Tournament Rules

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Cynthia K. Critelli 2020 Memorial Tournament Rules


1. All teams may have up to 12 maximum on their roster. No players in high school allowed. Each team gets 4 games  
2. Tournament  rules will be high school rules as per N. J. S. I. A. A. The exceptions are identified in these rules.

3. Each Team will attempt to  play each of their players 8 minutes in each game.  Each team gets three full timeouts.

4. 4th Grade Boys will use the 28.5 Basketball for games.

5. Championship Game and Consolation Game (No Consolation Game in 4 Boys)  teams Division winners are determined in order by

  • Any team that forfeits any game in this tournament will not be allowed to play in the Championship Game but will be eligible for the Consolation Game
  • Win/loss record during round robin of 3 games
  • Head to head for teams involved in the tie breaker (4 Boys only if all teams involved played each other)
  • Point differential (for teams involved in the tie breaker only) in round robin games (teams involved in the tiebreaker only). A maximum scoring difference of 15 points per game   will be   allowed in calculation of the  point differential in games tie breaker. Any team that wins by more then 15 points will be credited with a 15 point win.
  • Points allowed (for teams involved in the tie breaker only)  in round robin games.
  • Coin flip

6. Full court pressing rules

  • Permitted if lead is 15 points or less. If a team has a 16-point lead they can not press,
  • 4th  Grade Girls  Teams can only press in the last 2 minutes of  the   4th Quarter. If the game goes into OT pressing can continue throughout the OT periods
  • 6th Grade Boys/Girls  Teams can press in the second half of the game.. . If the game goes into OT pressing can continue throughout the OT periods
  • 8th Grade Girls  Teams can press throughout the game.


7.  OT periods will be played when necessary. The first OT will be normal per high school rules. If any other OT is necessary the time will be cut to 3 minutes.


8.  Foul Shooting

  • 4th  Girls  can cross the foul line when shooting a free throw but can not run towards the basket for the rebound until the ball hits the rim. If they cross the line and advance towards the basket it will be a violation

9. Coaches and fans that are ejected must leave the Gym area and return when the game is over. Head Coach is responsible for controlling his or her fans. Unruly fans will be ejected and asked to leave the building


10. Copies of Birth Certificates must be produced prior to the end of the tournament if a challenge is issued. All challenges are issued through the Tournament Director on duty at time of game.

11. No Protests – decision of the game Referee is final.