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April 13, 2019 – 09:45 AM


Although the league scheduling meeting was held on Thursday, March 28, it's not too late to put a team together and set up some games - many teams have openings on their schedule.  Captains set up schedules to suit their teams (they are not assigned by a league) so it's never too late to add/arrange dates to accommodate new teams.  Many of us are flexible in playing on different days of the week, and many of us also have home playing fields lined up.  So if you're thinking of putting a group of friends/co-workers together, please contact: jchakulski@yahoo.com.  We're always looking to add new teams!


February 16, 2019 – 01:28 PM


League scheduling meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 28 at 5PM at the Red Rock Tavern at 369 Capitol Avenue in Hartford.  Please submit your team contact information.  New teams always welcome!  Contact: jchakulski@yahoo.com


April 4, 2018 – 07:50 PM


Some of you are new and may have happened across our website and are considering joining us.  As background, this league dates back into the late-1970s and has always been very loosely organized.  The laid-back, low-cost, all-inclusive nature of the league is what has helped it to survive for so long, and has spawned such long-running franchises as Acid Reign, the (Boozin') Bisons, and the Fighting Plankton from Hell - all charter member clubs that continue to field teams some thirty-plus years later.  (Just think, these three clubs have been around almost as long as the Montreal Expos!)


The 1996 pre-season newsletter (my first year as a team captain) cited but four rules:

     1)  slow-pitch

     2)  no sliding

     3)  minimum of 3 women playing in the field and batting in the line-up; and

     4)  umpiring agreed to by the teams playing


Through the years, changes have been made, however any changes are typically made in the spirit of promoting safety rather than promoting hard-core competition.  If you want a league that is coed, open to all skill levels, provides a venue for healthy competition and exercise prior to swapping softball war stories during post-game pizza and beers, and holds no playoffs but instead allows teams to conveniently play as many, or as few, games as they wish, then this is the league for you.  If you are looking for a competitive play-off league, or are a men's team that will have continual difficulties fielding a team with three female players, or want to use higher-end bats because crushing homeruns is a priority, then you probably want to look elsewhere.


We do not use or pay for umpires.  We do not have league insurance nor do we charge dues.  Teams do not have to play balanced schedules and do not have to play all other teams (which would be tough since we had almost forty clubs last year.)  Most teams will agree that finding playing fields will be your hardest challenge, and if you are able to find one, your biggest expense.  The "league" does not provide for fields.  Teams should look around to try and reserve fields where they can.  Maybe agree to play home-and-home games with other teams (splitting costs) during the scheduling meeting, or possibly even look into team insurance that opens doors as to securing fields within certain towns that require it.


Basic league rules include:

- Slow-pitch - 6 to 12 foot arc.

- Modified coed - Minimum of three women in the field and line-up. A team must make every effort to field a team with three women or face penalty (example: loss of fourth outfielder.) Team captains should meet and agree on any penalty prior to the game. For suggestions, please refer to the minutes of the 3/10/11 captain's meeting located under the Handouts link on this page.

- No umpires - Basecoaches make calls on the basepaths, catchers call fair/foul balls. Additionally, teams may or may not opt to use a home plate mat to serve in calling balls and strikes. For more information on this topic, please refer to the minutes of the 3/10/11 captain's meeting located under the Handouts link on this page.

- No sliding - Over-running of all bases is permitted, so long as a runner does not round as if to advance to the next base. However, it should be noted the ability to over-run a base does not entitle a baserunner the right to run through a player making a defensive play. The baserunner must make all effort to avoid injury, even if it means having to slow up or veer to one side or the other. Defenders must also take care not to block the baseline. For more information on this topic, please refer to the minutes of the 3/10/11 captain's meeting located under the Handouts link on this page.

- All composite-barrel bats are banned - This was new for 2011 and STILL REMAINS IN EFFECT.  Captains must educate your players and police your own team on this! The barrel (part of the bat that strikes the ball) must be metal or wood. Anything with a composite barrel is not permitted. Some bats have metal or alloy handles but the sleeve up top is composite - these are not allowed.  Even during batting practice, composite bats should be left in the bat bag.  This a safety move in line with similar bans in other leagues, Little League baseball, etc. Nobody wants to see anyone get seriously hurt. For more information on this topic, please refer to the minutes of the 3/10/11 captain's meeting located under the Handouts link on this page.

- Game balls should be a low-compression Gold Dot (375/.44 COR) or equivalent - The aim is to avoid injury. Harder core balls come off the bat more quickly, and leaves less reaction time for infielders and pitchers.

