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The Bisons Softball team was started as part of the CT Sports Club in 1983. Twelve strangers came together to meet others and play softball. In the beginning all but one of the players was single. Since then may changes have been witnessed, including weddings, child birth, first and second home ownership. We have seen some players come and some players go. We have traveled to many destinations as a group. A Holiday dinner has been a tradition from the start, but our kick-off brunch has been hit or miss, like our batting.
  Will Hauschulz.000.000.000
  Bill Hettinger.000.000.000
  Barb Kelly.000.000.000
  Diane Lucas.000.000.000
  Mark Lucas.000.000.000
  Henry Pienkos.000.000.000
  Tom Proietti.000.000.000
  Devin Reali.000.000.000
  Bill Usher.000.000.000

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