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  • ASA - listing of banned bats
    To be used a guideline in determining which bats should not be used in league play. As a general rule, multi-walled bats and other high-end composite bats are not allowed. To be permitted, bats should be ASA-certified and not listed as banned by ASA. Since we are a coed recreational league, the aim is to have fun and eliminate the chance of injury.

  • ASA - bat & ball certification info
    A six-page informational document discussing the ASA certification program for bats and balls. A good reference in determining which compression- and COR-level softballs should be used in league play. (Pages 5 and 6 are particularly helpful in explaining the varying compression and COR levels stamped on softballs. The basic rule of thumb - the higher the compression or COR, the farther and faster the ball will travel.)

  • Listing of batting cages in Connecticut
    An alphabetical listing of all batting cages in Connecticut, which gives addresses and phone numbers.

  • Red Rock Tavern, Hartford
    The location of the 2009 League scheduling meeting. Links to a business listing with address, phone number and map.