- Home teams generally responsible for finding a playing field and a providing the game ball.

- Captains should meet before game to discuss ground rules as needed. This has always been a major part of the culture of the "league" - captains should always meet before games to agree upon and set ground rules. Most rules are flexible, so long as both teams agree. If you want your home field-specific ground rules posted, please email them to the website contact.

- With no league playoffs: try to avoid arguments, have fun, and don’t get hurt!

Some teams in the league have been active for over twenty-five years, with the same core of players still actively participating. Other new teams have only recently organized within the past couple years. The age of participating players has ranged from as young as 12, to as old as 72. Skill level varies from green rookies picking up the game, to seasoned softball vets. The purpose of the league is for everyone to come together and have fun.

If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to send an email by clicking the website contact link on the menu on the left of this page.




July 22, 2018 – 07:30 PM

Each year, in response to postings on the League Line-up community bulletin board inviting new teams to join the league, inquiries come in from players seeking to join up with a team. When these inquiries are received, they will be copied into the site guestbook and names will be entered here. From time to time I will update this list as needed, but in the mean time, if any team out there is looking for players, feel free to contact any of the "free agents" listed here:


I posted some previously unlisted inquiries I have received. If you are a new free agent and would like to be listed, forward me an email and I will add you here:

Jonathan Wang - jcw981@gmail.com - 860-338-5595 - "I'm mainly looking for some friendly competition, exercise, and to have fun! I am in West Hartford. I played some little league growing up but have never played organized softball as an adult." - June 20, 2018

Sylvia Narciso - sylnarciso@gmail.com - "I'm interested in joining a coed softball team. Please let me know if you have any spots available." - April 22, 2018

Liz Garcia - EGarcia860@hotmail.com - "I was set to play for a team out of Bristol but I guess at last minute some people bailed and we do not have enough players. Do you know of a team looking for a player?" - April 18, 2018

Kevin Ciha - kevinciha@yahoo.com - 9202776229 - "Hi, I am a man looking for a men's or co-ed slow pitch softball team. I am a casual softball player so I am not looking for a hardcore team. How can I best reach out to teams to see if they need additional players?" - April 15, 2018

Iveliz Rivera - iveliz.rivera@me.com - "Hi, looking to join a softball co-ed team. If not how can I sign up for next year?" - April 8, 2018

John Johnson - johnmj51@gmail.com - 845-536-1779 - "I'm a military veteran that moved to the Hartford area last year to start a new career and would love to join a softball team if anyone needs a player. Former high school baseball player and I've played for various softball clubs over the years." - April 8, 2018

Amber Knowles - papergirl13@gmail.com - "Looking to play softball on a team in 2018" - April 6, 2018

Jeremy - jeremyclaflin6@gmail.com - 8605430445 - "Is it too late to get on a team?" - May 11, 2017

Jasminejasmineaponte07@yahoo.com8602668204 - "Hey my name is Jasmine I used to play for the Empty Pitchers. I lost all contacts and Im looking to play. Is it too late to sign up?" - May 8, 2017

Tyler Marsh - (email address link found in website guestbook) - "I am relocating from Denver to Hartford in April.  I have grown up playing baseball, can play several positions, and I am looking for a competitive team to play with.  I am 28 years old so looking to meet people around my age and have fun since I am new to the area." - March 6, 2018

EJ Lozzi - elozzi1925@gmail.com3023829190 - "My wife and I have recently relocated to the area and are looking for a team to join. We both have experience with slow pitch, and my wife has experience with collegiate fast pitch" - April 11, 2017

James Golden - jasgolden@gmail.com - 8604165099 - "Hello! I'm looking for a fun, sociable softball team. I'm in the West End of Hartford. Hope somebody needs a player!" - April 9, 2017

Nicholas Bisaccia - Nicktm88.nb@gmail.com - 8603772663 - "I'm just looking to play some adult softball. I don't know how to become part of a team or what it cost. But I definitely want to play." - 2017

Christina - cstamarche@gmail.com - 3039902637 - "I'm new to the area and would love to be part of a co ed or all women's softball team." - March 30, 2017

Zacharie Hunt - huntzacharie@yahoo.com - "I was getting in contact because I'm looking for a softball league to join, but I only have myself and friend looking for a team. Do not have enough people for a full team, but would still like to join a team if that is a possibility?" - March 7, 2017

Adela Torres - adela_Torres27@yahoo.com - 8607190135 - "I've been trying to find a loyal team I can sign up with near me but its been hard for me to find any where to sign up.. Can you contact me or please call me and let me know, any type of info." - January 1, 2017



February 26, 2012 – 08:56 PM

1.) Captain's meeting to discuss/set league guidelines was held
Thursday, March 15 - 6pm - Red Rock Tavern

Teams were invited to send a representative, if they wish, various items were discussed. The guidelines will be emailed out to all teams and captains, and posted on the website.

