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Fridley Youth Sports Basketball Association


          The Fridley Youth Sports Basketball Association strives to provide a quality, structured youth basketball program to the children in our community. The developmental program teaches basketball fundamentals, good sportsmanship, character, discipline, competitiveness, and teamwork in a positive, caring, and safe environment.


2018-2019 Registration

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NEW! Changes to Volunteer Deposits & Scholarships:

New this year - no need for volunteer checks! That's right, keep your checkbook at home. Instead of writing a volunteer check ahead of time for us to hold and return, an $80 volunteer deposit is included in the registration fee.

  • Volunteering at our tournaments is optional this year.
  • If you sign up to work one or more shifts at our tournaments you'll receive funds back at the end of your volunteer shift.
  • Adult volunteers receive $10 per hour for each shift worked. Shifts are typically eight hours long.
  • Volunteer signups will be available starting in October.

Also, for individuals seeking financial assistance, sign up to work one or more shifts at our tournaments and receive funds back to help offset your registration fees. Again, adult volunteers receive $10 per hour for each shift worked. If you work five, eight-hour shifts, your player would participate in basketball for free this year!

Mark Your Calendar

Tryouts will be Sunday, Sept. 23 at Fridley Middle School. Each session lasts approximately one hour. Please register online before tryouts! If you have not registered prior to tryouts, you'll need to arrive 30 minutes early (see times below) to register online.

  • 4th  Grade – 12:30 p.m. Unregistered Players; 12:45p.m. Check in; 1 p.m. Tryouts
  • 5th Grade – 1:30 p.m. Unregistered Players; 1:45 p.m. Check in; 2 p.m. Tryouts
  • 6th Grade – 2:30 p.m. Unregistered Players; 1:45 p.m. Check in; 3 p.m. Tryouts
  • 7th Grade – 3:30 p.m. Unregistered Players; 3:45 p.m. Check in; 4 p.m. Tryouts
  • 8th Grade – 4:30 p.m. Unregistered Players; 4:45 p.m. Check in; 5 p.m. Tryouts
  • Note: 2nd & 3rd Grader player evaluations are TBD

2018-2019 Registration Fees:

We've kept registration fees the same rate as last year. However, we've added in the $80 volunteer fee to cover expenses for tournament workers.

  • Kindergarten & 1st Grades FREE! Join us for a free four-week program in January.
  • 2nd & 3rd Grades $95
  • 4th -8th Grades $330* - Half of the registration fee ($165) is due prior to tryouts. Players will not be allowed to tryout if half of the registration fee has not been paid. The remainder is due in October when uniforms are distributed. *$80 of the registration fee covers volunteer needs at our tournaments.
  • Reminder: $20 of your registration fees are non-refundable. In addition, if a player decides not to play after they are placed on a team in early October, there will not be a refund for registration fees.

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