Rules Page for Coaches

ETYB Rules

2019-2020 Season


Basketball Philosophy:

Coaches teach by example.  Win or lose graciously.  No one should run up the score.  No profanity or sarcasm should be used.  Officials shall be treated with respect at all times.

Coaches’ Responsibilities Include:

  1. Ensuring a good attitude displayed by yourself, assistant coach, team players and parents
  2. Ensuring that every player has a roster, practice and game schedule.
  3. Assigning parents to monitor hallways and rest rooms during practices and games.  (Parents must not let children roam school facilities unsupervised.)  A parent must sign the official scorebook each scheduled game when assigned monitor duties.
  4. Displaying RUTGERS SAFETY certification card to scorekeeper before each game. RUTGERS SAFETY certification is the only certification accepted by ETYB.
  5. After the last game, putting away player’s chairs and pushing in the bleachers. Except Friday nights, when a game is on Saturday (This is not the custodian’s duty.)
  6. Presenting line-up to the scorekeeper 10 minutes prior to the start of the game, when time allows.  Information must have each player’s name and uniform number.  This is also necessary for players who show up late for a game.
  7. Designate a player who will replace any other player who either fouls out or is otherwise disqualified to the scorekeeper.  This is done in number sequence from lowest number up for each game.  If the designated player is not available, the player with the next number (lower to higher) will replace the designated player.  Player designations must be recorded in the coaches’ scorebooks.
  8. Ensuring that each player wears a complete uniform to include official league shirt and shorts.  No uniform modifications are allowed.


Failure to comply with numbers 6, 7 and 8 above will result in a technical foul when reported to or discovered by the referee.

Game Length:

All players must play at least half of each game if they arrive on time.  Players arriving late must be reported to the scorekeeper and are only entitled to play half of the time remaining when they arrive.

In the Rookie and  Minor Divisions, each game shall be four quarters of six minutes each. 

The referee will call subs into the game stopping action as close to the half way point in the quarter as possible during games in the Rookie and Minor Divisions.  This is not a coach’s time out.  Each player must report to the scorekeeper prior to entering the game.

Games for the Major Boys, Major Girls and Boys High School Division will be two 20-minute halves with a running clock.

During games with running 20-minute halves, the clock will stop at five minute intervals to allow for substitutions.  The clock will also stop during the last two minutes of each half for any whistle (i.e., foul, ball out of bounds, etc.).


Playing Time:

There are eight time slots per game and five players per team.  This adds up to 40 slots per game and is distributed as follows:

10 players              4 slots each

  9 players             5 players get 4 slots; 4 get 5 slots

  8 players             8 players get 5 slots

  7 players             5 players get 6 slots; 2 get 5 slots

  6 players             4 players get 7 slots; 2 get 6 slots


While the scorekeeper will be keeping track of the number of slots each player has played, it is the responsibility of the Head Coach (or designee) to monitor their own player’s slots.  Errors with playing time will NOT be the fault of the scorekeeper.  If a team does not adhere to the playing time rules, the game will be forfeited.  There is no “grace period” - if you don’t follow the rules for playing time, your team will forfeit the game.

Whenever a player consistently misses scheduled practices and or games, the appropriate division coordinator must be contacted.  Reduced playing time may be sanctioned by the coordinator.  If this occurs the opposing coach and scorekeeper shall be notified before the game and will be noted in the official scorebook.

Pre-Game Free Throws:

Each player (except players in the Major and High School Boys and Major Girls Divisions) is given 2 free throws prior to the start of the game.  Any pre-game free throws count as part of the official score.  Any player arriving after both teams have completed free throws will not be allotted any free throws. 

Specific Rules for each Division

Rookie Girls:

There is no “press” at any time.  The defensive team must remain behind the foul line extended until the offensive team moves across the half-court line.  Only a “player-to-player” defense may be used.  No double-teaming.

Per the rules of basketball, the team with the ball has 10 seconds to advance the ball past the half-court line.