2.) League scheduling meeting
Thursday, March 29 - 5pm - Red Rock Tavern

Following thirty-year tradition, the league scheduling meeting will be held on the last Thursday of March. Schedulers are asked not to call or email around setting up games until the meeting. No one wants to be harassed with emails and call during work hours, and it is fairer for everyone to wait until the meeting. An updated team listing with new contact information will be sent out the week of the meeting.

For new teams, the scheduling meeting is essentially a happy hour. Just show up with an appointment book, meet other captains, and set up games and nights that work for you. If possible, teams should try to line up playing fields for their home fields ahead of time. And don't be late! The official start time of the meeting used to be 6pm, but everyone showed up right after work, and schedulers got to work. A few years backs it was decided to finally end the charade and change the official start time to 5pm.

3.) Looking for players?
If any team is looking for some players, please check out the list of "free agents" further down on this page. The names and email addresses from inquiries I receive will be updated there as I get them throughout the spring.

4.) Website admin rights
All current team captains have been emailed admin rights in the past for administrators who can access the site, add/maintain team schedules, enter team rosters, and/or enter game scores and player stats. If anyone needs to be set up with access (or forgot theirs) just let me know.


April 7, 2010 – 10:44 PM

The scheduling meeting for the 2010 season was held Thursday, March 25 at the Red Rock Tavern. Thanks to Red Rock owner (and thirdbaseman) Don Mancini for again hosting our annual meeting. The meeting was hectic as always, with 28 different teams represented.

As of April 5, these are the teams that are participating in 2010:
Acid Reign
Alaskan Brothers
AMTEC - NEW TEAM for 2010
Aspen Re - NEW TEAM for 2010
Bad Apples
Balls Deep (SS&C Technologies)
Bases Loaded
Blood, Sweat, and Beers - NEW TEAM for 2010
Bob Marley and the Whalers - NEW TEAM for 2010
Capital Stars
Cheshire Cats (formerly Powerstation Ballers)
City Slickers
Cohn Heads (formerly JP Cohn/Haggett Longobardi)
Datapay Payroll
Dream Catchers - NEW TEAM for 2010
E Coli Happens
Electoral Dysfunction (formerly SEEC Wildcats)
Empty Pitchers
Fighting Plankton from Hell
Green Bombers
Green Team
Hartford Motorboaters
Heavy Metal
HH Shockers
Los Bambinos
Maffe Financial
MDMC (formerly Pepe & Hazard LLP)
New Britain Bar Association
No Glove, No Love - NEW TEAM for 2010
Red Rock Tavern
Rocky Hill Vets
Shipman & Goodwin LLP
State of CONNfusion
The Overtimers - NEW TEAM for 2010
The Softballas

Not fielding a team in 2010:
Booze Brothers
Danger Squirrels
Pocket Pirates

League rules
Basic league rules are listed below on this home page. Team captains should take some time to read through them prior to the season. For new teams, there are sure to be some unfamiliar rules that are unique to this league. Just keep in mind, the league is set up to be recreational and fun, and no one wants anybody to get hurt.


October 26, 2008 – 11:15 PM

Over seventy players representing thirteen teams were on hand to celebrate the end of the 2008 season at the official season-end party hosted by the Red Rock Tavern. Teams that were represented included: Acid Reign, Bisons, Booze Brothers, Capital Stars, E Coli Happens, Empty Pitchers, Fighting Plankton, Hartford United, inDRStructible, New Britain Bar Association, Red Rock, Shipman & Goodwin, and UConn Department of Public Policy. Don Mancini (Red Rock’s owner and thirdbaseman) was a gracious host, putting out plenty of food. He even booked karaoke, which the players slowly warmed up to as the night wore on.

Chris Oakley of New Britain Bar sponsored and awarded plaques to the men's and women's 2008 season stat leaders. Congrats to: Randy Atkins of Capital Stars (batting average - men's), Sean Bharat of Bases Loaded (homeruns - men's), Mark Laczewski of New Britain Bar (RBIs - men's), Katie Mahoney of Red Rock (batting average - women's), Julie Strzemienski of New Britain Bar (homeruns - women's), and Angela Zanolli of New Britain Bar (RBIs - women's).

