Commissioners Corner

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Commissioners Corner

"Welcome To The Commissioner Corner"


Gunn Sports 2010 Softball Classic / G/Sports Softball League

*****BRING YOUR GAME******** NO More Talking !! Shut Up & Play Ball

2010 Men's Division Commissioner Cup Champions

2010 Co-ed Division Commissioner Cup Champions
"Weekend Swingers"

Congratulations........Thanks To The Fans Too !!!

***Play Hard !! Play To Win***** !!


Welcome to the 2010 Gunn Sports Softball Classic From The "Commissioner Office" !!

New year !! New Teams !! New Umpires !! New Uniforms !! New Faces !!

Good luck to all teams joining this year!!

See ya,,,,,,, all on the field !!

***In The Meeting we will mention this over and over to all the Managers****

***LISTEN UP*** Before Your Team Get Thrown Out!! Obey The Rules !!

#1 Priority (League Fees) Due Now !!
#2 Priority (Forfiet Fee) Due Now !!
#3 Priority (Uniforms) T-shirts or Jerseys are Mandatory!!!!
#4 Priority (All players must sign the ROSTER/WAIVER Sheets)
in order to play opening day !!
#5 Priority (Rules & Regulations)ASA Rules Book & League Rules
#6 Priority (Team having their own equipment ready!)

Catcher Mask....Mandatory !!
#7 Priority After week #3 Contracts & pictures must be handed in to the commissioner) ALL ROSTERS ARE CLOSED!! "FINAL"
#8 Priority (Have fun, bring your family,friends & fans) Enjoy the rest of the season at "GUNN SPORTS 2010!!

Good-luck to all teams and see you in the playoffs !!!!!

The Commissioner Office
Thanks for all your support !!!