with as many as four different Leagues each season, including Riverton Athletic Club's coach pitch program.  Schedules go through several drafts each season before being distributed.

When/how often do teams practice/play?

RGSL teams start practicing in April 1st.  Teams are given one practice slot during the week and one practice slot on the weekend. Weeknight practices stop once the season begins. Weekend practices are at the coach's discretion. (NOTE: make-up games take precedence over practice slots.)

The season typically begins in mid-to-late May (later for the older divisions) and we try to wrap up by the 4th of July.

Teams typically have an average of 10-12 games a season. We typically have tried not to schedule games on weekends, however we do use weekends for make-up games.