Above left: a table that includes Rich Niederwerfer (E Coli captain), Barbara (E Coli starting pitcher), Sara Ramsbottom (E Coli thirdbaseman), Al Letendre (former Acid Reign captain), and Joe Jencaro (Capital Stars).
Above right: a table that includes Marc Lucas and Tom Proietti (both of the Bisons), Scott Perrault (Booze Brothers), Scott Nelson (Booze Brothers), and Stacey Sachow (Booze Brothers captain). In the background is Arvid Leftwich (Capital Stars pitcher).

Above left: a table of four Acid Reign players includes pitcher Jim Coulter, shortstop John Smith, outfielder Craig, and pitcher Jackie Mickiewicz.
Above right: a table of inDRStructible players that includes firstbaseman Luca Capriglione, outfielder Gordie Lustila, outfielder Tony Santos, outfielder Scott Deslaurier, outfielder Carol Andrews, and second baseman Gloria Axiotis.

Above left: a table of New Britain Bar Association players includes Julie Strzemienski and Chris Oakley, among others.
Above right: the Hartford United club was probably the most spirited group in attendance. Seen here led by co-captains Andrew Lombardo and Dave Kaletski, the team was very well-represented, stayed on late into the evening, and offered non-stop karaoke performances all night long.

Above left: league women's homerun champ Julie Strzemienski of the New Britain Bar Association.

Above right: belting out Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville are inDRStructible's Carol Andrews and Gloria Axiotis.

Above left: as added entertainment, players watched Game 2 of the World Series as the Rays battled the Phillies.
Above right: Dave Kaletski of Hartford United and Jodi Kabat of Red Rock.


September 1, 2008 – 04:05 PM

Team captains are encouraged, on a weekly basis, to nominate a male and female player for the GHISL Top Players of the Week. No prizes, but winners (and honorable mentions) will be posted on the league website. Simply email your nominations to the website contact with a brief write-up (date/opponent, player name/position, male/female, how they fared hitting/fielding, etc.) Just something to make things fun. Updates will be posted as they are received.

8/26/08 - Ed Crespan (Kanes) - In an exciting, hard-fought win over the Booze Brothers, Ed was the game's winning pitcher, and helped his own cause by rapping three base hits, including the key single to drive in the go-ahead run. (Ed was also nominated for manager of the year, as he ably skippered the team in the absence of Ron Palmisano, who has undergone five separate surgeries on his back this year - congrats to Ed, and a "get well soon" to Ron!)

7/29/08 - Greg Anderson (Kanes) - Not to be confused with the Greg Anderson who was Barry Bonds' personal trainer, the Kanes' Greg Anderson muscled a three-run homerun to lead his club to a win over New Britain Bar at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain.

6/25/08 & 6/26/08 - Adam Warzecha (Bases Loaded) - great defense by the left fielder held other teams in check in a pair of victories over the Stonecutters (6/25) and Capital Stars (6/26).

6/25/08 - Hector (Rocky Hill Vets) - showing off range behind the plate not seen since Ivan Rodriguez was playing in his prime, the hustling catcher made four grabs of foul pop-ups, one time sliding up against the chain-link fence backstop, and another time laying out into a full, outstretched dive.

6/25/08 - Gordie Lustila (inDRStructible) - was 3 for 3 with three runs scored, five RBIs, a double, two triples and a sacrifice fly in a tilt against the Rocky Hill Vets at Hopewell School in Glastonbury.

6/20/08 - Sue Mangene (Acid Reign) and Martin Rodriguez (Bases Loaded) - in a non-league game that was set up in conjunction with Team inDRStructible's annual baseball bustrip, Sue and Martin were named co-MVPs of the GHISL "All-Stars" squad that defeated DRS 12-10 in a game played on the North Meadow of Central Park in Manhattan. Sue, at shortstop, went 4 for 6 with 3 RBIs and preserved the win by snaring a line drive for the game's final out. Martin, playing in left-centerfield, was 6 for 6 with a double and 4 ribbies. Afterward, players from both sides all hopped back on the bus and journeyed to Yankee Stadium to see the Yanks host the visiting Cincinnati Reds.

6/17/08 - Darrell Dyer and Mallory Deprey (Kanes) - Darrell (4 for 4, 5 RBIs) and Mallory (3 for 4 with some great defense) provided the winning tandem in the Kanes victory over the Rocky Hill Vets at Chesley Park.

6/12/08 - Kim Kiefer (Red Rock) - secondbaseman (or is it secondbasewoman?) made two stellar catches to help her team escape a jam in the second inning, as Red Rock and Alaskan Brothers battled to a 6-6 tie.