Minor Girls:

There is no “press” at any time.  The defensive team must remain behind the foul line extended until the offensive team moves the ball across the half court line.  A “player-to-player” or a zone defense may be used.

Major Girls:

A “full-court press” is only allowed during the second half of the game, as long as the team with the higher score is leading by nine points or less.  The team with the lower score may press at any time during the second half.  A player-to-player or a zone defense may be used.

Rookie Boys:

There is no “press” at any time.  The defensive team must remain behind the foul line extended until the offensive team moves the ball across the half-court line.  Only a “player-to-player” may be used.  No double-teaming.

Per the rules of basketball, the team with the ball has 10 seconds to advance the ball past the half-court line.

Minor Boys:

No press at any time.  Defenders must remain within the 3-point arc until the ball crosses the half-court line.  Man-to-man or a zone defense may be used.

Major/Senior Boys Divisions:

A full court press is allowed at any time unless a team is leading by 10 points or more whereby the trailing team must be allowed to advance the ball across the half court line.


When a game in any division is tied at the end of a regulation game, a three-minute overtime will be played.  Any player may play any amount of time in overtime unless he or she has fouled out.  Free substitution is allowed.  Each team is given one additional time out to add to any time outs not used during the regular game. If game is still tied after 3 minutes, the game will end in a tie (except for playoffs).

Time Outs:

Each team is allowed four full time outs per regulation game.


At the referee’s discretion, a coach, assistant coach, player or spectator may be disqualified for unacceptable conduct.  Such disqualification will result in an automatic two game suspension.  The referee also may use discretion to maintain order and safety immediately prior to and during the playing of the game.

If a head coach or assistant coach is disqualified twice in one season, he/she will be removed as a coach from the team for the remainder of the season after the second disqualification.

If a player is disqualified twice in one season, he/she will not be allowed to play on the team for the remainder of the season after the second disqualification.

Team Bench:

Only two non-players shall be allowed on the team bench – the coach and assistant coach and they must have current RUTGERS SAFETY certification cards in their possession.  An additional scorekeeper may be used but must sit away from the team bench area.

Coaches Box:

A six-foot long coaches box will be used at all times.  This area will extend from the first seat nearest the scorekeeper’s table for a distance of six feet.  The coach and/or assistant coach must occupy the first two seats nearest the scorekeeper’s table and may only coach the team from within the coach’s box.


No jewelry is allowed (includes earrings).  No exceptions shall be made.

Game Clock:

In the event that there is no working clock at a school gym for a game, hand held or table clocks may be used.  The scorekeeper will be responsible for monitoring both the game score and time and notifying the referee.

Game Ball Used:

Each year the head coach is supplied a game ball for the season. This is yours to keep, so please put your name on it. Ball size used for each division: Rookies (boys & girls), Minors (boys & girls), Majors (girls only) all use 28.5" ball. Major & Senior boys use a 29.5" ball.

Game Cancellations:

Game cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and advance notice of such cancellations may not occur.  Whenever schools are closed or let out early for inclement weather, all games and practices are automatically canceled.  As soon as game cancellations are known, they will be posted on the ETYB website –


Messages for all coordinators and other members of the Board of Directors can be left at the league number, which is 732-549-2221. Find extensions or email contact: Contact Info

Substitute Rule Clarification:

Each coach must use one player to be designated by the players’ numbers (from lowest number on the team to highest number).  The lowest number will be the substitute for game one and the next lowest number for game two, etc.  If a player misses a game and he was the designated player for that game he will lose his turn for being a substitute. Once all the numbers are used for that team, it will go back to the lowest player on the team and start over.  Each player must use the same jersey for the entire season.  The player’s number and name should be noted in the scorebook for each game.

Concussion Training:

It is mandatory that all coaches in the ETYB organization, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches, take the free on-line concussion training offered by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  This training, funded by the National Football League (NFL), was designed to instruct coaches of youth sports on how to deal with players who may have suffered a concussion.  The free on-line training can be found at the following web address:

Once training has been completed, send your certificate to the division coordinator.