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We know there a lot of concerns around the coronavirus outbreak. We have spoke with Edison Recreation Department and as of now, our season has been placed on hold. Once we learn something more on if we can continue the season, we will notify everyone.


Please go to the CDC website for the latest information and helpful tips on staying safe: www.CDC.com

Alex Corrigan with The Express Athletic Center and the freshman basketball coach at J.P. Stevens high school.  Just wanted to let you know that they have begun registration for our Spring AAU program.  They run a very convenient, competitive (but not A-league type players) and affordable AAU program that focuses on team play, basketball IQ, and individual skills.  It's 10-12 weeks long and there are no cuts.
They want as many developing players from Edison to register as possible, so we are giving the code: etyb20 for Edison players to use at checkout which will cancel out the $25 evaluation fee.  
~ Alex Corrigan

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question:    When does registration begin?
Answer:      Registration begins annually in August.

Question:    Is there a registration cutoff date?
Answer:      Cutoff date is end of October. Registrations will continue to be accepted until October or until a division is full. Then we may add a wait list. Wait list does not guarantee a spot on a team. Wait list is in case we have players that drop or signed up for the wrong division.
Question:   Do girls and boys play together? 
Answer:      No, only Clinic will boys and girls play together. We have separate divisions for the boys and girls. Rookie division – 3rd/4th grade, Minors – 5th/6th grade, Major – 7th/8th grade boys, Major – 7th thru High School girls and the High School division – 9th thru 12th grade boys.

Question:   When does the season start? 
Answer:      For recreation basketball league practices start in late November with games starting in December. 

Clinic starts the first Saturday of December.                    

Travel basketball, starts in September with tryouts, practices will start shortly after with games starting at coaches discretion.

Goto calendar for specific dates.

Question:   When does the season end? 
Answer:      The season will end late March (early April). 

Question:   What is travel basketball?
Answer:      Travel teams are made up of elite players from Edison and will play against neighboring towns. A player must try out and be selected to one of the teams for their grade bracket. 

Question: How much is it to play with ETYB?

Answer: League fee can be found here: https://www.leaguelineup.com/miscinfo.asp?menuid=33&url=etyb

Question:   What and when are evaluations held?
Answer:      Evaluation night is the recreation league player. It is for the coaches to see what kind of player you are. It is used to put together teams that will be of equal talent and equally competitive. Coaches are looking to see if you can dribble?  Can you shoot? Are you tall or short?  Are you fast or slow? All players are required to be at 
the player evaluation night.  All recreation players will be placed on a team (as long as there are enough volunteer coaches).

Evaluations are typically held in early November. See calendar for schedule   

Question: My child could not make the player evaluations. Will there a make-up date?

Answer: Simple answer is no. If we have enough coaches, your child should make it onto a team. If not, we will need to cut players. Coaches are volunteers.


Question: Which division does my child belong in?            

Answer: Clinic - K through 2nd grades (no player evaluations needed); Rookies - 3rd & 4th grades; Minors - 5th & 6th grades; Majors - 7th & 8th grades; Seniors (boys only) - 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grades                                                                                

Question:   How many games are there?

Answer:      For recreation league, there are 10 games in a season, plus playoffs. All teams make the playoffs.

For travel, usually they can play 20+ games a season. Reason for the higher fee.

Clinic will be for 10 Saturday mornings. Starting in early December.

Question:   How many practices a week, what time and where?
Answer:      Typically one practice a week and the location/time are decided at the coach’s discretion. Practice locations will be held in one of the Edison schools; elementary or middle schools. Extra practice are allowed only if there is available gym space. NO Practices on Sunday

Question: Can my child be placed on the same team as their friend. It helps with rides to/from practices. 
Answer: We have over 700+ kids a year within our program. We would have a logistic nightmare, if we tried to grant all requests. Our suggestion is to speak with the division coordinator at the player evaluation night. This request then be shared with the coaches during the team drafts. There are no guarantees that will be able to place them on the same team.

Question:   What size ball do they use?

Answer:      Clinic (K, 1st & 2nd grades) = 28.5"

                    Boys (3rd - 6th grade) = 28.5"

                    Girls (all age grades) = 28.5"

                          Boys (7th - 12th grade) = 29.5"


Question:   What night are the games played?
Answer:      For recreation, typically they are Friday evening or Saturday for Rookie and Minor divisions. Majors and Seniors gyms can be held any weeknight or Saturdays. Girls division will also play games on Sundays and out of town.

For travel, it will depend on what league the coach signed the team up for. It could be any night of the week or weekends, plus out of town games.

Question:   What is Clinic, where is it held and on what day? 
Answer:      Clinic is for K/1st/2nd grade boys & girls. We teach them basics of basketball; shoot, dribble, pass skills. 8' baskets are used to help develop proper shooting skills. It will be held at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, 450 Division St., Edison 08817 on Saturday mornings. 

Question:   When does Clinic start and for how many weeks? 
Answer:      Clinic will start the first Saturday of December and will continue for 10 weeks when Thomas Jefferson Middle School is available. 

Question: How do I know my child is registered?

Answer: When you complete the registration process, you will receive an email from the registration system. It should said that you have paid. If not, there could be a issue with your registration.

Question: Can you change my contact information?

Answer: No, you can change your contact information in the registration system. Login here: Registration for ETYB

Question: I forgot my password or login

Answer: Please goto Demosphere help section: http://supportcenter.demosphere.com/search-the-knowledge-base

Question: I think I completed my registration, but didn't make a payment.

Answer: Your registration is incomplete. If payment has not been made, you are not part of the ETYB program yet. Except for travel tryouts. Travel only makes payments through the invite process. If you need assistance with your registration, please send an email to etybreg@gmail.com



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