6/12/08 - Rick Williams (Red Rock) - went a game-best 3 for 3 at the plate and scored two of his teams six runs in a hard-fought tie against Alaskan Brothers at King Philip School in West Hartford.

6/3/08 - Jay Will (Kanes) - outfielder made some great plays, drove in seven runs, and hit two homeruns - a two-run blast and a grand slam that carried the centerfield wall at Chesley Park - as the Kanes beat a spirited Danger Squirrels team in New Britain.

5/31/08 - Scott Gelineau (inDRStructible) - in a weekend charity game that goes nine innings, starting pitcher hurls the full nine innings, assists in eleven groundballs outs hit back to the pitcher's mound, and for good measure, bats lead off and goes 4 for 5.

5/29/08 - Jeremy Moskites (inDRStructible) - thirdbaseman wallops three homeruns and drives in seven runs in game against the Bisons at East Hartford High School.

5/28/08 - Kelly P. (Hartford United) - after her team surrendered five runs in the top of the seventh to enter the bottom of the final inning trailing 11-10, swatted a clutch walk-off single to lead Hartford United to an exciting 12-11 win over the SAD SOBs.

5/28/08 - Adam Soklow (SAD SOBs) - used every inch of his 6-foot frame to his advantage in leaping two feet off the ground to snare a hard-hit line drive against the Hartford United.

5/28/08 - Janette "Jae" Macon-Williams (SAD SOBs) - rookie of the year candidate makes three impressive catches in the outfield, racing in to make shoestring grabs on sinking line drives.

5/28/08 - Heather Berte (SAD SOBs) - pitcher takes a line drive hit up the middle right off her bicep, but sticks with the play and throws the ball to first base to make the out.

5/22/08 - Michael Prith (Bases Loaded) - delivered solid pitching, some timely hits, and a couple clutch defensive plays in a victory against Acid Rain at Riverside Park.

5/22/08 - Sandi Isner (inDRStructible) - only a few weeks removed from her sixty-first birthday, long-time league vet pitches complete game and strokes three base hits in win over Intentional Spoliators at Crystal Lake Park in Middletown.

5/14/08 - Acid Reign & Hartford United teams - in an unprecedented pitcher's duel and defensive masterpiece, teams combined to allow just one lone run as Acid Reign triumphs 1-0 at Riverside Park. In her first game in over a year, Acid Reign's Jackie Mickiewicz pitches a complete game shutout!

5/13/08 - Kanes team - entered the bottom of the seventh inning trailing five runs, but rallied for six runs to come away with a walk-off win over inDRStructible at Chesley Park.

5/8/08 - Theresa Palmer (Red Rock) - provided solid fielding, went 2 for 4 at the plate, and scored Red Rock's first run of the 2008 season in a game against E Coli Happens at Carmen Arace School in Bloomfield.

5/8/08 - Mike Malone (inDRStructible) - racked up 6 RBIs and swatted three homeruns into the shallow trees at Riverside Park in Hartford in tilt against Heavy Metal.

5/8/08 - Jaime Gonzalez (Red Rock) - belted two homeruns in going 3 for 4 along with some good defense in contest against E Coli Happens at Carmen Arace School in Bloomfield.

5/1/08 - Heather Berte (SAD SOBs) - team captain and starting pitcher made a half-dozen dazzling stops on hard-hit grounders back up the middle. Later shifted to shortstop and recorded another putout in game against inDRStructible at Churchill Park in Newington.

5/1/08 - Chris Atwood (inDRStructible) - scored two runs and had a team-best three base hits in going 3 for 3 in season opener against SAD SOBs at Churchill Park in Newington.


January 30, 2007 – 11:30 PM

(1) Weather
The weather link on the upper right of this page has been set up to bring you directly to the daily/hourly forecast for the Hartford zip code on Weather.com. This will be useful on those gamedays where there is a threat of rain.

(2) Teams
The teams/rosters menu option on the left of the page will access a drop-down menu that includes every active team in the league. From there you can email other team captains as well as obtain contact phone numbers. (Click on the website contact link on the left to send an email to notify of any information that needs to be corrected or updated.)

(3) Directions (fields)
The directions menu option will access an extensive drop-down menu of playing fields that has been compiled over the years. The directions can easily be accessed, printed and distributed. (Again, click on the website contact link on the left to send an email to notify of any information that needs to be added or updated.)

(4) Links
The links menu option offers some helpful links such ASA information concerning certified softballs and banned bats, a listing of Connecticut batting cages, and directions to spots where the league scheduling meeting has been held. Feel free to submit any other useful links you come across.