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You must sell 5 tickets at $10.00 each.  Make sure to write the buyer of the ticket's name/phone/email on the stub and you retain the stub (you will be required to turn in all 5 stubs and $50.00 cash prior to uniform distribution).  If you need more tickets to sell or wish to turn in your money and stubs to eliminate the chance of misplacement prior to the uniform distribution date (TBD), please contact an RGSL officer.   The contest itself:  During the month of June 2020, RGSL will be following the Illinois State Lottery's EVENING Pick 3 games and will post the numbers on the RGSL Facebook page (click the Facebook link on the left side panel of the website's home page or go to as well as here (on our website) Anyone whose numbers match the Illinois State Lottery's EVENING PICK 3 numbers (must be in the CHRONOLOGICAL order as drawn and no Fireball numbers) will win anywhere from $50 to $150 depending upon the day the numbers hit ($50 on weekdays, $100 on weekends, $150 on Father’s Day).  Note:  One ticket can have multiple wins if the numbers are picked more than once in the month of June.  Ticket winners will be contacted at the end of the June when the contest is finished.