Mission –We Create Positive Basketball Opportunities


Vision - Offer an atmosphere that challenges the participant through competitive play, while learning sportsmanship, teamwork and building self-confidence in a safe environment.


Values –

Community Involvement





Goals –

Kids learn how to play and enjoy the game of basketball

Grow relationships within Fridley and surrounding communities

Develop respectful, trusting leaders of Coaches and players


Objectives –

Create a skills camp prior to Tryouts

Further develop an offseason workout program

Develop coaches clinics that pertain to their age group that focus on skill development, defense and offense basketball options and an avenue of idea sharing throughout the season

Offer a leadership program (online or other) that grows this goal.

Focus first on recruiting parent coaches for teams through support and incentives

Involve our coaches to represent Fridley by creating expectations that help promote our Vision and Mission

Have our volunteer site set up prior to registration so families can plan ahead



We're a proud member of Fridley Youth Sports Association - FYSA. Check out their site here for more information.

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